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-We need to get out of here- Michael heard her say and, suddenly, everything in his head seemed to get back in gear inside his head. Nodding, he instructed Rachel to follow him.

-You really should not be moving around. The stiches can open or… - The rest of the sentence was easily forgotten as Rachel almost growled a frustratingly sharp retort, sending them into a uncomfortable stiff silence.

A grunt escaped her lips when Rachel tried to steady her heavy trembling hands, away from Michael's scorching stare. She knew, deep down, that had she not stepped away from him earlier when they were inches apart, she would have kissed him. And that would have been a messy bundle of something she couldn't' and wouldn't handle that moment. The simple reminder of his hand on her skin was enough to make her cheeks warm with a blazing heat; a heat never in her life she had felt. Archangels didn't have such urges… such human needs, needs that were driving her almost to the brink of insanity, pure and simple madness.

She was spending too much time with humans and it was taking a toll on her. She was not able to control her once barely there emotions. God in Heaven, how did they do it? How did they manage not to burst and shout at the raging emotions they had inside? Did Michael feel the same way?

- You seem to be in deep thoughts. – Michael practically deadpanned with his calm and steady voice.

- That's because I am. – She deadpanned also, enjoying the surprised look in his face.

- How are you? – He asked again. That one question was becoming a constant since they were in Earth.

- I am well.

He touched her shoulder and she could feel the familiar heat in her skin again.

- Does it hurt?

- Not as much as yesterday. It hurts, but is a good pain. Makes me realize I'm still alive. – She smiled , using the words he had himself said when he had cut his wings.

- Good memory. Can you not use it to more useful purposes other than mocking me? – He said in mock anger, a smile also tugging the corner of his lips.

- Not at all. I enjoy it too much. Other uses would only spoil my fun.

They fell quiet again as they entered the room where all the others were already gathered.

Rubbing her tired eyes, Rachel went to a corner, willing to sit down and maybe sleep only a moment, to rest her weary body. Any thoughts of peace were disturbed by a violent grasp in her arm. She turned around and saw the bloodshot eyes of Bob, staring down at her.

-Let me go, this instant – she hissed, jaw clenched in fury as the grasp only tightened, dangerously pulling her stitches.

- What are you? – The man asked, eyes darkened and void of any warmth they previously had.

Pulling away, she felt Michael standing at her side, his presence comforting. She had no idea where this was going but the shivers in her body told her it something bad was bound to happen, with or without him.

- What do you mean? – Rachel asked, swallowing the rising lump in her throat.

- I mean you and the dude standing beside you. You seem to know what's going to happen. You're always a step ahead, fighting like you were born doing it. .You?

- Man, that doesn't matter. We should get out of this place. – Kyle insisted - They're going to kill us all if we don't leave now.

- Kyle. – Charlie stopped him.

- We don't have time for this. - Kyle growled - I will not die tonight!

- And what do you propose? – Bob asked, forgetting for a moment Rachel and Michael.

- Get the fuck out of here!

- Stop this right now – Rachel roared, her whole body shaking from the anger that cursed through her. – You ignorant humans, getting out of here will only get you killed faster!

Michael tried to embrace her, tried to calm her down but she only shrugged him off.

- You want to know what we are? – She snarled, shocking everyone in the dark lit room – We are of the Fallen. We fell down from Heaven, Paradise, whatever you fools call it. We are here to protect you; we are here to protect the child you bear in your body Charlie. Fulfill the prophecy. Protect Humankind. All that jazz.

- You lie! – Bob suddenly raised his gun, resting it slightly at Rachel's forehead. She saw, by the corner of her eye, Michael cocking his gun as well, knuckles white from the force of the grip. – Angels do not exist.

- And I suppose you also think there are no such things as possessed humans? – she chuckled in a dark, low voice – You think you are dreaming then? Well, I have to say, it's a hell of a nightmare don't you think? Do you think that by killing me you will wake up?

She stepped forward, the last bit of bravery she had leaving her body as the gun pressed harder in her damp temple.

- Do it – she whispered – Kill one of the angels that sacrificed themselves for your sake. Kill me if you are so sure of it.

- Rachel. – Michael warned, voice thick with unvoiced emotions. – Are you seeking death? Stop it now.

She spared him a brief glance and her heart stopped beating for a few seconds before going into a frenzy.

- I don't even believe in God. – Bob said, trembling slightly before dropping his gun.

- Bob, He doesn't believe in you either.

- Are you saying this is the Apocalypse? - Percy asked in a small voice, facing the two of them with a mist of reverence and fear.

- I'm saying this is extermination. – Michael answered, as if it was the most normal answer and subject in the world.

- Why me? – Hearing the words coming out of Charlie's mouth, Rachel smiled gently. Extending her arm, she caressed the face of the woman that was now in front of her. – What is this feeling?

Charlie could feel warmth fill her body, the kind that left you dizzy and completely satiated with love. The woman's touch was the touch of a mother, the touch that she had not felt since she was but a child. She knew then, they were telling the truth. They were her guardian angels that would fight for her and her baby.

Both women could not see, but the moment they touched, the whole room was filled with a bright light that had even the most skeptics believing. All they could see was an ethereal being next to Charlie, glowing as a pale moon on a starry night.

That was how Rachel felt that moment, like the moon. Even without her wings and halo, she was still the angel that believed in Humankind; still a pure heart and The Lord had not stripped her completely out of His heart. She knew that as soon as she felt the familiar tingling in her heart.

Michael could only smile. Her faith in humans was so strong that she showed them the real Her. The ethereal fallen angel, that was still as luminous as before. She bestowed Charlie with her blessing, her complete protection and that was how she demonstrated it, giving her The Touch Of The Angels.

As fast as it came, the light faded and Rachel almost collapsed to the floor, before strong hands wrapped themselves in her middle.

- Do you believe now? – She asked, in a week melodic voice that shook everyone back to reality.

- What have you done? – Audrey, only above a whisper.

- I have given some of my energy to Charlie. It's called a touch of the Angels.

- And it's taken her to exhaustion. We all need to rest. Tonight we have a big battle ahead. – Michael intervened, swooping Rachel into his arms and then gently putting her on the corner she chose for rest.

He noticed she was beginning to shake again, and he wasn't sure if it was reality of it all hitting her, or the sheer intensity of the power that he could feel beginning to form inside of her. It was like something had just snapped inside of her and she just realized it when she touched Charlie. He sighed and closed his eyes, resting his form next to hers. Let her sleep, he thought, they had time to be confused. Now was time to rest.