Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty walked back into the Warehouse after saying 'Goodbye' to their second customer. Carolanne had said the day before that she had to do something important but would be in before eleven o'clock.

"Hey guys, do you remember what Caz said she was doing today?" Smitty asked as he slid down the fire pole like a firefighter.

"No, but she did say it was important," Rich replied "Why do you ask?"

"She said she would be in at eleven, but it's almost twelve."

"She might be on her way to the Warehouse"

"Hey guys!" Dave greeted as he rushed into the Think Tank.

"Hey Dave!" Rich, Smitty and Scott greeted too.

"Boy, you're sure in a hurry. What's going on?" Rich asked.

"You-You... You know I was in the Robot Room bringing stuff to my Workbench? Well, I can't seem to find this piece I'm missing for a cool new machine I'm inventing."

"What does it look like?" Smitty asked

"It's a blue square, and it has this big red button on it."

"We'll help you look. Right guys?" Rich asked Scott and Smitty

"Right," Scott and Smitty agreed. The Movers started looking for the missing piece.

"Found it!" Scott smiled,

"Where is it?" Dave asked as he jumped up from looking under the sofa,

"Next to my puppet collection...look!" Scott walked to his collection and picked up the button.

"It must have rolled over there when I dropped it with all the other parts I was carrying to my workbench. Thanks, Scott!" Dave thanked Scott, who had just passed it to him, and went back to his workbench to start on the invention.