"Class! Listen up!" My teacher Mr. Lance ordered. He wasn't doing a great job of getting our attention though. "Kids! Be quiet!" he tried again. This time he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "QUIET!" he finally roared at the top of his lungs. The room went silent. Fear took over most students' faces.

"Now class, here is your assignment." He paused making sure we weren't going to burst out in noise again. "Everyone will be handcuffed their partner for the next few days. This will teach you all how to co-operate." Students started shifting around in their seats, looking around them trying to make eye-contact to pick partners. "Don't think I'm going to let you pick your partners." Mr. Lance laughed while the whole class groaned "Everyone, pick a name out of my magic hat."

I swirled my hand in the 'magic' hat and pulled out a small folded piece of paper. I carefully unfolded it and it read; DANIEL.

"Hm, Ms. E, you're the lucky one who gets Daniel. Good luck." Mr. Lance joked. The whole class laughed except Danny and Sam. Tucker on the other hand was laughing it up.

After everyone got paired up we lined up to be cuffed together for the next seven hours of the day for the next three days. That meant we'd go to each others classes, have lunch together, sit beside each other, so in other words, the next three days were going to be weird.

"Hey Danny," I said going over to get ready to be handcuffed together. We lined up and Mr. Lance put our wrists in the silver handcuffs. Where in the world doe he buy a class set of handcuffs from? My left arm was cuffed to Danny's right arm.

Sam was paired with Tucker. Sam looked a bit relieved, not having to be paired with Paulina or Starr.

After we all got our partners the lunch bell rang and we all crammed through the door running to the cafeteria. Danny, Sam, Tucker and I went outside to the picnic tables. We sat down for about thirty seconds before things started to go bad. My ghost sense kept flickering; going on and off. My body went cold and I started transforming into my ghost form, but not entirely. Little bits started to transform like the tips of my hair started to streak blue and my eyes, I could tell, started to glow blue, green, and brown all at once. My hair went back to normal and my eyes too, but now my ghost beam started to build up in my hands but I tried to keep calm and control everything.

"Is… everything all right?" Sam asked with concern.

"Um, yeah. It's all good." I tried my best to say.

"What about you Danny. Are you all right?" Tucker asked. I looked over to him and he looked like he was struggling with something. "We'd better go to the back." Sam urgently said and we all got up and went somewhere where there weren't many people.

I couldn't control it anymore. A strong power took over and a turned into my ghost form. Gasps went around our little group so I looked around to see six eyes staring at me, but the once blue eyes were now a bright shade of green. I looked at Danny who was now dressed in a black jumpsuit and had silver white-ish hair. It was my turn to gasp.

"Y- you, you're- you're- you're…" Tucker tried to say.

"A ghost?" Sam continued for him. It almost sounded like a statement as well as a question. I nodded.

"And Danny, you're the halfa?" I wondered out loud. Everyone in the Ghost Zone talks about the 'Halfa'.

"Yeah, but you. Who are you?" Danny looked shocked.

I explained the whole half-ghost-parents situation. After I finished explaining there was an uncomfortable silence. Tucker broke it and said, "Sweet, so what powers do you have?"

I showed them a neat trick I learned a few days ago. I'm not sure how useful it is, but it's pretty cool. I closed my eyes and thought hard. I thought: blue. And everything around me turned all blue.

"Wow, how'd you do that?" Danny asked in amazement.

"It's really easy. You just have to think hard and concentrate on what you want to change. Can you go invisible?" I asked


"It's like that, but in colour. Try it." I told him. He tried it and it worked.

"Cool! What else can you do?" Danny and Tucker seemed excited, but I could tell Sam wasn't that interested but she tried to act it.

I showed them some other cool tricks and Danny showed me his powers.

"That must be why my ghost powers were going off before." I said as we were walking back to class. "Since we're both half ghosts there must have been some sort of reaction happening."

"But why only at lunch?" Sam questioned.

"I'm not sure but I think it's because it takes a while before anything happens. When I'm in ghost form I can control everything." I told them.

"Same here." Danny agreed.

"So what are you going to do? You guys have to spend the next three days together." Sam pointed out.

"I've got it!" I said and I told them my plan. Danny and I just have to switch bodies, but not entirely. I figured if Danny's ghost side of me went into my body and my human side went into his body then we'd have a full ghost and a full human. That way we wouldn't react and our ghost powers would stay under control. Besides, I would still have control of both sides so I could control Danny's body and vice versa. It's like having two people in one body.

We tried my plan. At first things went wrong. There ended up being three people in one body; my human alter ego, my ghost side, and Danny's ghost side. We tried again and this time the outcome was my ghost and human brain in Danny's body and him in my body. That's not what we want. The third time was the charm.

We decided to try it and see hoe it goes.

We were sitting in science class -well my science class because we had to go to our partner's classes too- sitting in a line; me then Danny then Sam and Tucker. Being in Danny's body I could feel what he was feeling and think what he was thinking, as well as feel and think my own thoughts. I noticed he and Sam were holding hands and his heart raced at first, but soon settled down. You know when people say they have a 'warm feeling inside them' and you're just like, 'no…' thinking that it doesn't exist, well it does. Danny was all warm and happy inside when he was with Sam. Aw, too cute.

The teacher had been talking the whole class (no duh) so he called on Danny to answer the question. I knew he hadn't been paying attention because he was writing little notes with Sam-or to Sam-, so I helped him out on this one. "Daniel, what are the differences between covalent and molecular bonds? Please, tell the whole class."

Danny had no clue. "An ionic bond happens between a metal and a non-metal while a molecular bond happens between two non-metals. An ionic bond is when the electrons are 'transferred' instead of being 'shared'. Molecular bonds are also known as covalent bonds. That means the two cannot transfer an electron to another so they have to share their electron because they all want a full valence shell. That is why the Nobel Gasses-"

The whole class stared at me, well at Danny, including out teacher. It took him a few seconds but he snapped out of shock to cut me off, "That- that's good." The rest of the class still stared in disbelief. Their jaws hung close to the floor.

After everyone got over it and we returned to the lesson, Tucker leaned over and asked, "Rachel?" not as if he were asking for Rachel, but asking Danny if it was Rachel.

Danny and I nodded.

After school we all went back to our homeroom class, second period, to get our handcuffs removed.

"I like this new system." I said as we were in line.

"Yeah, I think it'll work." Danny told me.

We didn't want to go back to our own bodies because it was easier to stay like this and besides, we liked it better this way. I think we were starting to be good friends.

He thought to me, I have a date with Sam tonight.

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