Author's Note: This chapter brings the story to an end. Now I realize this is not a proper completion. But the fact is I simply don't have time to update all my incomplete fanfiction. So I have decided to at least give some of them epilogues that do wrap things up and let the readers know how it all ended. Even if it's not perfect it seems a better option than just leaving things incomplete.


17 Years Later…

It was summer break at Youkai Academy. Across the front of the main building was a vast banner that read.

Welcome parents and future students!

It had been more than twenty years since he had last walked these grounds. In a lot of ways it felt like just a few weeks ago. He stopped and closed his eyes. He breathed in that old familiar scent of salt air mixed with damp earth and decay and could feel the years slip away. He remembered that scared, naïve boy and almost expected to suddenly be attacked by a small harem of beautiful girls who wanted to bite, smother, kidnap, and molest him.

It was a marvelous illusion.

Those had been wonderful days. At the time he had been harried and scared for his life, but he had been happy too. Back then he really had believed in true love and thought it could solve every problem. How had he ever been that innocent?

"Yahoo! Daddy this place is amazing. I can't wait to come here and make friends and have all the boys worship me."

"And who knows? Perhaps you will even open a book while you are here. They do have those in America don't they?"

"You're just jealous 'cause all the boys are going to love me, not you."

"And who would want to be bothered with a mindless pack of boys?"

Aono Tsukune opened his eyes. His short reminiscing ended. Standing before him, glaring at one another, were two of his beloved children. To his right was an aqua haired girl with large breasts wearing a red jacket, strapless top, and short skirt. Her eyes were the same color as his own. She was an absolute beauty with an innocent and carefree demeanor. Nearly every male, adult or teen, was casting an eye in her direction. Her name was Aono Kumiko and she was the oldest of the seven children he'd had with Kurumu.

To his left was a slim and athletic looking girl with platinum blonde hair, tanned skin, and clear blue eyes. She was in a tight fitting black gown that ran from her neck down to her ankles. On her right ear she wore a Rosario that suppressed her demonic aura. Her name was Aono Kurenai, and she was his only daughter from his union with Kahlua.

One was a succubus with exceptional strength and charming ability, the other a pure blooded vampire from one of the most ancient and elite clans.

"You girls are cousins and you'll both be attending this place at the start of the New Year." Tsukune reminded them. "Youkai Academy can be dangerous, I want you both to look out for each other."

Tsukune could see immediately neither girl liked the thought of that. Kumiko crossed her arms and pouted, while Kurenai stiffened ever so slightly. Both girls acknowledged him though.

"Yes, daddy."

"As you wish father."

Sighing he started walking towards the main building. "Come on, let me show you around. I want to see how much has changed."

Kumiko immediately grabbed onto his right arm and snuggled close to him as they walked.

Kurenai sent her cousin a look of annoyance, but made no effort to do the same. She was satisfied to simply walk at her father's side.

Tsukune himself was dressed in a tailor made grey business suit. On one wrist he wore a Rosario and on the other a gold Rolex watch. As COO of Fairy Tale it was his normal attire when he was out.

After taking Kahlua as his mate Issa had insisted that he take a position in the family business. Tsukune had been hesitant at first, but had finally given in. The wealth and lifestyle of a top corporate executive was almost obscene. He earned millions, and had an expense account and free use of all the company properties. Private jets, yachts, helicopters, tropical resorts, and private residences were his to use whenever he pleased, at no charge. And every year he received stock in the company; he was worth well over fifty million dollars.

Even more important than the wealth was the power he had acquired.

Working in Fairy Tale had also meant working for Ria. He had quickly realized that if he didn't want to be Ria's pet he would have to play the same sort of games she did. Tsukune had begun to recruit people who had similar beliefs to his and started projects that would either further his goals of coexistence between humans and monsters, or interfere with one of Ria's schemes. Issa had been delighted.

"Conflict is the only path to strength my son," Issa had told him. "I look forward to your battles with her. I expect both of you will grow from them."

