And here it is! Cody and Joe...INTERVIEWED TOGETHER!

Chapter 3: Joe and Cody Interviewed

PRODUCERS: So, we're gonna bring Cody in. Is that okay with you?

JOE (excited): Yeah, man! It's cool with me!

PEN GUANS: (cheering)

Cody enters in and sees Joe sitting there.

CODY MAVERICK: Hey, man. What's up?

JOE: Great, man.

Both doing their fancy handshake and then, Cody sits down next to Joe.

INTERVIEWER #1: So, we interviewed you guys both and I want you guys to tell us, what was it like being in the Surfing Competition, from your perspective.

CODY (clears his throat, exhales deeply): How can I describe it? was definitely one of the most experiences, if not my only experience I ever had in my life. And it certain helped me to have my dream realized. If I wasn't do this, I'd still be in Shiverpool, sorting out fish.

JOE: You sort out fish?

CODY: Used to.

JOE: That's cool, man.

CODY: Not when you come back to an igloo smeeling like day-old trout.

INTERVIEWER #2: How about you, Joe?

JOE: The contest was radical. I mean, it was so cool just to surfing in front of everyone.

INTERVIEWER #2: Was was the reaction you got when you guys were in the finals?

JOE: Honestly, it was so cool, that it was pretty much easy. It was just me, Cody and Tank.

CODY: Never really expected to be in the finals, but some of Z's training really paid off bigger than anything.

INTERVIEWER #1: Cody, I understand you were ticked when you saw Tank pushed Joe. What did you feel when that happened?

CODY (chuckled softly): Like I wanted to start a fight with him. He was much bigger, but I could've taken him on any day, because Tank's just a jerk. Plus, I felt like I had to defend my friend. I mean, everyone needs a friend to look out for, right?

INTERVIEWER #2: Spoken like a true friend.

CODY: Thanks, man.

INTERVIEWER #1: So, how did you guys experience Pen Gu Island?

JOE: The place is so radical. I would live there, though I would come back to Sheboygan for a little holiday. But other than that, surfing-it never gets dull, dude.

CODY: It was something I never even saw before. I mean I knew Big Z was there, but to actually go there in person-it was like finding a place where I have to spend the rest of my life in.

JOE: Me too.

INTERVIEWER #2: Sounds like you guys are really close.

BOTH: We are.

JOE: Cody's my best bud.

CODY: Joe's also my best bud as well. And we stick together all the time. Whatever he needs or if he has someone to talk to, I'm there.

INTERVIEWER #1: So, you got used to Joe's little entourage-the Pen Guans. How did that work for you?

CODY: Dude, it was so weird. One minute I was walking to the forest and the next, my foot was yanked by some unknown trap and I saw those guys coming for me, like I was gonna be killed until Joe saw me there. After the conrest, it took me a while to get used to them, but I guess if they know that I'm friends with the king, they grow to be attached to you. So, it's kinda cool with me.

INTERVIEWER #2: So, this is one question that we want to ask. Pen Gu has told me that you and Lani are...officially a couple. Any truth to it?

CODY (chuckles nervously, then clears his throat): Uh...we're just good friends, thank you very much.

JOE: Codes, I saw you guys kissing last night in the water under the moonlight.

CODY: How'd you find out, man?

JOE: Me and the Pen Guans saw you guys there while we were playing hide-and-seek and I had a feeling you guys were a couple. Trust me, I could feel it in my nuggets.

CODY (rolls his eyes, sighed nervously): How long were you standing there?

JOE: A good 45 minutes.

CODY: We've only been in the water for like an hour, man.

INTERVIEWER #1: Did you guys kiss?

CODY: Yeah...

JOE: I knew it! You guys are boyfriend and girlfriend! (laughs)

CODY: Next question, please.

INTERVIEWER #2 (Clears throat): So, how often do you guys hang out?

JOE: Everyday, man. We hang out almost every day. There was even one time where Cody used the hot tub and he definitely felt relaxed.

CODY: I've never seen anything like that before. We don't have those kinds of things at Shiverpool.

JOE: You should check out Lake Michigan. It's really cool.

CODY: Where's that?

JOE: When we get there, I'll show you where I live, because I live near Sheboygan.

CODY (confused): She-who-gan?

JOE: Sheboygan. Little town in Wisconsin.

CODY: Wisconsin? That's where you're from?

JOE: Yep.

CODY: Cool, man. Then after that, I might show you Shiverpool.

INTERVIEWER #2: Do you guys get homesick easily? Like you miss your home and such?

CODY: I get homesick most times. but being in Pen Gu really makes me feel like I'm home.

JOE: Plenty homesick, but I'm cool with where I am now.

INTERVIEWER #1: So, Joe told us that both of you guys never knew your fathers. Is that true?

CODY: Very true.

JOE: That's right.

CODY: I tend not to mention a few things about my dad, because I was too young to even remember.

JOE: Same here.

INTERVIEWER #2: Last question-Will you guys still be friends in the future even if you don't know each other anymore?

CODY: Are you kidding me? Of course I would. I've known this guy for a long time and you don't find many friends like that in Shiverpool. Up until Joe came into my life, I was...kinda lonely. The only companion I had was my ice surfboard. Since Joe became my friend, it's kinda like we both have the same dream, even though we come from different worlds. Even though he's my first friend outside of my species, it seems as though I've known him for a long time. There's nothing that this world can do to break up this team. We're like brothers.

JOE: Honestly, it was the first time I've seen a penguin before. I mean, I've seen little plush penguin toys around Sheboygan, but to see a real one-that's beyond radical. Even if he was another stranger in the wahle with awesome surfing skills, I'd still be friends with him. Who wouldn't be friends with the awesome Cody Maverick himself? I know I would. We're friends for life, dude.

CODY: For life, man.

Both did their signature handshake.

PRODUCER: Okay, I think that wraps it up. Thank you guys for answering our questions.

CODY: Anytime.

JOE: Let's catch some waves, Code.

CODY: Right behind ya!

So, tell me I still have that Surf's Up fanfiction magic! I'll post another 'Surf's Up' story in the future, so laterz!