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P.S. The story is all in normal pov and the breaks simply mean a scene switch or from the girls to the boys or something.


The cards were laid face up on the green table. Two queens winked up at the three players. One was black while the other was red. "See these two ladies, here?" A dark haired man smirked at the two girls sitting behind another pair of cards. One girl held one card while the other girl held the other card. They were playing as a team. "These two ladies here say that you two ladies will be showering with me."

The girls giggled as they laid down their three of clubs and six of diamonds. "I guess those two ladies are mighty smart," the first attempted to smile sexily at the handsome young man across the table from her and her friend.

Ikuto smirked at the dumb chicks. "I'll call you when it's time to collect."

Their faces fell as Ikuto's smirk grew. The second pouted. "Why not do it tonight?"

"Can't," he gave them a devilish grin. "I won the pot so you can be assured that I'll collect my winnings."

The girls huffed as they got up and left his dorm. Ikuto waited until his superb hearing could no longer detect their bickering before he slipped out his door. He made his way down the hall, sticking to the shadows.

A soft click sounded as the door of the roof closed behind him. The cool air brushed across his face making his hair lift off the back of his neck. A chill ran through his body and he shrugged it off. His long strides carried him over to the edge of the roof where he perched on the side. His feet dangled off the bricks he was sitting on as he watched the peaceful night.

The campus was quiet at this time of night. The clouds shifted to reveal the moon. The light flooded the campus, but Ikuto wasn't worried about being spotted. He kicked his black high tops against the red bricked building as he calmed his mind. His ears caught the noise before the figure came into sight. Someone was leaving the library at such a late hour. He watched as the figure made their way from the dark building over to the girl's dorms. She was a girl, not only because she was heading to the girl's dorms but because he could clearly see her figure. Her walk was feminine and he did not know of any boys at the school with pink hair. She was a little shorter than he liked girls, but her legs were still long for her height. Her waist was tiny and her boobs fit her body, unlike some of the other girls on campus.

She slipped inside the building, disappearing from his view. Ikuto tried to pretend that he wasn't disappointed. He had never seen the girl before, but then again they attended a large school. Seeing everyone in his school was impossible. He ran a hand through his hair, making some of it stand on end. He needed to shower and get to bed. His classes weren't exactly easy.

Ikuto stood from his spot and moved back across the roof. He snuck inside the building and returned to his room without being discovered. If people found out that he spent time on the roof, then they'd spend time there as well and he'd lose the only place he could find peace.

Amu sat up with a start while smacking her alarm clock. She rubbed her eyes as she tried to figure out what was happening. The clock read 7:32. She had twenty eight minutes to be at her first class. Slowly, she lay back down and began breathing evenly. She sat up with yelp less than a minute later and scrambled out of her bed. Her roommate was already gone. Amu didn't know how Utau managed to always be on time. It was impossible for Amu to accomplish that goal. Something always managed to slow her down.

Her gums hurt after she brushed them. In her hurry she had been too rough with herself. Her tongue rubbed against them and she tasted blood. "Crap," she muttered to herself as she yanked her brush through her bubble gum hair. Amu tried to dress herself too quickly and ended up with her buttons mismatched. She tried to calm down and slow down, but her heart was racing. She slammed her hair back into a pony tail and added a clip or two to make it look semi decent. Swinging her backpack up onto her shoulder, she bolted from the room.

The bell rang as she made it into her seat. At least she wasn't actually late this morning, which meant that she didn't have to serve another detention after school. She turned in her seat to smile at Utau. Made it! She mouthed to her best friend.

Utau smirked in return, barely. She replied.

Amu stuck her tongue out and crossed her eyes.

"Miss Hinamori, please pay attention to me. I am the teacher."

Amu spun to the front of the room to face her sensei. "Hai!"

"If I catch you turned around again I will be forced to give you detention…. again."

Amu nodded her head to show that she understood. Her face felt hot and she knew that she was blushing. She let her bangs cover her face until it felt cool again. She kept her eyes to the front for the rest of the class, hardly hearing a word.

The bell sounded signaling that it was time for lunch. Amu spun to look at Utau who simply nodded back before they made their way out of the classroom.

"I swear, Utau. You could kill someone in front of sensei and he wouldn't notice. All I have to do is breath through my mouth and I get detention."

Utau smiled at her friend. Amu was being overly dramatic, but it was sort of cute. "Shut up, it's only because I actually show up on time once in a while."

Amu almost dropped her tray in protest as they made their way through the cafeteria picking out what they wanted to eat before heading to the line to purchase the food. "I made it on time today!"

Utau rolled her eyes at her friend. "You have to show up on time more than once baka."

Amu huffed as she made her way over to an empty table, "No need for the name calling. I get your point. Be on time and I will be loved. Got it."

Utau couldn't help but giggle as she sat down beside Amu. "So what are we doing this weekend?" Amu opened her mouth to reply, but before she could Utau was squealing. "Oh! Amu, he just came in! Oh! Look at him he is so cute. I bet he'd never talk to me."

Amu stared at her friend like she was crazy for a moment before she turned towards the doors. A tall boy with tight clothes and dark blue hair was standing in the doorway. He seemed to be scanning the room. Another boy stood off to his right. He had crazy brown hair and even from a distance Amu could tell that his eyes were green. The second boy seemed bored as the first continued to search the room. Amu turned back to Utau.

