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12. Sit in the park and just talk to her.

"This is nice," Logan stated as he watched the clouds pass by. Kendall had thought he'd be romantic and set up a nice girly picnic for Logan and himself in the park because he knew how much Logan liked the small gestures he did. And he just loved the small blush and smile Logan would do after he did something nice.

"I think so," Kendall replied. They both lay down on their backs, side by side looking up at the sky watching the clouds pass by.

Logan couldn't be more content with his life at this very moment, "I wish we could just lay here forever."

Kendall sighed, "That would be nice."

He took Logan's hand in his own and started absentmindedly playing with his fingers.

"That cloud looks like a duck," Logan said randomly pointing at the sky with his free hand. Kendall laughed at his sudden childishness and too looked at the sky.

"Your right, it does Logie," Kendall agreed grinning at his partner.

"I always wanted a duck. I asked mom once too, she told me it was silly to want a duck because we didn't have a big enough pond to keep it in. I told her I'd dig one and fill it with lots of water and look after it every day. But she explained to me that ducks are monogamous which means they only have one partner in their lifetime1. It would have been mean of me to take the duck away from its home and family. So I decided I didn't want one anymore and just stuck to feeding the ones at the pond down our street every day. Until it froze over in the winter." Logan rambabled.

Kendall stared at the boy adoringly, it wasn't often Logan talked about his mother or even his childhood. But when he did he let all his walls down and Kendall could picture him as a carefree little boy, opposed to the logical, worried one that he usually portrayed. Kendall loved Logan for who he was, and wouldn't change him for the world. But he loved it best when Logan let go of everything and didn't worry. He loved when Logan talked about his childhood, or just talked like he didn't have a care in the world.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Logan asked, when he noticed Kendall looking at him with a weird grin on his face.

"Nothing," Kendall grinned, "Just when you were talking about ducks you sounded really cute."

Logan blushed and rolled his eyes.

"I love you Logie," Kendall said and lent into Logan for a kiss which Logan gladly returned. Anything to hide the blush that was forming on his checks thanks to Kendall.

13. Tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, or just tell her jokes.

"Logan! Knock, knock!" Kendall asked excitedly.

Logan groaned, he was trying to read. But he played along anyway, "Who's there?"


"Olive who?"

"Olive you" Kendall grinned.

Logan smirked.

"Logan I've got another one!"

"Really?" Logan whined, he wanted to finish his book.

"Knock, Knock."

"Who's there?"


"Pooch who?"

"Pooh your arms around me baby!"

Logan laughed out loud at the stupidity of the joke, but dropped his book and went along with it when Kendall grabbed him around the waist and went in for a kiss.

14. Let her fall asleep in your arms.

It was 11pm and the boys were all watching Rent on their Friday annual movie night. One of Carlos choices. Kendall did not see the affection towards the movie, there was way too much break out randomly and sing moments for him. But it was this or High School Musical. So Kendall wasn't about to complain. However he didn't fail to notice how extremely long this movie seemed to be. Not only was he now bored, he was also tired.

Of course not as tired at the brunette who had fallen asleep over 20 minutes ago very contently in the blonde's arms. Kendall knew Logan disliked musicals. He thought they were stupid, nobody in real life sings that much, or knows that many dances. This coming from a boy, who sings all the time, defiantly meant something.

Kendall had his arms wrapped around the boy (his right arm falling asleep fast but he wouldn't dare move it) and Logan's head was lying on the boys chest. He watched as Logan's breathing was even and slow. It really was insane what he would do to protect this boy. He loved it when he held Logan in his arms, because it was proof that Logan was his and that he was safe.

"Oi, Kendall. Movies over," James tapped Kendall on the shoulder and whispered trying not to wake his friend.

James smiled at the scene, he was happy for his two friends. Finally they could be happy together.

"Okay, god Carlos is not allowed to pick the movie again," Kendall laughed.

James chuckled, "Agreed. Do you need help with him?" James gestured towards Logan.

"Nah, I'll be alright. Night James," Kendall added and slowly started to move Logan so he could pick him up.

