For Drama Sapphire, since I know you like the couple Dong Yi and Chun Soo! This little drabble ought to make you smile!


Chun Soo was sitting on the porch of the Chief's small hut. Dong Joo and Dong Yi's father had left, telling him to look after little Dong Yi. At the age of five she found everything fascinating, so here he was watching the child run around, chasing a butterfly.

The serenity was interrupted however when Dong Yi fell down. Chun Soo sat up and ran towards her, picking the light girl up. Her chubby hands ere holding onto his shirt as she bit her lip to stifle the sob that was threatening to overtake her. Trying to soothe the girl Chun Soo washed the little wound on her knee. Dong Yi smiled at him and suddenly splashed him. The teen was startled. The girl seeing the look on his face started giggling. She was soon joined by the older boy himself.

A little thing my mind cooked up. Tell me what you think.