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Please Come Back Home

Where'd you go?

You promised me you would come home! Where are you? We searched all over Eldrant for you and we couldn't find you! You can't be gone! Natalia says you haven't gone home either. No one has seen you. You have to come home! You promised!

I miss you so,

I need you to come back. I miss you. Ever since this journey started, you have always been by my side. How can I watch you if you're not here? I looked after you, but you looked after me too. You did your best to support me after I was poisoned by the miasma, and you tried to comfort me after fighting Legretta and Van. You can't leave me, Luke! I need you!

Seems like it's been forever,

That you've been gone.

It's been a year since we last saw you, but it feels like decades. I wouldn't be surprised if I've spent a lifetime waiting. I can't stand feeling like this any longer. You need to come back Luke. I can't go on without you.

Where'd you go?

Come home.

I miss you so,

You have to come home.

Seems like it's been forever,

I'll be waiting...

That you've been gone,


Please come back home...

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