"Doctor?" Amy screamed, looking around the pitch black room. She shivered as best she could while chained up. "Now would be a good time…" She said as if he could hear her. There was a faint skittering on the floor that slowly grew louder until she felt something furry crawl on her bare feet. Amy screamed, kicking at the rat that was now several feet away, staring at her. "Oh Rory… where are you…" She whispered into the silent darkness as wet drops rolled down her cheeks.

"River, we have to keep going."

"It's dark out, there's no point in going on now, we'd just get lost and have to back track." She said as she sat on a tree stump, looking around at the darkness that surrounded them. "Isn't your usual vacationing spot, but it's not that bad." River took off her shoe and rubbed her sore foot, looking up at the Doctor. "Stop here for the night?"

"We - I… Here is as good a place as any," he sighed, giving in.

"Now comes the question of sleeping arrangements…" River looked at him, smiling. The Doctor turned quickly to face her, panic in his eyes.

"We haven't… we don't… do we?" He asked, his face turning a bright red as River laughed softly.

"No, of course not." Then, seeing him relax slightly, she added, "Not in your time, anyway." In response, the Doctor grunted then cleared his throat.

"What do you suggest we sleep in?"

"I suspected we wouldn't be sleeping in the TARDIS tonight…" She said, then tossed him a small bundle. He heard her shuffling around then setting something on the ground. Then he heard a zipper sliding and a content sigh from his woman companion. He stayed that way, listening to the sound of her breathing until it slowed and lengthened, indicating she'd fallen asleep. It was then he began to set up his own sleeping bag, being careful not to wake her. When he was finished, he climbed in and laid on his back, staring up at the outline of trees surrounding them.

As the sun was rising, the Doctor heard a shuffling from next to him, and then a long yawn. He turned to see River still laying, half asleep, in the other sleeping bag.

"Good morning, Sweetie," she said quietly, opening her blue eyes sleepily. "How long was I asleep?"

"About four hours…" he answered, unable to take his eyes off of her as the sun shone through the branches on her curls when she sat up.

"You let me sleep in?" River turned toward him, grinning and showing her sparkling white teeth before she slipped out of the sleeping bag. "We should probably get moving if we want to find Amy before the day is out," she reminded him as she began to roll up her bag.

"Of course." He shook his head, trying to clear it of the millions of tiny thoughts that raced through his head all at once, then slipped out of his own sleeping bag. Once both of their sleeping gear was packed up safely in River's backpack, the pair started off town the torn forest trail the creature had made, going at a steady slow pace now instead of a run.