A smutty, dirty, filth ridden Kurtstosky fic I wanted to get off my chest. I feel like such a perv for this but it had to be done. I love Glee and all but I feel like they are doing such a disservice to Kurt by pairing him with Blaine, I feel like they would end up hating each other at the end of their relationship because of how similar there are. Relationships need push and pull which, for obvious reasons, Karofsky and Kurt have. Review please, I love reviews!


Their hands touched ever so slightly, both afraid that the contact would break the other boy. Both were so fragile, meek in their own way. Their false bravado made them look strong on the outside but both struggled on the inside like a tempest on the sea. Neither had another to talk to, to share their pain and anger and confusion. One had his father but that only went so far, you couldn't exactly talk to your Dad about these kinds of things. Neither of their friends knew, none understood what they were going through. How could they?

Mortal enemies found themselves in a new battle that both of them wanted to win, both of them refused to throw up the white flag in defeat.

The bigger of the two slowly wrapped his hand around the smaller boy's pale wrist and pulled it up to him, slowly breathing in the scent of cologne that hung there. It made him hungry, it made him nauseous, it stung yet he wanted more of it. He didn't know if it surprised him or the smaller kid more when he pulled the wrist more forcefully towards him and slowly kissed the palm of his hand. The cologne had a chemical taste that burned his tongue but beneath it he could taste him, the salty taste of another boy.

It tickled the smaller boy, Kurt, but it was so erotic and in a way romantic, something he never expected from Karofsky. Weeks ago in a fit of absolute exhaustion the boys put of a cease fire; Karofsky scared of the leverage Kurt held over him and Kurt just tired of being tossed around like a rag doll. They decided it was time to end the battle and let bygones be bygones, both surprised the other accepted the truce. Things changed between them, instead of the bullying in the halls they would nod to each other. They would even talk to each other when Kurt's Glee Friends and Karofsky's jock friends weren't around, both of them secretly ashamed of the budding friendship between the two.

He couldn't stop thinking about him, the way he moved and especially the way he looked at him. He would wake up at night after a wet dream, always involving him, with such a lust that it hurt. Unknown to him that across town the same thing was happening with the other boy.

Neither one of the boys knew how they got here but now that they were sitting in a motel room, rented by Karofsky's father's credit card, it felt right.

They moved in unison, Karofsky still holding Kurt's hand as both sat on the bed and slowly fell back. Kurt starring into his eyes, Karofsky starring into his. Suddenly both boys were aware of so many things around them, like the color of the room and how the little bit of light filtering in through the curtain showed the tiny dust particles dancing in the air.

"Are you sure…" Karofsky asked but stopped the second put a finger on his lips. Slowly Karofsky smiled and opened his mouth, wrapping his tongue around Kurt's finger and slowly pulling it into his mouth. Kurt penetrated him, the salty taste of his finger mixed with the acai berry accented hand moisturizer filled his mouth like a sweet, salty treat. For Kurt it felt weird, slimy, alien but the way Karofsky's eyes twinkled made him tingle all over in excitement.

Karofsky let Kurt have his finger back but moved in closer, Kurt believing he would have his second kiss and this time he wanted it, craved it, wanted to know the taste of it. But Karosfky wouldn't oblige, instead of using his mouth on Kurt's own he moved to his side to nibble at his neck.

Kurt moaned in delirious surprise, who would think having your finger licked like a lollipop and vampire bites would be so satisfying?

While Kurt found his body unable to hold still Karofsky was very intent. That same salty taste, Kurt's natural taste, was there underneath the tang of orange. He smiled into Kurt's neck as his mouth filled with saliva, he had to swallow it before it dripped down onto Kurt's perfectly pale skin. Coming up for air he stared once more at Kurt's face, appreciating that stout nose and those pink lips that looked like they were meant for kissing.

With his eyes closed Karofsky made a sneak attack and dive bombed onto Kurt's lip, slowly opening his own to move his tongue slowly across the smaller boy's lips. A berry taste he couldn't place was there but when Kurt slowly opened his mouth and invited him in Karofsky moaned as their tongues touched for the first time in a tantalizingly touch, the texture of Kurt's tickly tongue throwing his taste buds into a tumbling freefall to get more and more of his taste. The taste of melon full in Kurt's mouth.

Karofsky laughed into Kurt's mouth, pulling away momentarily just far enough that the tips of their noses were just touching. Both boys starred at each other a little too long and Kurt began to feel self conscious.

"What?" He asked in confusion, in fear that this was all a game to Karofsky and suddenly he would begin to beat on the smaller boy.

"You are so fruity."

"WHAT!" Kurt gasped.

Dave smiled as he realized the snafu, he pulled Kurt hand up and kissing his finger. "Berry." He moved his nose slowly along Kurt's shoulder blade, inhaling. "Orange or tangerine." He came up and slowly moved his scruffy cheek against the corner of Kurt's lips. "More berry and…" He looked at Kurt, smiling. "Your mouth tastes like a melon. As I said, fruity."

Kurt laughed at the joked, "A fruit salad, how very vegan of me. Next thing you will tell me you do not eat meat." Kurt gasped at the witty remark, wanting to take back the double entendre immediately.

Dave smiled and his whole body shook with a laugh, "Sorry Hummel, you know I'm a carnivore."


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