Story: "Coming Clean"
Chapter: One: "Introduction/ Interrogation Room Challenge"
Author: StJimmyHasSinned

A/N: I told myself after I finished ThingsHaveChanged I would take a break from writing for a while, giving myself some time to focus on school, college-finding, sports, and other things concerning my real life. But, of course, another idea sprung into my head (with the help of Lizsername, obviously). This is the sequel to Things Have Changed, but there's a new plot and you don't have to have read THC to understand this one. Anyway, I know the general direction this fic will be going in, and so I hope you enjoy it.

WARNINGS: Well, for starters, if slash isn't your thing you might as well leave now because I don't want any reviews complaining about that. But the real bad things are language, drug abuse, and sexual content. Yeah, I guess this couldn't hurt to be rated-M, but I want it to normally show up in the section.

DISCLAIMER: St. Jimmy, Johnny, any other characters mentioned, and the story title all belong to Green Day. The chapter title belongs to Repo! the Genetic Opera. In no way am I making a profit from this; it's all for entertainment purposes only.


Everybody has something they're self-conscious about. Everybody carries some sort of baggage, making them feel inferior to the world. But I'm not an everybody; I'm a nobody. I'm St. Jimmy. I'm that guy you see dragged down to the police station when there's some sort of bank-robbery or murder. I'm that guy you find passed out at the bar at three in the morning after a hardcore night of drinking. I'm that guy you point fingers at as he walks down the street. Despite my seemingly-bad reputation- even though I hate admitting to it- I am an everybody. Everybody has something they're self-conscious about. I discovered that the hard way…

I sit in a dark room- very dark- prepping for my interrogation challenge. Am I in an office, or an endless tunnel with no escape to the light? What will my fate be? Who will decide it? Will I be let go, thrown into an institution, or…worse? Am I being labeled as crazy or unstable? I guess there's only one logical way to escape this situation- lie.

I sit in a dark room- very dark- gripping my partner's hand tightly. A white-coat opens the door, flicks on a light switch, and invites herself to sit across from me. "Jimmy?" she asks. She should have called me St. Jimmy, but I can't really protest without drawing attention to myself.

"Yes," I reply simply.

She smiles halfheartedly, beginning the interview. Questions fill the room, and I answer them fully, yet untruthfully. Johnny sits back quietly, barely intervening.

"Are you on any medication prescribed by your usual doctor?" the determined lady asks.

"No," I respond, actually saying something truthful.

"How about non-prescribed?"


"Jimmy," Johnny speaks up, "What about that Advil you took yesterday?" he asks innocently.

The lady looks from Johnny to me suspiciously.

Damn it Johnny- everything was perfect until that one little statement. If only he knew… "Right…Thanks for reminding me…" I put on a fake smile and turn back to the lady. "Yes, I did take some Advil yesterday. It's just hard to keep track when you work at a drug store."

"Oh, you work at a drug store?"

"Yes, Rite Aid." This is also true, although I probably shouldn't have mentioned it.

"Why did you need a painkiller yesterday?"

"I had a typical headache, that's all."

Johnny nods, confirming my statement.

I smile nonchalantly at the while-coat whose eager for answers.

Johnny's tight schedule releases us, considering he's my ride home. My license being suspended for DUI also doesn't help my case against the doctors. He drops me off at work- the only place I manage to stay completely sober. Halfway through my shift I take a well-deserved ten-minute break to do my daily, secret, routine…

I tip-toe to the empty supply room behind the store and shut the door ever-so-quietly. I know exactly where I need to go, walking past a few isles to get to my destination. When I reach the eleventh isle to the left I pull out my small, empty container and refill it with more pills.

My next stop is to the men's bathroom. After making sure I'm completely alone I dry-swallow three of the tiny blue tablets. Well…I guess two more couldn't hurt…right? Okay, I'll take two more. A smirk creeps up on my face as the Viagra enters my bloodstream…again.

So, that's my baggage. It wasn't always like this; I used to be able to fuck girls with no problem- not that I was into anything committed anyway. One day I just started to notice some unusual things; after some research I came to the conclusion that I had fallen victim to erectile dysfunction. But nobody can know- not the doctors, not Whatsername, and certainly not Johnny.

A/N: One more thing: I'm usually good with keeping everything in one tense, but since this is my first story written in the present-tense there might be some mistakes. If you catch any tense mistakes feel free to mention them in your review. So…Question? Comments? Constructive criticism? What do you think so far? Reviews make the world go 'round, and win you a free hug from Tony!