Author's Notes: This story is a spinoff of Mistress Winowyl's story 'Get What You Wanted.' She and I often collaborate and inspire one another. I am pleased to have helped her throughout with my opinions and suggestions. What makes us a good combination is that we share many of the same viewpoints while at the same time often having very different opinions and a willing ness to share those opinions without fear. While I truly love Winowyl's story it is very much her story told from her point of view. I wanted to try and give it a go with own particular vision. I only hope to make it as wonderful a read as hers.


She was so beautiful.

From the very first moment he'd laid eyes on her, all those years ago on the road to Youkai Academy, he'd thought she was amazing. In his opinion she had only grown more ravishing since; a flower in full bloom. Though there had been other girls who had cared for him and for whom he'd had feelings Moka had always stood out. Since they'd begun dating and especially since they'd become mates and married he had never once wanted anyone else.

In his eyes there was simply no one else.

They had fought for each other, bled for each other, risked everything for each other. Their love really was like something out of a fairy tale; filled with tragedy and romance and a final happy ending that was supposed to last forever. That was why he simply could not believe what she had told him.

"Tsukune, if you don't agree to have our children not raised by humans then I will find someone else to father them."

They'd been arguing for months now about having children and just how they would be raised. Though he was now a vampire physically, Tsukune would always be human at heart and couldn't bear the thought of his parents and his cousin not being allowed to know his children. He wanted his children to have the same sort of loving upbringing he'd had and to be exposed to humanity from the start. He wanted them to view human beings as people; not as something far beneath them. He did not want them to develop the same sort of elitist mentality he'd seen in Kokoa, Lord Akashiya, and most especially in Ria.

Since Moka had begun to care for him when he was still human he'd expected his mate and wife to feel the same way. It had come as a shock when she had vehemently insisted that their children not be exposed to humans until they were at least of High School age. Given her own experiences she insisted they not be put into human schools, but rather be brought up to embrace their vampire heritage as she had been.

Knowing what her upbringing in Castle Akashiya had been like Tsukune had been horrified. Moka had grown up in an atmosphere of lavish indulgence and shocking brutality. She had been taught that as a vampire she was superior to most other creatures and that she had a right to take whatever she wanted. The strong had the right to take from the weak. Battles were common and even sisters could be ordered to fight to the death.

Tsukune would never allow his children to be brought up in such an environment and couldn't understand how Moka would prefer that to having them attend public schools while surrounded by a loving family.

All married couples had their share of fights and disagreements and he and Moka had been no exception. However their fights had never been mean spirited and they had always been able to find some compromise. Tsukune had expected this to be no different, but he had soon discovered that they were both determined to get their way and there was really no room for negotiation. The arguments slowly became more and more heated and the hard feelings between them began to linger. There was simply no middle ground, the children would be raised as humans as Tsukune had been or as vampires as Moka had been.

The fights had been going on for months now and the subject could no longer be mentioned without causing bitter arguments. Before this they had always found a way to settle things without hurting one another. Now thought neither side would back down. One would have to win and one lose.

Even so Tsukune simply could not believe Moka when she said she was ready to go that far. She had to know that if she did this it would destroy them. He knew she loved him and just couldn't fathom her tossing aside everything they'd meant to each other for the sake of winning this argument. There had once been a king named Pyrrhus who won a battle but lost almost half his army doing so. One more such victory and we are ruined, he had said. Why would Moka do something to win their fight if it would also ruin them?

That was why when she called Gin and invited him over he did not believe it. Why when she put on that slinky little black dress he liked and the black 'fuck me' heels he still did not believe it. Why as she stood there in front of the mirror putting on her makeup and dabbing on the perfume he'd bought her he'd yet refused to believe it. She wouldn't do this, not the Moka he loved.

When the doorbell to their apartment rang he had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Moka put down the lipstick and took a last look at herself in the mirror. Satisfied she turned and walked deliberately past him to answer the door.

"Moka, please don't do this." He pleaded quietly.

She stopped and looked back at him. "I don't want to do this Tsukune. If you'll just agreeā€¦"


"Then you leave me no choice." She turned back to the door only to have him grab her arm.

"No choice?" He said disbelieving. "I don't agree with you and so you have to fuck Gin? Is that what you're saying to me?"

"You know how important this is to me Tsukune." She said firmly.

"Do you think it's any less important to me? This is our children we're talking about."

She nodded. "I know that, and that's why I can't back down. I won't have my children endure all the things I did while I was trapped in that human school."

"Instead you'd rather have them trapped in Castle Akashiya being taught its okay to kill and treat others as tools?"

