Chapter 1

First meeting


So needless to say that life has been interesting so far. My dad left me when I was a kid, my mother hated me because my dad left, I found out a few years ago that I phase into a giant dog and kill vampires and I was not happy with my girlfriend.

Rachel was Jacob Black's older sister and we had been dating since high school. The first few years had been great, but now that we have been together for ten years and living together for three of those years, things weren't so good anymore. We fought constantly. Jacob and I never really got along, but I had to obey him because he was my alpha. All the descendents from the last pack phased into giant wolves and Jake's great grandfather was the last alpha.

What made it harder is that we could read each other's thoughts and Jake could see every fight we had and every time I made Rachel cry. I didn't do it intentionally. She was just so emotional. I couldn't say anything to her without her getting all weepy. I knew she wasn't happy either, but neither one of us were doing anything about it.

Jake didn't understand. He had Bella, the former leech lover. Her vampire left and when Jake phased he imprinted on her. Oh yeah that is just another one of the great(HA!) things we could do. For some reason our wolves were able to find our soul mate. We would see her and all of the sudden nothing else mattered but her. It was like some cosmic ball and chain making our screwed up lives even more screwed up. I didn't want the universe deciding who I was supposed to be with. Needless to say Rachel was not my imprint and that was a major cause for our fights. I never wanted to imprint. I saw the pussies it made Jake, Sam, and Jared into. I love Rachel, but no woman is going to make me that gaga over her.

Normally we couldn't tell anyone but our imprints our secret, but Jake said since Rachel was his sister that it was ok to tell her. She freaked out at first, but soon adjusted. We were fine till Jake blabbed about imprinting. Now it just seemed she was waiting with baited breath for me to find the "woman of my dreams" and leave her high and dry. It hadn't happened yet so I doubt I will ever imprint. Jake has asked me several times to break up with Rachel to spare her heart, if the imprint happens. So I should be alone because I may imprint one day? FUCK THAT!

Ok so I need to calm down some. I am in the house and if I phase here Rachel will kill me. Now she wants me to go to the grocery store with her. I am hating life right now. Maybe I should rethink that breaking up with Rachel thing.

Cheri POV

Well SHIT! How the hell am I supposed to get anything done and get to the grocery store with asshole sleeping all day. I have this stupid party to plan for his job, get my homework done, and pick up the dog from the kennel. Kirby could at least get up and help me.

I finished cleaning the bathroom and headed into the shower . After letting the hot water soothe my tense muscles I got out and headed to our room to get dressed. Kirby was still sleeping. I had enough of this. This party was for his job and I will be damned if he was gonna sleep all day. I pulled the covers off of his body without care if he became cold or not and was greeted with the most ferocious growl.

"What the fuck Cheri?"

"You have been asleep all morning and I need your help."

"With what?"

"Oh gee I don't know. Getting this house ready for your friends and co-workers? Going to get your dog?"

"You know what Cheri. You really are a bitch sometimes"

"Thank you!"

"Fuck you Cheri"

"Yeah asshole I love you too. I am going to the grocery store. I expect you to be awake when I get back and that you have gone to get that monstrous mutt of yours"


I stormed out of the bedroom with tears in my eyes. We used to be so in love. He was so nice when we first met. Now five years later he has become the biggest asshole. I don't think he even loves me anymore. I guess I stay cause I am comfortable and have no where else to go. So for now till I graduate from nursing school I am stuck in a loveless relationship.

I walked into the grocery store and grabbed a cart and started walking around trying to figure out what I wanted to cook for this party. It was ridiculous that out of all the people in Kirby's office no one else ever volunteered. Every year I swore it was the last time I was doing the party and every year I got suckered into doing to again.

I headed to the dairy section and as soon as I turned the corner I bumped into something warm and hard. I know that sounds kind of pornographic, but it was quite innocent. I couldn't imagine what could have struck with such a force that it almost threw me on my ass. When I looked up to see the obstacle in my way I was met by the most fierce, beautiful piercing eyes I have seen. As soon as he locked eyes with mine I could feel the earth shift. He must have felt it too because he gasped and took a step back to look at me. Suddenly as if we had entered another dimension, those once beautiful fierce eyes became cold and unfeeling.

"You should really watch where you are going." The cold voice spit out as he turned his beautiful face from mine. I couldn't believe this stranger could be so rude.

"I'm sorry" I stuttered back.

"Yeah ok. I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have been so harsh. I'm Paul."