Over the years he had learned how to play the game very well; Ria and Issa both being excellent teachers. Tsukune had done some terrible things. He'd had innocent people killed and allowed some of his supporters to be sacrificed for the sake of a greater good. To make progress within Fairy Tale and the family Tsukune had been forced to give up much of his idealism. When he had the occasional nightmare or his conscience would stir he would remind himself that the ends justified the means. Thanks to him Witches Knoll was a shelter for witches and warlocks from all over the world. Fairy Tale was a world leader in providing geo thermal and solar energy. He had gotten the company to invest billions in agriculture and infrastructure in many third world countries. He had provided necessary funds to build dozens of new 'hidden worlds' where monsters could live in peace. His voice was a powerful one inside the vampire community arguing for harmony and maintenance of the current status quo. Where others, like Baron Teppes, pushed for confrontation.

His wealth, reputation, and power had allowed him to do much good.

If the price was occasionally letting Ria have her victories as well… it could not be helped. If he tried to save everyone he would save no one. The mere fact he had grown strong enough to actually be a worthy opponent said quite a lot. To believe he could always stop her was foolish.

"I will not need any help."

Tsukune turned his head in Kurenai's direction. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

She waved about at some of the students that were passing by. They were all in human disguise, but she was quite gifted at sensing a monster's innate strength. "If these are the sort of monsters who will be my classmates then I have nothing at all to fear. I could destroy them easily."

Tsukune frowned at her. He loved Kurenai dearly, as he did all his children, but she was very much a product of her upbringing. "What do I always say is a vampire's greatest weakness?"

"Pride," she answered mechanically.

Tsukune nodded. "Being immortal is not the same as being invincible. Even a vampire can be hurt or defeated. Believe me, I know."

"Aunt Ria says…"

"I don't want to hear what Aunt Ria says."

"Yes father."

His daughter's response was proper in every sense, but he knew that she didn't agree with him. She loved him and would obey him, but as she grew into adulthood they began to argue more and more about things.

Tsukune blamed himself for that.

Shortly after he had become Kahlua's mate he'd discovered Kurumu was pregnant. After discussing the matter with Issa and Kahlua, he had asked Kurumu to marry him once his divorce from his first wife was finalized. Vampires cared nothing at all for human rituals, to them only the blood rites mattered. So he had taken Kahlua as a mate and Kurumu as a wife, giving them each his name. Kumiko was born about two months ahead of Kurenai. Things with his first wife / mate had been destroyed due to the question of children. He had been more than happy to have two children with two partners who both wanted more.

At least at first.

At the very beginning Tsukune had tried to spend an equal amount of time with each. That had seemed the only right thing to do.

He loved them both. He did, he truly did.

But work took more and more of his time. The battles with Ria wore him down. The difficult decisions, the sacrifices, the pressures all took a toll on him. When he escaped from work he wanted to come home to a comfortable and normal environment. More and more he found himself wanting to be with Kurumu.

For all of Kurumu's crazy antics and over the top behavior she had always made it absolutely clear that she'd loved him above everything else. She was completely satisfied to be his wife and the mother of their children. She had quit her job as soon as he'd proposed to her and never looked back. And while he couldn't call their home in Las Vegas completely 'normal' (most families didn't keep three copies of the karma sutra as educational material or have a pole in the living room) they at least tried to live like a regular family. (He tried very, very hard not to think about the holidays and family get togethers when Shade and Ageha would come over and try to give his girls 'tips.') When he was with them Tsukune felt like he was just a husband and dad. It became his refuge.

There was also the fact that Kurumu needed him. Whenever he left to go on a business trip or spend time with Kahlua and Kurenai, she would be on the verge of tears. As they had more children he felt the greater need to spend time with them. For obvious reasons he had never told his parents about having two families. Since he was legally married to Kurumu she was the one they knew. His kids with her were their grandchildren. Without even realizing it he wound up spending ninety percent of his free time with Kurumu and their children.