15. If she's mad at you, kiss her.

"Kendall I'm being serious!" Logan stated angrily when Kendall didn't listen to him.

Logan was sick of Kendall flirting with girls constantly. They weren't out publicly to everybody yet, neither were ready for that and were not ready for the publicity it would bring to Big Time Rush. But that didn't mean Kendall could simply flirt with every female he came in contact with!

"So your jealous?" Kendall laughed.

Logan groaned, he wished Kendall would take him seriously. "We are in a relationship Kendall, if you haven't noticed. And that does not mean you can go around flirting with the entire female population! That's James's job!"

"Hey!" James yelled annoyed from the kitchen.

Kendall rolled his eyes and sat on the orange coach continuing to let Logan pace in front of him, "What does it matter Logan? I don't like those girls, they don't mean anything to me. They even know that! I'm simply being friendly."

"There's a fine line between friendly and flirting Kendall. What if they think its going to lead to more?" Logan asked almost in hysterics by now.

Kendall didn't get it, those girls meant nothing to him. They never would, Logan was the only one he ever wanted to be with. Why could Logan not see he was just trying to be nice to the girls and continue to keep their cover up? "Logan those girls mean nothing to me, nor will they ever. You are the only one I want to be with. I'm simply being a nice person and a gentleman when I talk to them, and keeping up a cover. Which I'm pretty sure was your idea." Kendall was standing now with both hands on his boyfriends shoulders to try and calm him down.

Logan groaned, he knew that would come back to bite him on the ass. "That doesn't mean you have to flirt with all of them." Logan grumbled finding the bottom of his shirt suddenly very interesting.

Kendall rolled his eyes, so Logan was jealous.

Kendall took the bottom of Logan's chin in his hands and forcefully kissed Logan passionately on the lips.

When the broke apart he pulled Logan into a tight embrace ignoring when Logan trying to weakly pull away, "I don't love those girls, I love you. But if it makes you feel bad I'll tone it down a bit. I'm sorry."

Logan smiled into his shirt and held onto the boy tightly, "I wish I could stay mad at you."

16. Give her piggyback rides.

"Ah, Kendall I'm tired. Let me just relax okay?" Logan asked.

They boys had gone down to the pool to relax for the day, James and Carlos were in the pool swimming and Logan was lounging around on one of the chairs peacefully. Well peacefully until his boyfriend wanted to bug him.

"But Logie," Kendall whined, "Come in the pool with me? Or come for a walk? Or let's get ice cream! Anything I just don't want to sit around here all day."

Logan rolled his eyes and looked into the blondes memorizing green eyes, "Are you sure you don't have A.D.A.H?"

Kendall laughed, "If you're tired I'll carry you." He perked up hoping Logan would go for in.

Logan snorted, "Yea because that won't cause attention."

Kendall grinned evilly, "I promise not much."

Logan rolled his eyes and quickly Kendall stood up brining Logan with him. He then turned around and knelt in front of Logan his back turned to him.

"Umm…what?" Logan asked confused.

"Piggy back, I used to give them to Katie all the time. And it won't look weird because James was giving Carlos one the other day," Kendall laughed.

Logan rolled his eyes at Kendall's persistence but still obliged to Kendall's wishes hoping on his back. Kendall stood up straight and walked towards the lobby with Logan on his back, getting a few strange looks now and then. But really they'd done worse.

"Hey guys," Camille greeted the boys, seeming unfazed by what was going on.

"Hey Camille," Kendall said.

"Hi," Logan said and blushed a little. He felt stupid being on Kendall's back, like some sort of child.

"What you doing?" she asked.

"Going to get ice cream, wanna come?" Kendall asked.

Camille thought about it for a moment but declined, "Nah I'll be fine. Have fun guys." And she left winking at Logan.

Kendall shrugged and continued walking with Logan, "See no questions asked."

"Your lucky," Logan teased.

"Me? Well you're lucky I don't accidently drop you," Kendall smirked.

17. Bring her flowers.

It had been 5 days that Logan had been home sick with a cold. He couldn't go to rehearsals because his throat was sore and could barely talk, and he couldn't even go to school because Mama Knight had insisted it would be too risky exposing all the other kids to the illness. He was starting to get restless being on bed rest. He had already watched way too many re runs of entourage, and even though that was his favorite show, he was sick of it.

