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Chapter 12

Try as she could, sleep would not come to Moon. It didn't make sense why she had a sudden case of insomnia. Sure, training began tomorrow, but that was hardly anything for her to be nervous about-she was a Career, training was second nature.

So why can't I fall asleep? She wondered in frustration. More minutes ticked by, and when she still didn't feel even a hint of tiredness, she sat up, punching her pillow in an attempt to alleviate her anger. Her fist sinking into the softness only made her more upset. Frustrated, she threw back the covers.

Quietly she changed into the outfit she wore after the Chariot Parade, lacing up the boot strings with nimble fingers. She slipped out into the hall desperate to leave the confines of her room; her lungs seemed to be screaming for fresh air. Her eyes fell to the stairwell that lead to the roof.

It would be quite a walk, but perhaps a visit to the roof was just what she needed. Decision made, she started to head in that direction, but something caught her eye that made her stop. Light was coming from the main room.

What on earth? She wondered, creeping forward, trying to be as silent as possible. Stopping just outside the main room, she barely was able to restrain the gasp that built up in her throat. What she saw made no sense. Sam, Cinna, Kassandra were in the room talking, which didn't real bother her. What did was who they were talking to.

Sitting around the room were the District 3 Mentors, Wiress and Beetee, the District 7 Victor Johanna, the famed Finnick Odair, the District 12 Mentor Haymitch Abernathy, and the District 12 Stylists Portia and Peter, whom she thought also looked familiar. All she heard was quiet murmurs, then suddenly Sam spoke louder.

"All right, let's just get this over with. Wiress, Beetee, you sure no one is watching?" Beetee nodded.

"Everything is taken care of," Beetee reassured. "There is no danger of being overheard."

"Yeah, so calm down Sam," Haymitch ordered, taking a long drink from a bottle. "No one's gonna hear us so don't get your pretty little nerves all worked up." He went to take another long drink, but Sam snatched the bottle away.

"Hey!" snarled Haymitch. Sam took a long drink, spit it back into the bottle, then handed it back to Haymitch.

"You can have it back; it had your spit in it." Haymitch fell silent, but glared at Sam.

"Anyway, getting on topic," Johanna growled. She shifted her attention to Kassandra. "Well, we've worked hard to get you here, just to hear your lousy opinion, so spill it. Dose the boy got the stuff or not?"

"I suppose. By the way, whose idea was it for history to repeat itself? It wasn't cute, and who had the stupid idea to drag his sister into this?" she demanded. Her hands were clenched at her sides and Moon swore she was shaking, but she wasn't close enough to tell.

"Get used to it Sweetheart," laughed Haymitch hollowly. "You think Reapings are always fair? It's so easy to manipulate the system." He shook his head. "You have no idea how easy it is. One snap of the fingers and people you love are reaped, just like that."

"He's right," agreed Sam. "I'd say nearly 90% of that dish had Glint's name. It worked once before with you know who. We knew it would work now."

"And reaping his sister?" Kassandra hissed through clenched teeth. Moon held her breath, waiting for an answer. The reaping was rigged? Glint was reaped purposely, to entice Sun to volunteer?

Was I reaped on purpose? Someone answer please. AND WHY THE HECK DO PETER AND KASSANDRA LOOK SO FAMILIAR?

"No, that was pure chance," Sam finally answered. We had it rigged for his girlfriend to be reaped, than we'd see to it that she'd die in the arena. Moon getting reaped was an accident."

"But maybe it's for the best," Johanna said dismissively. "The lover thing didn't carry Peeta and Katniss to the end. Sure, trying to pass them off as lovers did get everyone into a frenzy, and we could have manipulated some type of rebellious act, but it just didn't seem real to some and that is ultimately what made Cato the winner."

"What are you saying Jo?" Finnick questioned.

"I'm saying we tried the lover approach when it was unexpectedly dropped in our laps, and it failed. But just imagine what will happen when Moon is viciously killed in the Games, and Sun wins. We even make sure that it's not a tribute that gets her. She's a Career, so we know she'll survive the Bloodbath. After that, we have our guy in the Gamemaker's Control Station keep her safe, than kill her off when the time is right. Sun will have no one to blame but the Capitol, than boom, instant rebellion." The smug look on Johanna's face made Moon sick to her stomach.