It was not that he did not love Kahlua and their daughter. It was not that Kahlua did not love him, in her own special way. It was just that their love felt… convenient. Kahlua was happy when he was there, but didn't mind when he was away. She kept the same playful, childlike behavior she had always had. Even her time with Kurenai reflected this, there were times she treated their daughter more like a precious doll than an actual child.

Tsukune loved Kurenai every bit as much as his other children. When they were together he played with her and gave her all of his attention. He tried to be a good father. But Issa had insisted that she be brought up in Castle Shuzen in a manner befitting her station. Whenever Tsukune would be in residence at the castle it was guaranteed that Ria would soon be there as well. It was difficult enough for him dealing with her at work, facing her at home as well was usually more than he could bare. Whereas his home with Kurumu felt like a refuge, living in the castle always felt like a prison sentence. So he would cut his time with Kahlua and Kurenai short and either return to work or sneak back to Las Vegas and Kurumu. Tsukune knew that this was unfair to Kurenai, but he always rationalized it away somehow. He could always find an excuse to do what he wanted.

The result was that while his children with Kurumu had grown up in the human world and had a close, loving relationship with him, Kurenai had lived an isolated existence at the castle. She was nowhere near as close to him as his other children. They did love each other, but there was a distance, a formality between them. Kurenai had been brought up mostly by Kahlua, Issa, and dear Aunt Ria. She had been taught to embrace her vampire heritage and to never think of herself as anything less. Tsukune had tried to fight this, but it had been a losing battle.

He had no illusions that his daughter's outlook and personality were what they were because of his choices.

But would Kumiko and the others have been worse off if I'd spent less time with them? He'd only had so much time, and giving to one meant taking from the other. Just as in the business world you could not get everything you wanted. You decided what your priorities were and acted accordingly.

"How about after we explore the campus a bit we get some tomato juice?"

That produced a small grin. Sharing some tomato juice was something the two of them always did. "I would like that father."

"I want a diet cola." Kumiko added.

Kurenai sent her an aggravated look. "How about some hemlock instead?"

Kumiko shook her head. "I don't want to try any weird Japanese drinks."

Tsukune sighed. Why had he expected the two of them to get along? "No hemlock and no fighting you two. Let me take you to my old homeroom."

Walking through the halls were many other parents escorting a future student. Some of the faculty were present to give guided tours and answer various questions. Since many of the parents were alumni they were allowed to wander about if they wished, as Tsukune himself was doing. Now and again he spotted a familiar face and would give a quick wave or exchange a few words. These were casual acquaintances, people he'd shared a class or two with or perhaps fought. (When he'd become a vampire a lot of guys had challenged him.) The people he'd been close to weren't here.

He thought of Ruby who was running things at the Witches Knoll and of Yukari who was a professor at Oxford and had written several bestselling erotic romances. Ruby was still unmarried and was the mother of four boys, all of whom had strong monster blood in them as well as dark hair and brown eyes. Her eldest would be attending Youkai in another year. Yukari was living with a former honor student named Andrea. She'd also had two sons, both with strong monster blood, dark hair, and brown eyes. He didn't get to visit them very often, his schedule wouldn't allow it.

Tsukune tried not to think about Mizore.

He also tried to not remember a couple others he had been close to back in the day.

The classrooms looked more or less the same. The chalkboards had been replaced by white boards. The Academy now had a computer lab and wireless internet. The old pay phones he had used to call home had been upgraded to digital versions. When they went into the old newspaper club room not only were there computers at every desk there was a state of the art Free Form Multi Dimension Printer. He shook his head. The current generation would never know what it was like to have ink stains all over your fingertips every single week. It did amuse him to notice that even with all the changes the chairs looked to be exactly like the ones he'd used. The building itself also looked just as gloomy and gothic as he remembered. Back when he'd been a student he'd found it depressing. Now after years of visiting Castle Shuzen, he still found it damn depressing. He was never going to understand monster architectural tastes.

