All right, so basically this is very AU.

Mary never died, Sam is still psychic, John is alive, and Bobby is Brooke's distant father.

Haley and Nathan have Jamie but are divorced, Haley and Sam went to Stanford together and Peyton is with Jake and Jenny while Lucas is marrying Lindsey.

Dean is a policeman, Sam is a lawyer, Brooke owns her company, and Haley is a teacher.

WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Sex, Dirty Thoughts, Innuendo, Dark Themes



Nothing but the smell of burn was in Bobby Singer's basement that night. The moon was high in the sky and no matter what Bobby did, he couldn't get the demon's words out of his mind. They wanted his daughter—wanted his baby girl—and it was too late to call Victoria and actually have her answer his calls. He didn't have his daughter's new number and if her mother wouldn't even answer her phone, Bobby didn't know what he could do…except maybe contact the Winchesters, who were in Brooke's area.

He hadn't checked in on his daughter for two whole years now—it wasn't that he didn't want to, it was that he had tried that life already…tried to move on from Karen. He thought when he met Victoria that he would be able to move on with his life, try to get out of hunting, but he had to avenge Karen—he had to save other people from the same kind of fate. He hadn't ever thought that he would have a daughter and he knew that hadn't been Victoria's plan either.

Brooke Davis suffered, and Bobby knew that, trying to see her at least once every couple of months. Mostly he was trying to help other people, not realizing at the time that in keeping his daughter distant, she was just being neglected by her mother. At least she had friends to be with—at least she had a support system even if it didn't consist of any of her family members.

Bobby hadn't expected a demon to go looking for his daughter.

He hadn't expected to be so involved in such an elaborate scheme.

Brooke hadn't seen it coming either. She had been fighting with her mother ever since she had made it back to Tree Hill, fighting over her company and trying to hold on ever since she'd left New York. All she wanted was to handle her company her own way—she had made Clothes Over Bros what it was, and though her mother had helped it was Brooke's company, and it was Brooke's choice.

She grabbed her notebook with all of her sketches in it and then she slung her purse over her shoulder. Heading for the door she thought over her last conversation with her mother—Victoria was fighting her for control of the company and Brooke wasn't going to stand for that. This was what she had built, and like she had told her mother only minutes before, she was fighting for this.

"This is my store, this is my life," Brooke said softly as she looked over all of her clothes as they clung on the manikins, getting ready to turn off the light in the store. "This is what I wished for."

She smiled sadly, turning off the light, starting to turn around to leave, seeing a man come up to her, a mask on. Brooke screamed upon instinct, not expecting a masked man to be there, catching her off guard, knocking her over a display of scarves near her. She caught the glint of black eyes as the man's fists began to make contact with her face, her arms, her torso—her legs. He just beat down on her and when she tried to fight back, he just hit her harder.

Eventually, the man got up and he walked away, Brooke lying there, broken and battered on the floor of her store. It was dark out and she didn't have the strength to get up and get her phone to call anyone, so she simply tried to think of things to help her not focus on her pain until she passed out.

As Brooke lost consciousness, Dean Winchester was looking over some papers for a case that he was working on. In High School, Dean hadn't really thought much of himself but his mother had, so he had decided to go into Law Enforcement, his younger brother by four years, Sam Winchester, going to Stanford on a full scholarship and becoming a lawyer. The two worked together and hunted demons and ghosts on the side because of their mother's background, and right then, he was supposed to be going home.

He was supposed to be leaving to go and get some sleep instead of pouring over a murder spree that looked like it was done by demons…not a serial killer. Still, when he started to rub his eyes, he knew he had to call it a night, so he got up and turned off the light on his desk, grabbing his jacket as he headed out of his office. He got into his car and started driving towards his house just outside of Tree Hill, noticing that something looked wrong with Brooke's store.

Dean didn't normally work in Tree Hill—his current job just had him stationed in that precinct at the moment. Still, he knew Brooke Davis by reputation only and decided to check it out because the door to her store was ajar and she should have headed home by now. Parking in front and getting out, armed, Dean went into the store and saw the brunette lying on the ground bleeding. He quickly hurried to her side and checked for a pulse, going for her phone and her belongings and getting her into his car, taking her to the hospital.

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