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The Princess, the Queen, and the Thief

Chapter I – Healing

Flynn Rider and Maximus rushed to Rapunzel's tower. As soon as the tower was in sight, Flynn slid off of Max's back, and ran the few remaining yards. "Rapunzel!" he shouted as loudly as he possibly could. "Let down your hair!" Nothing happened. No hair fell. The ominous gray clouds circled above. "Rapunzel!" he repeated, "Let down your hair!"

He began to climb the stone tower. But then he heard a noise from above. It sounded like a scuffling of feet, but then the long, golden hair fell from above like a miracle. It was much easier to climb hair than a stone wall, surprisingly enough.

And climb he did. Love and hope and despair and a feeling of doom propelled him upward toward the only woman he could love. Flynn jumped through the window and into the tower's main room, panting and breathless. He smiled, but immediately frowned, eyes widening, as soon as he saw Rapunzel.

She was kneeling on the floor, her hands chained to a wall behind her, her mouth gagged so she could do nothing but make illegible noises that sounded like pleas and screams. Her eyes widened and she struggled against her bonds, and then Flynn realized what she was warning against.

Something sharp and cool immediately pierced his side, and was twisted and jerked upward. The foreign object was pulled out and Flynn clutched his side as he winced and fell to the ground. Through the pain, he heard Gothel saying something and heard Rapunzel screaming and struggling against her chains.

Rapunzel continued to struggle, not wanting to let Eugene die, but Gothel was evil. Pure evil. Rapunzel fought as Gothel pulled her toward the gaping hole in the floor. She glanced down and saw the dark abyss and the ladder that led to it. There was no way that she would go down that ladder and allow Eugene to die.

The gag slipped free and Rapunzel was thrown against the floor, sliding away from her mother—no, the witch, Gothel. "No! Stop! I won't go with you! I'll never stop fighting you as long as I live! But, if you let me heal him, I will go with you. If you let me heal him, I won't fight. I'll go with you, and we can go far away, and it will just be the two of us, just as you wanted. I promise."

"No, Rapunzel," Flynn gasped through the pain, clutching his side and curling on the floor. The pain in his voice made Rapunzel cringe. Even Pascal seemed to sigh. They all knew that Rapunzel never ever broke a promise.

"If you let me save him, I will go with you and I won't fight and I won't run and I'll go wherever you tell me to go and I'll stay with you forever. I promise." There was silence as Gothel considered her prisoner's words. "Just…let me…save him," Rapunzel said slowly.

Gothel took the chains off Rapunzel and transferred them to Flynn Rider's wrists. He was leaning against the stairs, as she locked him up and said, "So you can't follow us." She thrust his wrist down against his chest. He wheezed and cringed in pain.

Flynn clutched his bleeding side as Rapunzel rushed over and fell roughly to the ground beside him. "You'll be okay, Eugene! You will!" His breathing grew shallower as Rapunzel gently moved his right hand away from his lower abdomen. She pulled back his vest to see the warm, red blood seeping through his white shirt. "Oh," Rapunzel said, frantically grabbing her hair and trying to press it to his wound.

Flynn fought with her, saying, "No, I can't let you do this."

"And I can't let you die," Rapunzel said painfully, tears filling her eyes. She cradled his face with her hand, stroking his cheek with her thumb. She smiled gently as she said, "I don't have a choice."

"Yes, you do. Don't do this."

"I want to," she said, smiling softly.

He returned the smile for a few seconds, but then the smile turned into a grimace as the pain consumed him. Flynn tentatively pushed Rapunzel's hair behind her ear and started to use the little strength he had left to pull himself up to her. Rapunzel leaned in, and they were only inches apart when Gothel shouted, "Get on with it!"

Rapunzel pulled away and Flynn leaned back down, in more pain than before, from both the physical exertion and the emotional stress. Rapunzel gathered her hair and pressed it to his wound, trying to be gentle but she was too upset to pay too much attention.

She began to sing, "Heal what has been hurt, change the fates' design, save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine…what once was mine…" As expected, Rapunzel's hair began to glow and she knew that Eugene's wound was being healed. Once her hair began to fade back to a normal blonde color, Flynn's breathing became normal again.

He opened his eyes and the two looked at each other for a few seconds. Rapunzel smiled weakly, but Flynn still looked distraught. "Rapunzel," he said, "You were my new dream."

"And you were mine!" she cried. She embraced him and buried her face in his neck, but a second after this motion, Gothel pulled Rapunzel away.

"Come on, Rapunzel," Gothel said menacingly. Tears slid down Rapunzel's cheeks, but she had promised to go with the witch without fighting, and Rapunzel was incapable of breaking promises. Rapunzel silently followed Gothel to the hole in the floor, and she looked back at Eugene, who was still on the floor, chained to the wall. Eugene looked at Rapunzel, and Rapunzel looked at Eugene. Neither knew what to say.

Gothel walked back to Flynn. Rapunzel was afraid that she would kill the man she loved, but Gothel did nothing, except raise the frying pan and hit Flynn over the head with it.