When he finally got done showing his daughters the main building they left to take a look at the dorms and get those drinks he had promised.

"Yahoo! This place looks incredible! The buildings here are so beautiful! And there are so many cute guys too!" She waved at a red headed boy and his father who were going past. They both stumbled and nearly fell.

Kurenai tilted her head slightly. "I see you are easily impressed."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"This school might be satisfactory and meet by minimum requirements, barely, but I am less than thrilled at the prospect of residing here for three entire years." She directed her attention his way. "Father, must I really come here? I have excellent tutors and reading material at home. Aunt Ria says…"

"If you intend to take your place in Fairy Tale someday you are going to have to learn how to deal with ordinary human beings." Tsukune said. "And not just by treating them as your servants. Even Ria is forced to behave when she is dealing with clients and business partners who don't know the truth. You need to learn how to interact with people without drawing attention to yourself."

Kurenai's lips twisted as if she's bitten into something sour.

"Anyway," he added with an encouraging smile. "It will be a good experience for you to be surrounded by people who are your equals."

"I have no equals here."

There it was again, that vampire pride he had tried so hard to curtail. His daughter was not a cruel person. Unlike her grandfather or her aunt she did not delight in inflicting pain. She did not torture or demean the servants, despite her strength and combat skills Kurenai did not fight or harm others needlessly. In her own light she was a good person; she never lied, she was respectful, she was hardworking, she was devoted to her family and home, and she was honorable.

But like most vampires she was filled with pride. And it was the worst sort of pride. It was so deep rooted she did not even notice it. That being a vampire, and one with her bloodline, made her superior to everyone else was just an obvious truth. It was not something that needed to be stated or explained. So far as she was concerned it was a law of nature. Much like gravity or photosynthesis, vampires were superior because they simply were. Kahlua, Issa, and Ria had enforced this belief and everything about her daily life reflected it. In Castle Shuzen every vampire, even a visitor, was treated like a god by the servants. No mere goblin would ever dare suggest he was a vampire's equal!

She had been brought up in a world where everyone knew their place.

"Eventually you are going to enter human society. The rules and customs are very different from what you are used to as a vampire. Certain behavior will not be viewed as acceptable and will damage your reputation and ability to negotiate and deal with others. If you want to be accepted by human society you will have to adapt to their ways. You can't expect them to change to suit you."

"Why not?"

The sad thing was she wasn't trying to be sarcastic. She meant that question seriously. "Because seven billion humans can do as they please. You need to remember we call it the 'human world' for a reason. Except for Teppes and a few other extremists our people accept the reality that we cannot change that. So you either live in the shadows or act human."

Kurenai paused a moment before giving a curt nod. "I suppose that is true father. Well then I will simply endure my time here."

"You don't need to make it sound like a punishment. I actually had a lot of fun while I attended. I made some good friends here." Tsukune avoided mentioning how some of those friendships had turned out later on.

"If there are other vampires in attendance I will make an effort to befriend them."

"I think you are missing the point." Tsukune told her. "First off it's against the school rules to reveal what sort of monster you are."

"I will be able to tell." Kurenai sounded very certain of herself.

"Second, you can be friends with people who are of a different race. If you just keep an open mind you will discover good things in all sorts of people."

"If you say so father."

Tsukune knew she didn't mean it, she was just giving him a respectful answer.

"I think you're a real dummy." Kumiko said.

Kurenai's eyes narrowed and she gave a slight growl, she was most definitely not used to being insulted. A hand reached up for her Rosario.

Tsukune grabbed her sleeve and yanked her arm back down.

Completely oblivious Kumiko continued. "The human world is the best. They have shoe stores, malls, sports cars, ice cream, lots and lots of cute boys, phones, chorus girls, all you can eat buffets, and black jack. What is there not to love?"

Tsukune frowned. "Did your grandmother and grand aunt take you to the Bellagio again?"