"At least they'll be taught how to be strong and have pride in themselves. Anyway as long as we're there they'll have love and a sense of security."

"Wouldn't we still be there if they were going to a regular school? Plus they would have my family to love them as well."

The doorbell rang again.

"I invited Gin and he's waiting. Either agree with me or let me go."

He let go of her arm. "Moka I am begging you not to do this."

"Will you agree with me? Just say 'yes' and I will tell him to go away Tsukune."

He noticed her hands twitching and the pleading look in her eye. He was tempted to agree with her just to stop this, but he knew he couldn't. It was too important and she had no right at all to betray her wedding vows just because he wouldn't give in to her.

"No," he said once more.

"Then what happens now is your own fault Tsukune. All I want is to have my children raised as I see fit. I wish you could understand that."

She went over and opened the door.


Gin was nervous at seeing him standing right there. Moka had explained what she intended and Gin had stared at him disbelieving. He'd started to argue when Moka had grabbed him and kissed him. That had been the end of his opposition.

"Give me a baby Gin and let me raise it however I see fit. I don't ask anything else of you."

"You mean I get to have sex with you until I knock you up and then just walk away? You'll really let me do that? You won't expect me to give you child support or anything?"

"All I want is your seed Gin, nothing more."

The werewolf looked at Tsukune. "And you're okay with this?"

Hell no I'm not okay with this she's my wife you son of a bitch!

"Tsukune doesn't have a say in this anymore," Moka told Gin.

"Does that mean I am no longer your husband?" Tsukune asked in a low growl that made Gin suddenly nervous.

"What it means is that if you refuse to act you are allowing this to happen," Moka told him.

"Moka you're trying to blackmail me into agreeing with you. The fact we're having an argument doesn't give you the right to cheat on me."

"I have no choice Tsukune, if you won't agree to raise our children as I think best then I have to find someone who will."

"Moka you're not the only one who can lay down an ultimatum," Tsukune told her. "If you do this you are no longer my wife or my mate."

Her eyes widened and he could see she was genuinely surprised. Maybe she had just assumed she was the only one who could make a threat.

"Let's talk about this," he said hopefully. "Let's work this out Moka. This is crazy."

"No Tsukune," she said sadly. "We've talked enough. It's time for action. If you won't give me what I need I'll just have to get it from someone else." She took Gin by the hand and began to lead him towards the bedroom. "Come on Gin."

"Actually maybe this isn't such a good idea." Gin said looking nervously in Tsukune's direction.

Moka leaned close and whispered in his ear. "I'll let you cum inside me as much as you want."

A shiver ran through him and he let himself be led into the bedroom.

Moka did not bother to close the door.


Tsukune was given a free show.

He stood there rooted to the spot unable to move. He watched them kissing while their hands roamed all over each other. Saw Gin pull down her dress to reveal her soft pink breasts. He tore off her black lace panties and pushed her down onto their bed, his nervousness completely forgotten. His lust overpowering all else he wasted no time pulling off his own clothes and mounting her.

Tsukune watched as Gin pumped away like some wild beast. He saw Moka's hips shake and listened to her gasps and cries. He saw her long slim legs wrap around him and heard her plead for him to go harder. Gin was panting and driving himself into her as hard and fast as a he could.

Without realizing it Tsukune noticed his right hand had gripped the Rosario around his left wrist. He knew that if he pulled off his Rosario now he would kill them both.

For a heartbeat he considered it.

Yanking his hand away from his wrist he turned away and fled the apartment.


He had no idea where he was going or what he was going to do next. He only knew that he would not be going back.

If you do this you are no longer my wife or my mate.

Moka had carried out her threat and he would carry out his. Their union was over. She claimed that by refusing to agree with her he was responsible for what had happened. Fine then, by doing what she had done she was also responsible for destroying their marriage.


He wound up at a park several blocks form what had been his home. It was night time and he was alone. He had his cell phone and wallet with him. He didn't feel like calling his parents to run back to them. Likewise calling his cousin was out of the question. He thought about getting a hotel room for the night but didn't want to be alone. Taking out his cell he looked at the directory and the various number and names listed. Who was it he wanted to talk to?

He saw a name and for some reason it caught his attention. She would understand. Making his decision he called the number.


She arrived at the park less than twenty minutes later. Beautiful and elegant in a long flowing dress that covered her completely from ankles to wrists to neck. Beneath the full moon she had an unearthly grace to her as she approached him.

"Hello brother dear," she purred sinfully.

"Hello Ria."