Twilight One-Shots

Chapter: Sky

User name: Martini Babe

Pairing: Renesmee (18 years old)

~*~Martini Babe~*~

I lay in the freshly cut green grass watching the clouds that floated above and I wondered how one could really reach for the sky. Since I was a little girl I would watch the heavens with amazement. How the clouds formed themselves in various pictures and shapes. How the color of the beautiful sky would change during different times of the day. It was all so perfect, so peaceful.

The birds that flew above, flapping their wings and causing a slight breeze up in the skies, were so lucky that they could soar free in the open light. But their songs made me think they know just how lucky they are and they sing to the heavens their thankfulness.

I soon fell asleep listening to their serenades and looking at the dimming light of the sky that was turning a purple and pink, smearing like a work of art. And I dreamed of flying through the beauty that is above, singing my own thanks to the freedom life gives with open arms.

A/N: So, this one is a shorter chapter than the rest, but I hope you found it peaceful.