Dear readers,

"Death on Stephenson Street" will be removed from this website tonight. I have been re-writing the story for a while now and I have five completed chapters already. The chapters are fairly long, going from approximately 6 000 - 10 000 words. The plot will not be much different, but it certainly is better.

The new story will be posted as soon as this story is deleted. Please add me on Author's Alert so that you'd know exactly when "Death on Stephenson Street" is back on. Here's some FAQ. I hope I cover most of your questions.

Question 1: Why are you re-writing? "Death on Stephenson Street" is and probably always be my most precious creation. This fiction is my pride and joy and just looking at it this way, it actually hurts me. Physical pain. I know I make it better, I feel like I have grown as an author during the past two years and I think there's more I can do with this fic, before I'm done with it.

Question 2: Are we going to wait six months for the next update as we did now? No. Definitely not. I'm more than ashamed for this long wait in between chapters. I wrote myself into the corner with those short chapters and I don't know what to write to get myself out of there, hence the re-write.

Question 3: Are you going to have some update schedule? Yes, every Friday evening.

Question 4: Why would you start a new story and what would happen with this one? I want to start fresh, because I don't want to mingle old reviews with new reviews. This story will remain on the website as re-direction for the next one.

Question 5: Is the plot going to be the same? That depends of your own view of the story. There would unseen chapters published and outtakes. The character's personality will be changed, some drastically, some not so much. I'm advising you to read the new version, though I'm not pressuring anybody.

Question 6: What about the hiatus? I have five (six with prologue) completed chapters. This means six weeks without me having to write anything. This puts the story's seventh chapter update in the beginning of June. Most of my troubles(The DZIs, prom, graduation and half of my exams) will be over by then and I hope to be more free for you. I doubt that you'd have to wait longer than two weeks for an update.

Question 7: How can we contact you for more questions? PM me. I'll be happy to answer them all.

EDIT: "Death on Stephenson Street" is now re-published under the same name in my profile. www(dot)fanfiction(dot)net/s/8069772/1/Death_on_Stephenson_Street

Until I see you tonight. I hope you'd enjoy the new story as much as I do. :)