"No, The Palms." Kumiko smiled impishly. "Anyway, my point is the human world is just filled with all this great stuff. What could be wrong with it?"

"The fact it is also filled with humans."

"So? Humans are great."

"I am not surprised someone like you would think so."

Kumiko's head snapped about and the two girls were openly glaring at one another. "What does that mean?"

"It means I would not expect someone of your sort to understand anything so basic as civilized behavior."

"My sort?! I am a succubus, and an awesome one at that! I rule over my school like a goddess. When I show up the boys all stop to stare. I can destroy a happy couple with just a wink. Whenever I am out on the Vegas Strip I get men coming up to proposition me."

"You do?" Tsukune gasped.

"Oh its okay daddy, I always just tell them I work for an agency and give them grand aunty Shade's business card."

Tsukune pinched the top of his nose. He was going to have to have yet another talk with Shade.

"I know you are a succubus, and a strong one at that. How could you not be given the blood in your veins? I freely acknowledge you are superior to a human. In much the same way a pig is superior to a rat."


"But you are still my inferior. Be grateful I am even willing to acknowledge you as a relation." Kurenai made it sound like a huge concession.

"Oh yeah? What's so wonderful about being a vampire? You live in some ruined castle out in the middle of nowhere pretending to be kings and queens of the world while you sip from transfusion packs and kick your slaves. Yeah, that's a great life."

"It is a civilized life you ignorant slut."




Tsukune did not yell, but that single word was enough to silence his two daughters.

His silent anger was boiling just beneath the surface. "You are both my children and I expect you to get along, not just now but when you are attending school here. You are family, whether you like it or not and you will watch out for one another. Is that clear?"

Kumiko wasn't used to seeing him genuinely angry. She slumped her shoulders and bobbed her head up and down. "Yes daddy."

Kurenai lowered her eyes just slightly. "As you say father."

"Good, now let's get those drinks and find a bench to relax on."


When he had been a student there had been a vending machine on a quiet walkway near the dorms. There had been park benches there too. Tsukune could remember many pleasant afternoons sitting on one of those benches, with a certain someone, drinking and relaxing. When he and his girls came around a corner he was relieved to see the area hadn't changed.

Then he saw two people standing there talking over some drinks.

They turned to look at the newcomers.

His eyes met hers instantly. They were the same big emerald eyes he had fallen in love with so long ago. Her pink hair was longer than it used to be and she was in a pale yellow sundress he had never seen before, but other than that she looked exactly the same as she had the last time he'd seen her.

Tsukune found it suddenly hard to breathe. He stopped and just stood there, staring at her. She seemed to be going through something similar as she stood frozen in place, much like a deer caught in headlights.

"Dad? Are you okay?"


"What?" He blinked at them. Both his daughters appeared worried. "I'm… I'm fine."

It was only then that Tsukune noticed who was also there. A familiar face with long black hair and a strong sinewy body. He was dressed in jeans and a pull over shirt with a black leather jacket.


His fists clenched and Tsukune felt the urge to rip off his Rosario and beat the son of a bitch down.

Then Tsukune took a second, closer look. It was not Gin after all, the face was much too young, and now that he looked more carefully it was a bit different. The family resemblance was obvious though. The young man was talking to his mother and gently shaking her shoulder.

"Hey, who is that?" Kumiko said noticing the same young man. "He is seriously hot."

"You stay away from him Kumiko." Tsukune said. "He is no good."

His daughter giggled and waved his warning away. "You don't need to worry daddy."

"Kumiko!" His sharp tone got her immediate attention. "You will not talk to that boy. Is that clear? He is nothing but trouble."

Her eyes widened. He had always been protective of her, but not like this. "Dad you don't even know him."

"I know what he is and that's enough."

As this was being said the woman approached them, with her son trailing behind her. Tsukune did not miss the way the boy's eyes ran up and down Kumiko's figure. He had to fight down the urge to throttle the boy just for looking at his little girl that way.