Kukai glanced at Ikuto as he scanned the cafeteria. The boys never ate there unless they had to. It wasn't worth all the girls fanning over them. "Dude, come on."

Ikuto didn't respond as his eyes continued to search. A flash of pink caught his attention. He watched the girl turn away from his direction and talk to a blond chick next to her. "Yeah, we can go."

Kukai led the way as the two boys departed form the lunch room. Groans followed them as the doors closed. Kukai smiled, but Ikuto just shook his head. He hated the fan girls. Kukai led the way to their dorm. He unlocked the door and checked for intruders before letting Ikuto in.

Ikuto rolled his eyes at his best friend as he made his way over to the poker table sitting in the middle of the room. He took a seat and started shuffling the deck of cards. "You don't have to be my body guard."

Kukai rolled his eyes as he chucked an apple at his thick headed friend. "Dude, it wouldn't be the first time some crazy girl managed to get in here. I'm just watchin' your back like a good best friend."

Ikuto caught the apple and bit into it. "Who said anything about you being my best friend?"

Kukai grinned before giving his pal thumbs up, "I did. I have to dash for soccer practice. I'm sure that you'll be alright while I'm out."

Ikuto laughed, "Go a head mother hen. I promise to be a good boy and stay in our room until you get back."

Kukai's grin widened before he grabbed his bag and dashed out. Ikuto waited until he knew his friend was gone before heading out the door too. He slipped through the halls once again, avoiding people by pulling his hood up. He snuck out onto the roof and stood back form the edge so he wouldn't be spotted. He watched her brown haired friend race across the grass towards the practice fields.

A blob of pink caught his eye as she and her friend emerged from the lunch hall and made their way back towards their dorms. Ikuto watched as they stopped and watched Kukai run past them. The blond stared after him, but the pinkette pulled her along. He smiled. Apparently, the girl wasn't the fan girl type. Ikuto wanted to know more about her.

Amu huffed as she dragged an unwilling Utau towards their dorm. "Come on Amu! Let's go watch their practice." Utau struggled against her, trying to follow the gorgeous boy that had just sprinted by.

Amu groaned, "I don't want to and you have homework to do. Sensei won't love you anymore if you have late assignments. Are you such a fan girl that you can't even do your homework?"

Amu hit a nerve and she knew it would snap Utau out of her trance. "I'm not a fan girl. I just like him."

Amu rolled her eyes, "Then let's go get our homework done. Then we can go see if they are done with practice yet or not."

Utau stomped ahead, leading the way back to their dorm. She unlocked the door and immediately sat down at her desk, pulling her books towards her. Amu giggled and Utau stuck out her tongue, "You said when I was done. So I'm going to get done fast so we can go."

Amu full out laughed as she sat at her own desk while getting out her homework. She flipped the book open and got down to business. It took her less time than Utau to complete the assignments so she moved on to sit by their window. She stared up at the sky just over the boy's dorms until she realized that someone was on the roof. She watched with interest as the hooded figure stood against the blue background. He swayed in the breeze as if enjoying the feeling before turning to face the direction of her building.

Amu blushed as if the figure could see her watching him. She was about to hide from the window when Utau slammed her books shut, "DONE! LET"S GO!"

Amu had no choice but to be pulled from their dorm. After they made it outside once again, she glanced up at the rooftop to find it empty. Somehow that made her sad. She didn't have time to contemplate the feeling before Utau pulled her along to the soccer fields.

The noise level grew as the two girls got closer to their destination. Amu tried to hide her surprise as they rounded the last building to find a large crowd occupying the bleachers. What didn't surprise her was that they were all girls. Utau gasped at the sight before her. Almost every girl in the stands cheered for 'Kukai'.

Amu tried to comfort her heartbroken friend, "No worries, Utau. They don't stand a chance with him. He's way out of their league."

Utau shook off Amu's hand on her arm, "If they are then so am I. I don't stand a chance either. He is so perfect it hurts to look at him. There is no way he'd ever consider me."

Amu started to get annoyed. She smacked her palm against her forehead. "Utau, those girls are sluts. You're the real deal. You don't want a one night stand. You want him so you can get to know more than his pretty face or hot body."

Utau turned to Amu in confusion. "You think he has a pretty face and hot body?" Before Amu could answer, she continued, "You're wrong if you think he merely has a pretty face. I mean look at him." She pointed to the brown haired boy as his face scrunched up in concentration as he maneuvered the soccer ball at his feet. "I want to see him make that face every day, whether he's competing with me or for me. He's just wonderful."

Amu almost gagged at the look in Utau's eyes, but she knew that this was no crush her friend had, so Amu had to try and help her. "Okay, so how do we get him to do that?"

Utau snapped out of her day dreams to stare at her friend. "What do you mean?"

Amu rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "How are we going to get him to want to compete with you or whatever? Obviously we have to do something."

Utau squealed as she jumped on her friend. "Amu! You're the best friend any girl could ask for!"

Amu shook the overly excited Utau off her. "Yeah, yeah don't thank me until the cat is in the bag."

A breathe tingled her ear as a velvety voice spoke almost seductively, "That isn't a very nice thing to do to a cat."

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