Time to update this ffic!

Insanity is the way her scent clings to the silky sheets even though she's gone (dead- incinerated and buried - Yi San's mind reminds him snidely). Still Kind Jeong Jo's strong fingers twist the blankets and he takes in the smell of her – still sweet.

The mere memory of her is painful – he feels raw and bitter; it's like his soul is bleeding life – and it twists his chest in knots. He momentarily lets a vision of her seep in his imagination and immediately regrets it. A strong fist slams against wooden floor and curses spill from his lips.

Unbidden, her scent still permeates the very room where she used to sleep. King Jeong Jo is still lost in his tirade, damning everything, himself, the palace, the world, fate and destiny, but never her – no, Song Yeon had no fault in this; she never meant for him to suffer.

For a second he wants to push the material off but he can't – he won't; it's the only thing he has left of Song Yeon's – so he grips just a bit tighter. King Jeong Jo blames everything mostly on himself – stupid, foolish Yi San – and cries to the very last tear.

Yes, I am evil. Actually, I'm not. I just wanted to express a bit of suffering here. Hope it's accurate.