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From Afar

It still amazes me how much things can change in only a few short months. Back then; I never would have imagined myself here, standing on the edge of this building, looking down on… myself.

Yet here I stand.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying it was easy. Change is hard. Yet I knew I could do it. She told me so.


She's down there too. Looking at me like I'm a freak. I can't remember why. It doesn't matter. Even as she glares at me, she is beautiful. Too beautiful for this world. And she loves me. Not yet, but she will. Soon.

I almost can't wait… but patience is one of the things I trained in.

Preparing for this mission required a lot of things. Patience was just one of them. Knowing the points I had to hit. Whom to save and when. Training myself to ignore my impulse to save everyone. I wasn't here to change anything. I was here to make sure nothing changed.

Most importantly, the love Alisha and I shared.

I hopped down to the level below me – to get a better look at her. Her curly brown hair is tied behind her head, leaving all of her perfection unbarred for the world to gaze at. She's wearing the offensive orange jumpsuit synonymous with community service, but somehow she makes it look so amazingly sexy. The way she ties her belt around her to accentuate her waist even in the bulky garment. The way she leaves the top few buttons undone to bare her golden skin. Gorgeous.

I want to go down and see her up close and personal. Touch her. Kiss her. Tell her I love her.

I can't do any of those things. That's not why I'm here. So instead I'll just watch.

Watch her.

From afar.

And dream of the time I can return home to see her again.