"Hey Logan," A quiet voice came from the kitchen.

Logan turned away from the TV and looked as to where the timid voice was coming from only to find it was Kendall standing there with something behind his back. Why was Kendall acting almost…shy? Kendall was never shy, he was the polar opposite of shy. Especially around Logan. Everybody knew that Kendall was more the dominate, outgoing one in the relationship while Logan was more conserved and quiet.

"Kendall?" Logan asked worry flooding his voice.

"Umm… how are you feeling?" Kendall asked awkwardly.

"I'm fine, are you okay?" Logan asked.

Slowly a blush started to form on his face, "Well…i…ah, I got you these." Kendall showed Logan what was behind his back to relieve a very big bunch of red and white roses.

Logan's mouth feel open and slowly took the flowers from Kendall in aware, this was the sweetest thing anybody had ever done for him.

"Kendall…there so…this is so…" Logan had trouble finding the right words.

However Kendall must have mistaken this as a bad sign and started rambling, "Well you know, you're sick. I wanted to make you feel better and I remember you said you really liked flowers and everybody loves roses so I got some. I mean they seemed like a good idea at the time, but you probably think it's stupid…"

He didn't let the boy finish though because Logan embraced him in a forceful kiss.

"I think there the most awesome, sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I love them," Logan said.

Kendall grinned, blushing like crazy. It was very odd for Kendall to blush.

"Were you embarrassed to give me these flowers?" Logan asked surprised.

Kendall if possible blushed deeper and took Logan's hand in his own playing with his fingers, avoiding eye contact with his boyfriend. "I didn't want you to think I was being stupid…" Kendall muttered quietly.

Logan grinned, "You are the cutest."

18. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when you're alone.

"Logannnn," Kendall whispered.

"Shhh Kendall," Logan whispered back not taking his eyes of the TV.

Kendall groaned, they were watching TV. Glee2 to be exact. Another one of Carlos's picks. Something about shows where people constantly sung and that boy. Personally Kendall didn't dislike glee, Rachael was insane in a funny way and Finn was cute in a dumb way. Not Kendall's type, but you couldn't deny Finn wasn't good looking. Kendall just didn't find the show as interesting as Carlos or Logan did.

James of course wasn't interested at all in the show, but you could tell he was trying to be for Carlos's sake. However Kendall knew it was a secret addiction of Logan's, Kendall would never understand why.

So instead of pestering the boy again like he usually would he settled for putting his head on Logan's shoulder and trying to make sense of the story that was happening. Within minutes though he grabbed Logan's hand and started playing with his fingers to occupy himself.

"Logannn," Kendall whined again minutes later.

"Kendall shh," Was all Logan replied.

Kendall groaned and deciding now he was going to be bored and annoying, he started to slowly nibble along Logan's neck and earlobe.

"Logan," he whispered seductively.

He saw Logan visibly shudder and try to ignore him. Kendall wasn't that easily convinced however and continued to kiss Logins neck.

"I love you Logan," Kendall whispered.

Logan groaned, knowing winning was not an option, "Kendall stop."

Kendall grinned and continued when he was interrupted, "Hey! Guys, come on. This is a PG show, can we please keep it that way?" Carlo asked annoyed.

"My virgin eyes!" James yelled.

Kendall just laughed out loud and continued his seductive torture on his boyfriend.

19. Look her in the eyes and smile.

Logan was sitting at the kitchen table reading a new book he had just bought. He was so engrossed in the book that he didn't even notice Kendall when he sat across from him.

"Hi," Kendall said, leaning forward towards Logan.

"Yes Kendall?" Logan asked not bothering to look up from his book.

"I love you," Kendall said sweetly.

"What do you want?" Logan asked looking up now.

"Nothing," Kendall said.

He then proceeded to look into his boyfriends eyes, locking his mesmerizing green ones with the brunettes brown ones, and smiled.

Logan went along with his boyfriends weirdness for a while, when finally he realized that Kendall was not going to do anything but smile he asked, "What are you doing?"

