Chapter 1; The Island of life and death

Deathwing snarled at the thought he was stuck with the Life-Binder Alexstrasza. What a mockery of his power and cunning that his glorious plan backfired in his face!

It all seemed so perfect, lure Alexstraza to one of the Old gods, N'zath, and then leave the lifer-binder to her fate! Yet it all failed with a foolish band of adventurers tried to stop this inevitability.

But they, in their mortal stupidity, caused a chain reaction within N'zath causing him to have a excess of energy to blast both him and Alexstrasza somewhere!

But a perfect question would be; "where?" due to the fact neither he nor the life-binder knew where they were. All it seemed to him was an island, in the middle of one of this mortal realm's great seas caused by the Maelstrom.

Alexstrasza might know where they are, he suspected, but she remained silent after she came back from his mind control.

Though to make sure she wasn't dead or just being silent, Deathwing would turn to watch on her. Every time; silent and still.

He determined that with her scales being glistened by the sun's reflection it was mid-day. Though the only facts that seemed to be obvious of the Life-Binder's conditions were that she had a injured leg and wing.

Though if it was mid-day already then they had been here for tool long. Any time here was too long! Azeroth needed to be un-done, to be created in Chaos for a new more prosperous world to be created from it's ashes!

He had the mind to kill her now, but two reasons kept him from accomplishing that. The first being he, like the life binder, was injured. A broken wing and a damaged leg; with his leg being barely functional without giving his massive amounts of pain. The second reason was that he needed to know where he was in order to find a way back. Though it truly seemed that Life and Death were at the middle of no-where in a large expansion of ocean.

Yet after all had transpired in his mind he let out an irritated growl at Alexstrasza then yelling at her;

"Life binder! I demand you inform me our location before I grow undeniable annoyed at your persistence at being silent to my wishes, to my demands!"

Though the only thing came out of her was a slight chuckle; as if she was amused at his demands and his incapability to truly end her. Did she find it funny that he was at this state?

That he was in a position where he would have to take her demands in order to stay alive? He would rather be damned to hell than have anything to do with her demands.

Yet as he was waiting her a response that was to his question, she gave her own response and her own question. Her voice was a bit older yet still had its own elegance to it.

"Neltharion…still eager to learn of new places…", she mused to herself before announcing; " Neltharion not even I know of this place. All I know is that this is an island, nothing more nothing less. But a more prevalent question would be; Why do you wish to continue this path of destruction when you, yourself, are not even in a condition to do so! You have a broken wing and leg, and the only way you can get help if you allow me to…"

Before she could end her statement, Deathwing let out a fierce growl to show his displeasure, annoyance, and possible embarrassment of being healed by the greatest of his foes.

"You will not have anything to do with me life-binder! The TRUE MASTERS of this world will aid me! But what of you? You can not aid yourself, hell do I don't even believe you can aid me! Without the Dragon flights, you are nothing but an inconvenience until I leave this god-forsaken island!"

What was he to her? A whelp? A hatchling? This was a full-blown insult to his abilities! He could take care of himself AND he could heal himself without her help, without her care!

After speaking what needed to be spoken, he cast himself away from her generally direction. He turned his blazing eyes of hatred toward the ocean, as he continued to growl at this insult to him.

But at the other side of this beach, Alexstrasza's eyes showed only remorse and grief. Though she knew that her help would not be accepted to begin with, it was a habit of hers to try and persuade Deathwing from continuing his course of destruction.

Yet as she failed the first time during the War of the Ancients, she has failed once again. This failure to not aid her once beloved advisor, Nethlarion, from being corrupted.

Losing him forever in the annals of Chaos, losing what could have been, losing a best friend or even perhaps more then a friend…forever.

Though why should she honestly care? He made this fate for himself when he decided to submit to the Old God's whispers, even if they hard to resist.

He had everything that could make him possibly make him happy; Power with his peers, the guardian of earth, the wisest of the Dragon Flights, and her beloved councilor for things she had trouble dealing with.

He had a particular fond ship to her prior to his betrayal, supporting her in mostly everything. But now the feeling of remorse, of regret, turned into that of hatred. The same fire in Deathwing's own eyes could be possibly felt within the Life-Binder's own soul.

