Hmmm... let me see...

Shh, I'm trying to concentrate...

What is it?

No, you don't want to be in Gryffindor. You're the least noble person I've ever Sorted.

Of course I know what you want! I can read your mind, remember?

Oh, right. So what's your friend's name?

But just because he's in Gryffindor, doesn't mean you have to be.

No, it doesn't!

No, it- Look, I'm not going to get involved in any petty childish arguments. "HU-"

Hey, what was that for?

But you're not even supposed to know the Silencing Charm!

Well, it's just not nice!

So, what are you planning to do now? I'm not putting you in Gryffindor, and you're not letting me put you in anywhere else.

Don't be silly, it would be totally obvious if you shouted it out yourse-

Oh. Well. Can you at least remove the Silencing Charm before you go? Please?