A/N- This lovely little one shot is my late Christmas present to my friend….AnimeAuthorForevr! MERRY CHRISTMAS CHIKA! LOVE YOU! 3

The last thing I remember before I blacked out was a guy leaning over me, swearing. He had his phone out, but I couldn't tell who he was calling. Then I blacked out.

Next thing I know I'm waking up in a hospital room with a really bad headache. I ear voices outside the door. I can't make out what there saying, but when I hear the door open I pretend to be asleep.

"She's stable for now," a man said who Haruhi easily pinpointed as Kyouya's voice. She inwardly chuckled. He was always a business man.

"Thank God," another voice said. Haruhi didn't know who it was, but she assumed it was the man who had hit her with his limo.

There was silence for a minute then the sound of a door opening and closing.

Haruhi opened her eyes. She was alone. She tried to think back to what had happened but every time she tried her head would hurt. She eventually gave up and fell into unconscious.

She dreamed about that other voice that had been in the room with Kyouya. She knew that voice she just couldn't put a name to it.

It hit her like a lightning bolt. She bolted up in her bed. She was still alone in the room. It all came flooding back to her. The limo, she had been in it before. The man, she spent every day with him trapped in that forsaken Host Club.

She fell back on the pillow. Mori had run over her.

Just then the door opened and the man in question stepped in, this time alone. He froze when he say Haruhi was awake. Mori quickly composed himself and stepped all the way in the room, closing the door behind. He stood there, not making a move. Then he spoke, "Are you feeling okay Haruhi?"

She smiled and he relaxed a little bit. "Ya I'm fine. But next time try not to run me over okay." she let out a small laugh and he joined her.

They talked a little longer. Just the two of them. They talked about everything from the Host Club to there favorite color. They laughed and teased each other.

"You should really get some rest," Mori said after another laughing fit. "Ya probably," Haruhi answered.

Mori stood up to leave but looked back at the girl who he had just spent the day with. He smiled and, without thinking bent down and kissed Haruhi. He was surprised when she kissed him back.

He pulled away after a minute, "What was that for?" Haruhi asked a smile on her lips.

Mori shrugged and bent down and kissed her again. He turned and left.

And Haruhi fell into a blissful state of unconscious