He stood there for a second just taking in my appearance and I could swear I could see the light go back into his eyes for just a second. Then as if he realized he was staring his eyes turned cold again. What was with this strange man. One second he look at me as if the world had revolved around me and the next minute he was unfeeling. I was intrigued and insulted at the same time. I wanted to know more about him and I wanted him to disappear. As if my thoughts were answered a beautiful woman walked up to him and laced her arm through his. She glared at me as if I was trying to steal her soul. Paul grabbed her hand and looked at me as if he didn't want to leave my sight. Again in an instant he was cold and distant and was heading for the door at lightning speed. I didn't know what to think and it took me a minute to gather my thoughts. I finished my shopping and went home.


I was walking through the dairy section just minding my own business when I felt this little bump. With me being as strong and as hard as my body is I don't feel much when someone walks into me, but I felt this for some reason. I looked up at the person who walked into me and within seconds my world changed. Standing before me was a beauty that could not be described. This woman had long curly brown hair, bluish-gray eyes that glowed showing her soul, beautiful heart shaped face, and a body to kill for. She was everything to me and nothing else mattered anymore. I wanted to protect her, love her, spend my life with her. SHIT! I JUST IMPRINTED!

Once I realized what had happed I looked at her with disgust. How dare this frail, strange woman come and change my life just like that. Why was this woman the one for me. What could she do for me. Hmmm…..what could she do for her. She has some great lips. Ugh Paul stop thinking with your dick. This is your imprint. I couldn't help what happened next. I yelled at her for bumping into me. She looked mortified that I was so mean to her. Damn it I just hurt my imprint. How could I do that to the woman who I meant to share my life with. I told her I was sorry and that I was Paul and then she graced me with name….."CHERI" It was like hearing from angels. Now to find a way to make her love me.

What the hell am I saying? I don't want this. I hate imprinting and what about….Oh shit here comes Rachel. Will she know I imprinted? Here goes nothing.

Rachel came up and laced her arm through mine. Clearly threatened by the immaculate beauty in front of me. She glared at Cheri as if she would rip her eyes out if she could.. I knew it was time to go and that I had to get Rachel out of there before she realized. I was gonna have to learn to block my thoughts too, so that the guys wouldn't know. FUCK! I didn't want to leave my sweet Cheri. I wanted to know more about her. I wasnted to run my finger along the smooth curve of her face. UGH DAMN IMPRINTING! I don't know this girl. She is nothing to me. I stared at her as if she was the devil herself and felt my heart being ripped out knowing I may never see her again.

We turned around to walk out and I turned around one more time. I almost ran back to her at the sight I saw before me. Her eyes were welled with tears. I could feel the pull to her and I longed for her to love me as I loved her. Loved her? I don't know her. I decided that instant that I wouldn't let this change my life. Cheri didn't know me and this meeting wouldn't change her life. No one had to know about her and I could go on living my miserable life with a woman I no longer loved.

WOW! Did I just admit I don't love Rachel? See what imprinting will do. I would always care about Rachel, but there was no romance left there anymore. I looked at Cheri one more time and walked out of the grocery store feeling my heart breaking knowing I would never see her again. The car ride home was going to be a blast

"Paul who was that woman?"

"I don't know Rach. Just some girl that bumped into me."

"You imprinted! Didn't you?"

"What? No! I didn't imprint" There goes my heart strings. I can feel them stretching. "She was just a girl" PAIN!

"Are you sure?"

"Rachel don't you think I would know if I imprinted?"

"I guess. You just seem different"

"Whatever. Can we just go home. I am not feeling so good right now."

And just like that the darkness started to take over. I would never be the same again. Part of me wanted to bolt out of that car to look for Cheri, but I didn't listen. I just kept staring at the blank road, realizing that was what my life would be without her. Blank!

Cheri POV

I got home and was in a funk. What did Paul do to me. I could still feel my body tingling just from being close to him. Then there was the tremendous pain in my heart that I felt the minute he walked away.

I walked into the house and there was Kirby. Sitting on the couch doing nothing as usual. I looked at him and realized there was absolutely no feelings there. Just bitterness that I had to spend my life with a man I didn't love. A man that wasn't Paul. Oh man did I just think that. I don't even know Paul and he obviously has a pretty serious girlfriend.

"What's wrong with you?"

"What do you mean Kirby?"

"You seem different to me. Like you heart is gone"

"My heart has been gone for a long time Kirb. Face it you don't love me anymore. We are just comfortable and scared to leave each other."

"Cheri My God! That is not true. I love you more than I could love anyone. I know I have been an asshole. I am so sorry! I will do everything to make it up to you."

I was floored. Here Kirby was declaring his love for me and all I could think about was how I wanted it to be Paul. Not Kirby. Ugh I really was a bitch!

Kirby got up and started to help me with unpacking groceries and getting ready for the party. Maybe this could work after all. I don't know. I do know that I needed to see Paul again…..and soon!