Title: You Found Me

Pairing: JJ/Emily

Summary: Set a few months after «Jones». The BAU caught a case in New Orleans and JJ is forced to tell the team about her relationship with Will.

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own anything;)

Chapter 1

«Exactly what the hell were you thinking, LaMontagne?» Morgan is shouting at the southern detective.

«Morgan! Care to explain what this is all about?» Hotch walks into the conference room and shuts the door. Morgan just looks at Will while shaking his head and falls down into a chair.

«I don't know what happened», the detective begins, «me an' JayJay were talkin' to someone at the club and she said she wanted to check out the back. I was busy...» he ends up mumbling.

«You were busy doing what?» Hotch is looking between Morgan and Will. LaMontagne starts to mumble something neither men can hear.

«Will here was busy FLIRTING with the club owner and didn't notice that his GIRLFRIEND was being abducted!» Morgen almost shouted.

All she could feel was pain. She had no idea where she was, but it was dark and cold. Her phone, gun and badge was gone, and her hands and feet were tied together.

«Hello?» she knew trying to call out for someone to find her was a long shot, but it was worth it.

She heard footsteps and a door opened. Even with the little light that came into the room while the door was opened, she couldn't see who the UnSub was.

The UnSub pulled out a chair and sat down in front of her. For a minute or so he just stared at her.

«Who are you?» the question was almost a whisper, but in the quiet room she heard him.

«I am Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer Jareau of the BAU a branch of the FBI.» Her voice sounded steadier than she felt.

«FBI, huh?» with that he stood up and hit her. Being weak and taken by surprise, JJ fell to the floor and cried out in pain. He kept hitting and kicking her and soon she lost consciousness again.

«Morgan, call Garcia. Have her trace JJ's phone and update her.» Hotch pulled out his own phone and called Prentiss, who was out interviewing someone with Rossi.

«Prentiss, I need you and Rossi to come back as soon as you can!»

«Hotch, we are done and on our way back. What is wrong?» as soon as Rossi heard Emily's tone he pushed his foot a bit harder on the gas pedal.

«LaMontagne lost JJ. The UnSub has abducted her.» Hotch heard a gasp from the other end of the line.

«We'll be there in 5» with that, Emily hung up the phone and turned to Rossi. «Dave, what are we going to do? That idiot lost her. What if...?»

«Emily, you need to calm down!» Rossi turned and stole a quick look at her and reach out and touched her arm, «it's going to be okay. We'll find her, make the bastard who abducted her pay and convince JJ she needs to dump that moron of a detective. Okey?»

Emily closed her eyes and took a deep breath. «Okey».

When Emily and Rossi reached the station, Reid and Hotch were standing over a map and Morgan was on the phone with a hysteric tech analyst.

«Babygirl, I need you to focus, okei?» Morgan tried his best to be calm, so he could calm down Garcia.

«Okeiokeiokei. What do you need?»

«Can you trace JJ's phone?»

«I'll call you back as soon as I've got something»

Rossi made his way over to Hotch and Reid while Emily sat down on a chair while looking through her notes. Morgan walked over and sat next to her.

«Okay, people, let's gather the info we have» Hotch sat down at the head of the table. «What do we have?»

Everyone looked through the file and their notes. All of the victims were women in their early-to-mid thirties. They were abducted near a club or restaurant in the middle of the day.

«What if it is a waiter?» Emily suddenly said. «All of the places the UnSub tok his victims were outside fancy clubs and restaurants. What if he was fired from all of the places?»

«Morgan, call Garcia and have her check the employees of the clubs and restaurants where the victims were abducted»

Before Morgan could pull out his phone, Hotch's called and he pulled it out. «Garcia, what do you have? I'm putting you on speaker now.»

«I tried to trace JJ's phone, but no luck.»

«Garcia?» Emily spoke carefully, «can you check the lists of employees at the clubs and restaurants? See if anyone appears on the same list.»

«Sure, thing Princess.» They hear her clicking on her keyboard.

«Can you also check for former employees?» More clicking.

«There is one James Lee. He has worked at all places, but no longer than a week at each.»

«Garcia, can you find out more about this guy? We need to speak to the precinct here. Call Morgan or Prentiss when you have something.»

With that Hotch hung up his phone and turned to look at his team. «Even though we don't want to, we need to brief them. And we will need them as back up if James Lee is our UnSub»