"Tsukune?" The pink haired woman asked hesitantly. "It's been a long time." She came to a stop about five feet in front of him. Her right hand reached out, but she drew it back. Only to have it reach for him again.

"Hello Moka." Tsukune's tone was polite.

Kurenai stiffened.

"Moka?" Kumiko asked excitedly. "Oh! My mom has told me all sorts of stories about you, you and dad used to be a couple. You were even married for a little while right?"

"We were married for four years."

"Momma told me how it all ended, I am really sorry."

"Well thank you."

Kumiko nodded sympathetically. "It must have been just awful when daddy realized who his one true love was and he dumped you."

Everyone sent Kumiko looks of disbelief as Moka managed a forced smile. "Tsukune, aren't you going to introduce me?"

Tsukune took a deep breath. "Moka, this is my daughter Kumiko and this is my daughter Kurenai. They will both be coming here at the start of the next year. Girls, this is, ah Moka."

"You mean Bloodriver Moka, don't you father?" Kurenai said sharply.

The boy standing behind Moka scowled. "Have you got a problem with my mom?"

Moka turned and motioned for him to calm down. "Now, now it's all right. I'm sure she didn't mean anything."

"Yes she did," the boy fumed.

"Aren't you going to introduce him Moka?" Tsukune asked quietly. "Though I think I can guess who he is."

"This is my son, Tsukisei. Tsukisei, this is Aono Tsukune, my… former mate and husband."

The boy sent Tsukune a hard look and did not extend a hand or any sort of greeting.

Tsukune's reaction was not much warmer.

Kumiko smiled brightly at the young man though. "I am pleased to meet you. I hope we see a lot of each other."

That brought out a smirk. "Yeah, I'd like that."

The look on the boy's face and the casual tone of his voice were all too familiar to Tsukune even though this was his first time meeting this young man. "Kumiko you are not going to have anything to do with this boy, he is nothing but trouble."

"Tsukune! How can you say that? You don't even know him." Moka said.

"I know enough."

Tsukisei stepped forward, fists clenched. "You got a problem with me old man?"

"Only if you come near my daughter, and then we will have a very serious problem."

"Tsukune you are not being fair." Moka complained. "You can't judge someone so quickly."

"The apple never falls far from the tree Moka."

Tsukisei took another step forward. "Want to settle this like men?"

"Watch your tongue mongrel!" Kurenai slid to her father's side and placed a hand on her Rosario. "Father let me teach this animal some manners."

Kumiko jumped between Tsukisei and her father. "Daddy I appreciate that you want to watch out for me, but I'm a big girl."

Moka put a restraining hand on her son's shoulder. "Please don't, it was hard for me to arrange for you to come here. If you get in a fight with him they may revoke your place."

"That would be fine mom, then I could get a job and help take care of you."

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I want you to be a student here and make friends. I want you to have a chance at a good life."

"But why should I take anything from this guy? He said he loved you and then abandoned you. He never helped you, he is just as bad as the rest of your family."

"Do you know who your father is?" Tsukune asked, fingers twitching to remove his own Rosario.

Tsukisei snarled. "Yeah I do."

"Then you should already know why I left your mother and why I don't owe you or her anything."

"The two of you are no relation to us." Kurenai said coldly. "After her disgrace you should be grateful she was even allowed to give birth to you."

Tsukisei glared at her and tensed.

"Son go wait for me at the main gate. I think we've seen enough of the campus."

"But mom…"

"Please go."

He hesitated, but with shoulders stiff and held head high he left. "Okay fine."

As the boy departed Kumiko watched him go.

Tsukune noticed and was not pleased. "Why don't you girls go get a couple of drinks and wait for me by that park bench? I will be with you in a few minutes."

The girls went, leaving Tsukune and Moka alone.

Moka clutched her hands and had trouble with a racing heart. "You… you really were unfair just now Tsukune. Tsukisei is a sweet boy."

"How many girls has he slept with so far?"

The question caused Moka to suddenly look away and break eye contact.

