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Chapter 1

Finally the day had come. The morning of the Reaping began with a golden sun, sapphire blue sky, and snow white clouds. It was a day many of District 1 looked forward to. Here the Reaping was embraced, here it was an honor.

"So, think I'll get chosen this year?" Moon Waters asked her brother Sun, her twin. He just shrugged his shoulders and gave a lopsided smile.

"Nah, that honor is for me," he said smugly, "given this is my last chance to go." It was true, both Sun and Moon were eighteen so this was their last chance.

"OUR last chance you mean, and besides, we both know I would be the better choice," Moon proclaimed as she finished braiding her long brown hair. Sun gave her an amused look as they left her room.

"And tell me, baby sister, what makes you think that?" Moon immediately stopped and smacked him playfully on the head.

"Because, I'm faster, more agile, better with most weapons, and I'm better looking. And stop calling me baby sister, we're twins and you're only older than me by like ten minutes," Moon instructed as they took their places at the dining table.

"Greatest ten minutes of my life," Sun said sarcastically as their father entered, followed soon by their mother and three younger siblings, all of which were boys.

"What were the best ten minutes of your life?" their father questioned, taking his place at the table's head.

"When I was an only child," Sun replied, grinning. Their father just shook his head, though he smiled as well.

"So father, ready to give your annual history lesson?" Moon questioned, before biting into a fresh roll. Their father just sighed and rolled his eyes. He was the Mayor of District 1 and thus it was his job to read the long, boring history of how Panem came to be, the Dark Days, and the beginning of the first Hunger Games.

"As ready as I'll ever be." That was always his response. For a while the meal was eaten in silence, then Shine, the next oldest after Sun and Moon spoke.

"Does anyone think I'll get chosen this year? I mean I am sixteen, I could win. Easily." Everyone laughed.

"I'm sure you could win Shine," their father agreed, "but as for being chosen, you'll just have to wait and see." After that no one else spoke.

Immediately after the meal Sun and Moon excused themselves. This would be their last day to train, and there was no way either of them wanted to go to the Capitol with rusty skills. So for the rest of the day and early afternoon they trained, from sword fighting to knife throwing; at one point they even wrestled but Sun demanded to stop after losing twice in a row.

About two `o clock their father came and told them to get ready as the Reaping started at three. Both went their separate ways and roughly fifteen minutes later they were ready to go. Finally everyone else was ready and it was off to the square.

The square was a mad house. Almost immediately Sun and Moon were herded to the area where all the eighteen year olds stood . Shine joined the sixteen year group and Glint who was the next to youngest joined the group of fourteen year olds.

Their mother and youngest brother, Star, who was nine, went up on the stage with their father. Finally the clock struck three and Mayor Waters began his annual speech, but none really paid attention.

The Reaping had begun.


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