"nothing," Kendall said.

Logan shifted in his seat and went back to his book, "stop being so weird."

Kendall just smirked, "I love you Logie."

20. Let her take as many pictures of you as she wants.


"Logannn…" Kendall groaned as Logan took yet another photo of him with his new camera.

Kendall thought buying Logan a new camera for his birthday was a good idea. Logan loved taking photos and his old camera had been broke by Carlos a few months ago.

Logan had of course loved the present at the time, taking photos of everything. But he had gotten bored quickly and put it away. Not to be seen from again.

Until today of course. Kendall had been sitting on the coach watching a smallville marathon that was on, when Logan had come bouncing into the room.

"Look what I found!" he exclaimed and then *snap*, "The camera you bought me for my birthday! I haven't used it in ages."

Kendall grinned a little, "Oh yea,"

Another *snap* and this time Kendall was almost blinded by the light.

"Your very photogenic you know that Kendall?" Logan giggled, *snap*

"Is that so?" Kendall asked turning back to the TV and now wondering what on earth possessed him to by his boyfriend a camera.


Kendall turned to him, gave him a very forced smile and *snap*.

"I think its time we put down the camera now Logan," Kendall suggested.

Logan pouted, "But why? I want to take photos of my gorgeous boyfriend."

"Well your gorgeous boyfriend is going to go blind by the camera flash," Kendall said giving Logan his famous Kendall look, and then there was another *snap*.

"You're adorable you know that?" Logan laughed, and yet another *snap*.

"Logannn…." Kendall whined.


21. Kiss her in the rain.

"What is up with this rain? In the middle of summer? In California!" James exclaimed and threw his ice pop on the ground.

Why James decided to buy an ice pop when it was raining was a mystery to Logan.

Currently the boys were stuck at Roque Records, they were finished recording with Gustavo, but they had planned on walking back to the apartment. But then it started to pour down with rain, so there went that plan.

"It rains occasionally James, move on," Kendall laughed.

James crossed his arms over his chest and just pouted.

Logan laughed at his best friend and boy friend, when suddenly Kendall had an amazing idea. "Logan come on," Kendall said and stood up grabbing Logan's hand with him.

"What?" Logan asked startled as Kendall pulled him towards the exit, "Kendall what are we doing?"

Kendall grinned, "You'll see."

He guided his boyfriend outside and pulled him into the rain, "Kendall its pouring!"

Kendall just grinned, a crazy, excited look in his eyes. He took them out in the open, and stood right in the middle of the rain. Both getting soaked within seconds.

"Kendall what is going on! Your going to get us sick!" Logan shouted over the rain.

Kendall grinned, "Logan have you ever been kissed in the rain?"

Logan was confused at first but smiled, "Kendall your crazy!"

"Possibly," Kendall shrugged. He embraced the smaller boy, locking his arms around his waist and kissing Logan with force.

Logan kissed Kendall back, running his hands through the boy's now very wet hair.

"Everybody wants to be kissed in the rain," Kendall whispered as he and Logan pulled apart.

"Your so corny," Logan laughed and rested his head on Kendall's chest. He never wanted the rain to stop if it meant letting go of Kendall.

22. If you're in love with her . . . TELL her. If you're sincere, she will never tire of hearing it.

"Logan?" Kendall asked looking down at the boy who was currently reading in his arms. The boys were sitting on Kendall's bed, Logan resting against Kendall's chest while he ran his fingers through the smaller boy hair.

"Hmm?" Logan replied.

"I love you," Kendall said smiling.

"You said that 5 minutes ago," Logan laughed looking away from his book and into Kendalls eyes.

"I know but it's true," Kendall shrugged.

Logan laughed, "I love you too." He lent up to kiss Kendall, and then continued to on his book.

*Five minutes latter*

"Logan?" Kendall asked.

Logan sighed grinning, "Yes Kendall?"

"I love you."

Logan grinned, he would never tire of hearing those three simple words.

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1 I took the liberty of looking this up, and apparently ducks are monogamous but only per year :S So yea, I'm not too sure what to make of that one hahaha

2 I LOVE glee.

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