AN: Hi fair citizens! (: I was watching the 2009 remake of FAME the other day, and got inspired to expand upon the Marco/Jenny storyline. Not sure if I captured the characters well, but it was fun to write. (: please read&review!

Enjoy! :D

Marco's POV:

I was having a good time. Waiting for the concert to start, laughing with my friends from P.A. That's when I saw her, Jenny. She looks beautiful. She walked in with some guy and right then, I realize how much I want her back. I was stupid for ending the relationship. Ever since I broke up with her, I've been asking myself why I did it. If I was in love with her, then it shouldn't have been anything more then a bump in the road, right? Everytime I see her smile, it reminds me of how stupid I was, how stupid I'm being. Forgive her already dude! Or actually tell her that you forgive her..

I tell the people I'm sitting with I'll be back and make my way across the room to where Jenny's standing. Our eyes meet, and she meets me halfway. She makes small talk, and I can tell she's nervous. One thing leads to another, and she's asking me if I forgive her. Of course I do, but the show's gonna start, so I say that we'll talk about it later.

The concert's good. P.A. sure knows how to bring the performer out of everyone.

Jenny's standing beside me and I casually throw my arm around her shoulder. She looks up at me and smiles then returns her gaze to the stage, moving ever so slightly closer to me. Think we're okay now?

Jenny's POV:

It's been a week since Marco and I patched things up between us. We act as if we never broke up, and we both swear that what we went through was just one of those times when couples fight. It's natural, and right now, we couldn't be happier. Gosh, I sound line we just got married, or we're old and wise, but it's pure and utter bliss. He's asked me to come over and meet his parents sometime this week after hours at his fathers restraunt. I, naturally, told him yes. But I'm freaking out. I hope they don't hate me. I'm awful and meeting new people..

SO. I'm leaving it as a one-shot, but might continue it. What do YOU readers think of me adding on?

By the way, Work of Art, is not over. I'm just writing more chapters for it. It's gonna be updated soon. PROMISE! (:


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