Just thought I might do a new Surf's Up fic and this time, this is pretty much different. It's a Cody/Joe fic, and this time...they're INTERVIEWED! Hope ya'll likey!

How Cody Knew Chicken Joe

by: Terrell James

PRODUCERS: Okay, ready?

CODY: (sits down on the chair, clearing his throat) So, what am I doing?

INTERVIEWER: We're just gonna ask you a few questions about how you met Chicken Joe.

CODY: (Excited): That's great, man!

INTERVIEWER #2: Is that cool?

CODY: Yeah, man. It's totally fine with me.

INTERVIEWER #1: So, tell us, Cody. How can you describe Joe?

CODY: How can I not describe him? He's awesome, man. He's definitely the epitome of being what a cool friend he really is. You know, there aren't many other species in Shiverpool. Most of us are rockhoppers, as you can tell.

INTERVIEWER #2: How'd you guys meet?

CODY (exhaled sharply): Where do I start? Well, it's kind of a funny story, really. After I got turned down from Mike Abromowitz, I wasn't gonna let that get in the way of my opportunity to leave behind Shiverpool, so I followed the whale with my ice-board. I was gonna go around the entire ocean to follow that whale in order to get to Pen Gu. When I finally got on the whale's tail, someone offered to give me a lift, but it failed, cause it swiped me back to the ocean. So, I swam the freakin' thing trying to get through this whale, man. When I finally got in, I almost slipped and fell back and I held onto someone's surfboard and lifted me up there. When I saw Joe for the first time, he wasn't the same species I was, but he saved me, so it really didn't matter. After I introduced myself to him, we got to talking and both of us had the same things in common-surfing and also getting used to people saying stuff about you. And we became friends since then.

INTERVIEWER #2: How is he different than the other penguins on the whale?

CODY: Honestly, I've never seeen a chicken before, so I was surprised to see that it actually does exist. As far as difference goes, I'm not really sure, because we have at least one same feature: a beak. The main difference-his legs, feet, waddle-whatever that means-his tail, and feathers. One thing I got is that he tells me he eats corn. I kinda learned pretty quickly about it the second during our ride to Pen Gu.

INTERVIEWER #1: Does he ever make you laugh?

CODY (chuckles): Dude, when does he not? I can't even think of a day when he doesn't make me laugh. I guess everyday, because this guy is just so funny. There was like one time after we were on Pen Gu, he showed me a painting of a heart on his butt. I swear, it was pretty hysterical. That just made me realize that I needed someone like Joe-like I wanna laugh, I wanna have fun. He could put a smile on your face when you're down and he's always the one to light up your day. And not long after that, he had on this coconut thing on his head, two small coconuts on his chest and a grass skirt. It was weird, but kinda funny. Around Shiverpool, I'm not around people like that, but when I'm here with Joe, it becomes different in an instant.

INTERVIEWER #2: Do you guys ever fight?

CODY (shrugs): Um...not really. I'm not even sure if we have. I mean, there are several disagreements, but Joe has this go with the flow thing. He never gets mad at anything and pretty much lets everything go.

INTERVIEWER #1: Okay, so there were several times where you defended him. And have you ever defended Joe before?

CODY: I actually have. Tank and I had this huge fight after hearing that Big Z's a zero and Joe tried to break it up, but he pushed him down. I felt like it was the straw that broke the camel's back, because he's my first friend and I felt like I had to defend him. The second time-we were in the Surfing Competition and Tank tried to cut Joe off and at that point, I asked myself, 'Is this trophy worth losing a friend', so I decided to save Joe instead and cut Tank off and when I did, Joe went forward and I ended up on the jagged side of the rocks. Big Z came over and saved me in the end. Besides, if it wasn't for Joe, I wouldn't even be here. He saved my life, I saved his, so we don't owe each other anything. I think our friendship is enough.

INTERVIEWER #2: And since then, you guys have become friends?

CODY: Yeah. We're friends for life.

INTERVIEWER #1: Has Joe tried to hook up you up on a date?

CODY (blushed for a sec, then covered his face and chuckled nervously): Next question, please.

INTERVIEWER #2: And after the surfing competition, what all you and Joe did?

CODY: We do everything together. We surf, hang out, but mostly surf. Like I think that's all we do.

INTERVIEWER #1: Last question-You guys would still be friends when you guys grow older?

CODY: Of course we would. He's like my best friend, man. I would do anything for him. He's been cool from Day 1 and I'm sure in the future, we will still be friends until the very end. And I appreciate him a lot for being in my life. Well, next to Big Z. No one can replace Chicken Joe and I'm sure in no time, we'll still be the most awesomest surfer friends ever. Like no matter what, we'll always be here for each other because we make an awesome duo team. As long as we're on this earth, nothing will tear our friendship apart.

This was Cody's point of view about Chicken Joe. Next chapter..we'll have Joe's view of Cody!