"Yes, that's what I thought, he's another Gin."

"No he's not." Moka faced him again. "You don't know how hard life has been for him. I've had to work two jobs just to make ends meet. I haven't been able to be there for him the way I would have liked. Still, he's a good boy. He loves me and worries about me. He has worked part time since he was twelve to try and help me. If you got to know him a little…"

"I don't want to know him Moka. I knew his father and that's enough. How is Gin by the way? The last I heard he was homeless living on the streets in Tokyo."

"Gin never wanted to be part of our family. He didn't want anything to do with his son. He would drop by from time to time, more to see me than Tsukisei. After the… incident he didn't come by as much. The last time I saw him was two years ago."

"By incident I guess you mean when he got both his legs chopped off? Gin really never knew when to not push his luck. He always thought he could get away with whatever he wanted. Only a real fool tries to cheat the Yakuza."

"He blames you, you know."

Tsukune's jaw fell open. "And how was his getting in trouble with a Yakuza bookie my fault exactly?"

"Tenzou had connections with the Shuzen clan. One word from you and he would have forgiven the debt."

"If Gin expected me to come to the rescue he was an even bigger idiot than I thought. I can see a lot of him in your boy. Tell your son to keep clear of Kumiko, I won't have my little girl being used by someone like him. Tell the boy that if he does anything to my daughter I will have him killed."

Moka gasped. "You don't mean that! That is something my father would do."

"I've had people killed before Moka, I've even done it myself a few times. I don't do it for fun like Ria does, but when it's necessary to solve a problem."

"So killing someone is fine as long as it solves a problem?" Moka shook her head sadly. "Is that how you explain what happened to Mizore and the Yukki-onna?"

Tsukune flinched and it was his turn to look away. "I had no part in that."

"You are part of Fairy Tale and it was Fairy Tale that invaded and occupied their hidden world. Mizore and a lot of others died trying to protect their home."

"That was Ria! Don't blame me for the things she does. By the time I found out what was happening there was nothing I could do!"

"You could have fought her. You could have left Fairy Tale. You could have gone and supported the Yukki-onna directly."

"Don't be ridiculous. Issa doesn't mind when I go head to head with Ria, he even encourages it. But doing what you're saying would mean actually breaking with the family. Issa would have seen that as betrayal. What do you suppose would have happened to my parents, Kurumu, and our children?"

"I know how dangerous it is to go against father, but the Tsukune I knew would do anything to help one of his precious friends."

"That was when I was still naïve enough to believe that being right was all that mattered. Now I understand that money and power are what really count."

"You've changed Tsukune." Moka said sadly.

"Yes I have, I think more like a vampire these days. But isn't that what you wanted?"

"No. I never wanted you to change. I loved the sweet, kind person you used to be."

"That's ironic, since you were the one who showed me that I was fool for trusting in you."

"I made a mistake Tsukune, I was wrong, I admit it. Is that what you want to hear? Not a day has gone by that I haven't regretted what I did. And if I could undo it somehow I would." Moka then did something he had never expected to see. She bowed to him. "I apologize Tsukune and am truly sorry."

Tsukune paused. He wasn't sure how he wanted to respond to this. "If you're apologizing I suppose I'll accept and forgive you."

There was a sudden look of hope in her eyes. "Does that mean…"

Tsukune swiftly shook his head. "It doesn't change anything."

"I still love you. There have been a few other men in my life, but they have just been a way to deal with my loneliness. You are the only man I have ever loved."

Tsukune stood there. He knew what it was she was hoping to hear. "I still love you too Moka, as much as I still hate you for what you did. But it doesn't change anything."

He thought his words would have ended all hope, but to his surprise they produced a slight smile. "It doesn't change anything for now, but we are immortal. Perhaps… someday?"

He shifted his feet. "Maybe. Someday."

Moka gave a content nod. "Goodbye Tsukune."

"Goodbye Moka."

They parted and went their separate ways.