Rapunzel gasped as Eugene's eyes closed and he hit the floor.

"Now he won't see us leave," Gothel said. "Come on, Rapunzel."

And so Rapunzel blindly followed Gothel, taking one last long look at the man she loved.

King Edmund and Queen Lucy raced their horses through the woods. They urged their steeds to run as fast as possible. The clan of black dwarves was quickly gaining on them. King Edmund looked back and saw a great number of dryads join in the chase.

"Hey, Lu," Edmund said nervously, "The trees are against us."

"Bother," she said, urging her horse on even faster.

"Come on, Philip," Edmund said to his horse, "we have to make it back to Cair Paravel as soon as possible."

They ran faster and faster and faster until even the riders were out of breath. Fortunately, they could see the spires of Cair Paravel in the distance. Edmund and Lucy leaned forward and slid off their horses as soon as they saw more soldiers riding toward them. Help, thankfully, not harm.

Lucy turned, causing her skirts to billow, and drew her dagger. Likewise, Edmund drew his sword. They faced the dwarves and the dryads and the other creatures that were against them. There was the clash and clang of metal upon metal as the army, plus the King and Queen, fought the dark creatures.

Suddenly, the creatures' army retreated and disappeared into the woods. Lucy and Edmund paused to catch their breath. "Why did they just leave?" Lucy asked.

"I've no idea," Edmund said. "Come; let's tell Peter and Susan what happened."

Queen Lucy the Valiant and King Edmund the Just walked through the large doors of Cair Paravel and toward the throne room. Their chain mail shook and rattled as they walked. The doors were opened for them, and Lucy immediately saw Susan and Peter sitting in their respective marble thrones upon the dais.

High King Peter the Magnificent was slouching, dozing on and off. Lucy had not seen either sibling in weeks, but it seemed like Peter had begun to grow a beard. Maybe he was just becoming lazy. That's not very good for a King! she thought to herself.

Queen Susan the Gentle was sitting up straight in her chair, reading a letter, with a stack of multiple letters on her lap. She did not even notice her younger siblings enter the room. Lucy couldn't help but notice that Susan looked frustrated. Probably more arrogant suitors, she thought.

"Su!" Lucy called, "We're back!"

Peter jerked awake and Susan looked up from her letter, a smile breaking across her face. "How was your trip to Archenland?" Peter asked.

"We were ambushed on the way back," Edmund said. "A group of black dwarves and some dryads and then others attacked us and followed us here. There was a small skirmish outside Cair Paravel, but then they retreated."

"How strange," Susan said. "Was anyone harmed?"

"No," Lucy answered. "What were you reading so intently?"

Susan looked down at her lap. "A letter from a nearby kingdom that I'd never heard of before. Corona. Have you heard of it?" Her brothers and sister shook their heads. "Well, they invited us to visit. I don't know if that's such a good idea, especially since we don't know who they are and someone is clearly plotting to attack us."

"Why shouldn't we go, Susan?" Peter asked.

"I just don't think it's a good idea."

"Well, you can stay behind. I think it would be good for us to get away from the Cair for a while," Peter said. "We only need to send two of us to make a good representative."

"I'll go!" Lucy volunteered.

"I'll stay with Susan," Edmund said, not really wanting to leave after being away for several weeks.

"It's settled then," Peter said. "Write back the King and Queen of Corona, and say that we'll be there in a few weeks. Lucy and I shall leave tomorrow at noon."

"I still don't think this is a good idea," Susan pouted.

"Don't be such a worrier," Edmund said. "You and I will be able to take care of things around here."

"I'm going to do some research on this kingdom of Corona," Susan said, gathering her mail and heading off to the palace library.

"I think I'll go get out of this chain mail," Lucy said. "I hate wearing it, but I'm glad I did." With a smile, Lucy left the room and headed to her private chambers. Once she arrived, Lucy was glad to see that Helena, her handmaiden, had lain out her favorite dress: the thick blue fabric with the flowing skirt and embroidery all over the bodice.

Lucy changed and headed to her balcony that overlooked the Eastern Sea. She could almost imagine seeing Aslan in the sun, in the water, everywhere. Lucy hadn't seen Aslan but twice in the seven years that they had reigned over Narnia. He came a few weeks ago for her sixteenth birthday, but she hadn't seen him for four years before that. After all, he's not a tame lion. Sometimes, Lucy wondered if her siblings might be losing faith in Aslan.

How could they? Aslan is the only reason they were here! They would all be dead without Aslan!

Lucy sighed. She leaned on the balcony and watched the sunset. As the sky sunk below the horizon, Lucy wondered what it would be like to sail to the end of the world. Was the world round here? Or was it like a table, where everything would just drop off? Or would the world end in Aslan's country? She vowed to make it to the end of the world someday, even if it was the death of her. Of course, then she would reach Aslan's country, which would be the next and greatest adventure of all.

Lucy smiled and went back inside to meet her siblings for dinner, unaware that the next few weeks would bring a new friend and a new adventure.