"Ha, ha, finished at last" Smitty grinned

"Now all we need to do if see if it works" Dave picked up the blue remote about to press the button when Carolanne stopped him

"Wait! Me or Warehouse Mouse weren't here when you guys switched bodies, so we'll just step out the Warehouse for a second while you try it"

"Good Idea"

"In a bit Guys" Carolanne said leaving the Warehouse with Warehouse Mouse by her side

"Ok...ready Movers?" Dave asked

"ready Dave" Rich, Scott and Smitty replied back

Dave pressed the button, seconds later although it felt like hours they looked at each other, Carolanne and Warehouse Mouse peeped inside, "Has it worked?" she asked,

"I don't think so" Rich said

"Rich we're ba-" the other Movers replied but soon knew what Rich was planning

Carolanne now with Warehouse Mouse on her shoulder walked over to them

"Rich?" she asked looked at the tallest Mover

"No, Scott" he replied


Smitty shook his head "Dave"

The woodland creature and teenager looked down "It didn't work" Carolanne cried. The Movers looked at them then laughed "What so funny?" she asked

"squeak, squeak, squeak" Warehouse Mouse squeaked

"April Fools"

"You guys! how could you do this to us!" she said trying to be serious by hiding the smile that was no doubt going to cross her face

"Haha, what can we say...It's our favourite hoilday"

"Well I guess there only one thing to say...Thats another Idea emergency solved" She laughed, as they all high fived apart from Dave who came in early and missed, "Now what prank should me and Warehouse Mouse pull on you guys"

"Don't you think we've had enough pranking for one day" Scott smiled

"Oh I know" Carolanne said as she whispered something to Warehouse Mouse

"squeak, squeak" he replied

"I have no idea what you just said but Lets get them"

"Run!" The Movers shouted as they split up and ran down seperate corridors leaving Carolanne and Warehouse Mouse to laugh,

"Haha, good job Mouse, gimme five" she smiled, they high fived then ran off to catch the Movers...