Little Twilight One-Shots

Chapter: Walls

User Name: Martini Babe

Pairing: Jasper/Bella

~*~Martini Babe~*~

I sat in the living room, listening to Edward slam his fist against Bella's bedroom wall. She was ashamed of what we had done. We kissed. We touched. We tasted. We joined in the most intimate of ways. Edward didn't know though. I thank Bella, who sat guiltily on the other side of the wall, for covering me with her shield. Edward would, should, never know.

He hit her wall one time more, this time more weak than the other times. He sighed, and his head fell against the wall. He felt confused, sad, rejected, defeated, I immediately felt guilty.

The next few days Bella locked herself in her room, building walls around herself. Figuratively, of course. Walls even I had tried to break through with no luck. Every time I tried she'd feel a mix of emotions; love, longing, sadness, guilt, lust, agony, anger.

Then one day she let me in. We talked. We talked about what is to become of us. In the end she stayed with Edward and he never knew how I love her. Every day I watched him kiss her and her kiss back. The only thing giving me hope was her longing, crestfallen glances in my direction when no one was watching.