Neltharion had given up all of it, even her, to obtain power. Though why? That was the question that boggled her.

If he wanted more power, then why not just fight for the mortal races and be branded a hero of the ages? Then he would have enough glory, honor, and power to last 10,000 years…But no, he betrayed them and used our trust in order to strive to an eternal position of power.

Yet in the end he became nothing but an Old God puppet. Former to what he once was to her; a wise dragon who she had a close relationship with.

But what's to muse over the past when the future has become desolate with destruction and madness? The anger slowly drifted away from her mindset as she began to turn away from facing Deathwing.

Then, she too, stood facing the endless ocean. Still questioning why Neltharion left all the happiness he had for such a dark life.

Ironically Deathwing, Lord of Death, wondered why Alexstrasza had not joined him. He was her adored advisor, and a close friend to her. Why hadn't she seen the light he had?

The world of Azeroth was always a shifting battlefield to him, a never ending war in which the victor becomes the oppressor and the loser the oppressed.

His evidence? The First and Second War were the best sources to his way of thinking. The Orcs invaded Azeroth and destroyed the Human kingdom, and asserted dominance while the humans fled.

But the humans would, once again, rebuild their empire; titling themselves the "Empire of Lorderon". It changed nothing, all that was different was their leaders and location.

Even today, it is evident human hatred on the Orcs is rooted in those wars that destroyed their paradise. The Orcs hatred? Rooted in the fact that they were used by demons of the Burning Legion and would never be accepted by the humans.

Their hatred fueled many conflicts between the Alliance and the Horde, which continues again today. Mortal races…in his psyche they were a damned species.

Cursing whatever they touched by inflicting war, pain, suffering and malice upon the land and life. "How can she not see I was there to aid her! That I was the guardian to protect it from the mortals!"

That was the only question in his mind since the War of the Ancients; why had she refused his offer? Why did she go against him?

Can she not see that he was making sacrifices in order to preserve life itself? It shows more now then ever that he was correct! But…why does she not see this?

How is it wrong to her? It is merely a question of what must be done to save all of existence from this mortal races. Surely she must see this, he thought.

He felt a heavy presence weight him down, though he speculated it was his armor plates. But something else told him this was not true…what was it then?

He shrugged it off as nothing more then a consequence of his broken wing and leg, and forcing to move around in these conditions must have made his lungs grow weary.

Though after this moment of thinking to himself, his head turned left slightly to see what Alexstrasza was up to.

She, too, was facing the ocean by her lonesome. Though he could not tell anything more, due to his incapability to read her mind or see her thoughts by mere body movements.

And even if he could, the doubts of him finding what she was planning were always within his mind.

Though if he was going to survive in this place he would need food and a temporary shelter.

Both could be solved quickly but there was only one problem; The "Queen of Dragons".

She would expect to be fed, and cared for…and he would be the one to do it in her mind.

He growled aggressively at his transaction, hating it. He wanted her off the island immediately! Though he would get her off the island one way or another.

Her betrayal to him and his cause all those years ago scared his mindset of her. But as this thinking of getting rid of Alexstrasza, she seemed to move into the forest.

Using her functioning arm to cut down a few trees, as well as using her tail to drag them into her "side" of the beach.

Deathwing watched this, somewhat chuckling as she yelped a few times when her arm was in pain or when she fell on herself.

"Nice job Alexstrasza, perhaps the Alliance will need a maid to fix Stormwind since its destruction! And then I can kill two birds with one swift blow.", Deathwing said with a sneer.

Alexstrasza looked up at him, speaking; "At least I would be helping the mortal races, and with a loyal consort at my side…"

Deathwing let out a slight growl at her remark, if only because she mentioned a 'loyal consort'.

He knew what she meant; Korialstrasz. "Yes, yes. I'm sure you're loving that pathetic worm when he doesn't even send aid to you while your in danger? I guess loyalty too you has changed since we last talked at the War of Ancients…".

Though he expected a sign of aggression, sadness or respite; he received none.

Only a blank express of Alexstrasza as she rose, continuing her work on a shelter.