These people were sitting here plotting her murder, not her potential death in the Games. Sun was goaded into volunteering, and then Flower was going to join him, and they were just going to kill her like a bug.

That would crush Sun. And why would they want to start a rebellion? What is the rebellion for? She thought of Kassandra saying something about history repeating itself and her blood froze. They can't seriously mean a rebellion against the Capitol, can they? People tried that once and look what happened!

I feel disgusting for this," Cinna said quietly. "And I don't think we can count on Johanna's plan working. I don't think we should plan on Moon being an easy kill either. There's only so much this man in the Station can do, the actual Games can only be manipulated so much. What if Sun dies? What if Moon wins?"

"We'll worry about that if it happens," said Haymitch. "But for now our focus is on Sun. Got it Sam?"

This is unbelievable! I cannot believe these people wo-. She felt the tickle in her nose a second too late. She sneezed before she could cover her nose and the sound seemed way too loud. The sitting room fell quiet and Sam jumped to his feet. Uh-oh. She tried to get away, but suddenly, a hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her out into the light.

"Well, well, well, look who we have here," Sam's eyes narrowed into lethal slits. "What are you doing here? What did you hear?" Though she was trembling on the inside, her voice was cool and detached.

"Nothing. I couldn't sleep, so I was going to go to the roof, but I saw light in here, so I came to see who was up. As for your second question, I heard nothing." For many moments, the tension in the room was so thick, Moon thought it could be cut with a knife, than Finnick came over, offering a charming smile as he took her hand and kissed it.

"And you must be the charming Moon. Marvelous costume earlier, you pulled it off stunningly," he praised. She smiled, then brought her knee up into the area between his legs; hard. Any other time, she would be weak kneed at the position she was in, but after listening to him plot her death, he was as attractive as a worm.

Grunting with pain, he fell to his knees, which caused Johanna and Haymitch to burst out laughing. Cinna quickly came over and wrapped an arm around her. "Come on Moon, you're sleepwalking again. Let's get you to bed," he said gently. Sleepwalking? She had never done that a day in her life.

"What are you-?"

"You had a sleepwalking episode on the train, remember?" Sam growled. "Now get back to bed." She turned and stormed away. Stopping outside her door, Moon sank to her knees, completely drained. A part of her knew she should turn everyone in; what she had heard sounded like a threat to the Capitol; Panem. If she was a good citizen, she'd tell the first Peacekeeper she could find.

But I don't have proof, and if no one believes me, and they hear I rated them out, what will they do then? The thought made her feel fear; real, true fear as she realized she could trust no one. Not her Mentor, their Stylists; no one was a friend, she was all alone and apparently she was nothing more than a pawn in her Mentor's own Games. She remembered him telling them to play mind games with their opponents, but was that what he was doing with them?

As if her feet had minds of their own, she headed into the room across from her own. All this was way too much for her mind to process this late at night. Finally she had the tiredness she had so craved, but now she was fearful to be alone. She entered her brother's room and couldn't help but smile as she heard his loud snores.

I take it back, I can at least trust Sun.

"Sun? Sun, wake up," she whispered, shaking his shoulder.

"Hmm? Mmm, go way," he mumbled back, still asleep. She thought for a moment, then put her lips to his ear.

"Sun, you missed breakfast and we aren't getting any lunch or dinner." Sun jolted up, looking around wildly with bleary eyes.

"What? Wh-what are you talking about?" he muttered. When she said nothing, he lied back down rubbing his eyes. "You are evil. What do you want, it's late. Go to bed." She didn't move or speak, unsure of what to say. "Moon," he whispered when she didn't leave. "Are you all right?"

"Remember," she began, "when we were little, and we'd want to sleep with mother and father when we got scared at night?" He nodded. "Remember what we'd do when we got a little older, but still got scared?" Sun for a moment was still then with a smile, pushed back the covers and made room for her.

"Come on sis," he whispered. Grateful, she crawled into the bed and pulled the covers up.

"Do I want to know?" he whispered in her ear. She shook her head. There was no way she was going to say something to him here, she was smart enough to know that cameras were watching them.

"No, let's just get some sleep." All she wanted was to forget what she had overheard, but she knew that was an impossibility. People planning your death had a way of sticking with you, and making you wish you didn't exist.


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