Crazy-drama-obsessed-fan is back! Jajaja…I decided to write a story on Yi San. The couple you ask….Lee San and Song Yeon of course.(insert evil laughter here). Pretend you didn't read the last part…:D. I plan to write some drabbles, set in different universes.

I own nothing except a small concept of mine.:P

_(line, my pretty line)_

A pretty girl was waling along the street, a sketch book in one hand and on the opposite shoulder a grey purse. The young woman herself was wearing a blue blouse, over which came a black leather-like jacket. She had black skin-tight pants on with some silver chains hanging around her waist. She wore light grey combo boots.

She had earphones, a soft melody echoing from them. A smile graced her light pink lips. She made her way to a bench under a tall, old oak tree. She sat down, flipped her sketch book opened, took a pencil from her purse and started looking around.

Her eyes stopped on a young man. He was sitting with a group of other people. A girl sat to his right holding his hand. The young artist felt a something snapping in her chest. She lowered her eyes to the white paper and started drawing. A few minutes later the portrait of the young man was imprinted on the paper. Under the sketch she wrote in an elegant script 'Seong Song Yeon'.


Hope you liked it! Please tell me what you think, my dear readers.