Though he continued to watch with the displeasure of her company, since it was either watching her build something or watch the ocean at its blank state.

With a sigh Alexstrasza continued her work, wondering why Neltharion was not much of a responder since she mentioned her consort Korialstrasz. Was it plain boredom at everything else or…something more?

She let this idea swim in her mind a bit longer before finally releasing a small chuckle at a possibility; "Is Neltharion jealous at Korialstrasz?"

It was an adorable idea to her, seeing that the "Aspect of Death" could be a bit jealous over a consort.

Though it was just a thought, wasn't it? But by the way Neltharion was looking at her, rather then her working, was a possible hint of jealous.

But this begged the question to her; was it adorable or was it something to worry?

True it might be a bit fun to poke it at him with his injured state but he could injure her if she did it too far.

A sneer grew on her face, even if it was dangerous. Neltharion immediately spoke, "Why do you have that smug look upon you? Are you asking for a death-wish that I can provide?"

She merely looked at him with that sneer and stated; "Just thinking about how my beloved consort will comfort me after this tragic event of being isolated with you."

An irritated hiss came from Neltharion, much like a pouting whelp when it finds something that isn't particularly fair or something it wouldn't like.

To herself, it was cute. To see the "Aspect of Death, Deathwing" get annoyed when she mentions her consort.

Though the hiss faded, with Neltharion saying; "Oh…'beloved'…how interesting…". His claws were digging into the ground as he was perhaps preparing to attack.

It was like speaking and hissing at the same time, much to the amusement and fear of Alexstrasza.

"This feeling…what was it? Every time the Life-Binder mentions her damned consort I feel…strange. Enraged and yet I have no aggression against her for saying such in front of my presence.

Was she enjoying my displeasure in hearing about that misbegotten consort of hers?"

Deathwing growled while he began thinking of why Alexstrasza would be sneering at him before speaking of Korialstrasz.

But before he could come up with an answer, she once again beckoned him.

"Neltharion! Why don't you be a gentleman and comfort me? Or do I need to call my consort…?"

This sparked another hiss at the mention 'consort', though he sluggishly went about to her.

"What the hell do you mean 'comfort'? And, more importantly, why the hell should I rather then cast you adrift into the ocean? Besides…it'd be one less mouth to feed and I'm a gluttonous eater.", Deathwing asked in retaliation since his hostility to the idea of her being near him was enough to make a kill attempt.

Her remark was gluttonous in enjoyment of this; "Well, seeing that we may be the only two intelligent life forms here and I am the only one that can heal life…it's a dangerous situation for you."

The fire in his eyes locked on the life-binder as if she was a target for his practice. But ultimately, he sat down with her.

His grumbling was too quiet for her to fully hear yet loud enough to be at least recognized by Alexstrasza.

She sighed a bit as he turned to face away at the ocean once again, seeing that this was a torturous deal for him.

A question arose from inside her and this time she had enough courage to ask it.


"It's Deathwing…the Destroyer of Worlds. Have you become deaf at the many councils that the other Dragon flights given you about me or my self proclamation of my title? For if you piss me off I can just kill you…", he retorted at hearing his original name again.

"Earth-Warder…I want to ask you a question.", she responding with giving no heed to his irritation at not being called Deathwing by her.

"And why should I Life-Binder? For this isn't what you may call 'comforting' to me. That and why should I even give notice to you at all?"

She gave a slight irritated glare at him before proceeding; "Well Neltharion, I want to ask you…Why did you betray us?"

At this moment Deathwing rose up his right claw to strike at Alexstrasza with a fully enraged growl. "Betray you? Betray you! It was you, it was the mortal races and the dragon flights that betrayed me! You refused my offer at power and godhood and you dare to say I betrayed you?"

As she waited for a strike to come upon her scales only a small slash was given at her side.

It was as if she misbehaved to him, and he was showing her a warning if she continued.

Perhaps Neltharion figured that he couldn't get off this island without some co-operation from her. Or he wanted to make her life hell before leaving the island to rot.

Though for now, Alexstrasza enjoyed the small peace between them for the moment. Followed by the relaxing sounds of the waves going against the beach.