This chapter has a cliffhanger, so I want to warn you now, haha. Also, it focuses a bit on Haley and definitely on Zachariah. It's also about Brooke and Dean, so you'll definitely be reading a bunch about them too.

This is an added smut warning.

WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Sex, Dirty Thoughts, Innuendo, Dark Themes



Haley was recuperating, but she was feeling like there was something else going on here than anyone was telling her about. She was sipping some coffee while Sam cleaned away the breakfast dishes, Jamie upstairs getting his shoes on for school as she looked Sam over. Sadly enough, Haley had always felt like Sam and Dean were keeping something from her and Brooke and she wanted to know what that something was…and she wanted to know now.

"Do you have anything you want to tell me?" Haley asked Sam slowly.

Sam looked up at her from scrubbing a syrup covered plate and slowly shook his head. "No…"

"I know when you lie, Sammy," Haley said dismally. "Come on, what is going on?"

"Hales, baby," Sam began, but Haley gave him a look and he sighed loudly. "I don't even know where to start, you know?"

"How about at the beginning?" Haley suggested to him.

Sam nodded and took a seat at the kitchen table, trying to figure out how to put the words together when Jamie came down the stairs. He had his backpack and his jacket on, his shoes tied and a smile on his face that faded when he saw Sam and Haley with those looks on his faces. Jamie loved Sam like his own father and didn't want Sam and his mother to be fighting because he wanted them to get married—he wanted them to be a family and something was obviously wrong.

"What's going on?" Jamie asked them. "What happened?"

Haley shook her head. "Nothing, Jimmy-Jam, um…how about you go get in the car and I'll be right there? Sound good?"

"Yeah, Momma," Jamie said nodding. "I love you, Dad."

"I love you too, Buddy," Sam told him.

Sam's whole heart swelled up with love and pride when Jamie called him 'Dad', and Haley even smiled a little bit because she loved that Jamie loved Sam so much. She even couldn't contain the happiness when Jamie kissed Sam's cheek and then bounded off with the car keys, leaning down to kiss Sam's forehead. Haley still wanted to know what was going on, but she knew that it could wait and she was a rather patient woman.

"We'll talk later—meet me for lunch?" Haley asked him. "You can just come on campus and we can eat outside."

Sam nodded at his fiancée and smiled. "See you at lunch, Hales. I love you."

"I love you too," Haley replied before heading out to the car.


"Don't you have to go to work?" Brooke asked Dean as she felt him push in, moaning loudly. "Mmm, okay…later…"

Dean moaned too, nodding as he felt her heat surround him. "Yes…later…"

He bit Brooke's neck gently, tugging at the flesh as he moved in and out of her, keeping each movement slow and forceful so that she could focus on every movement. Hearing Brooke moan and pant underneath him was like music to his ears, making it hard for him to keep the pace slow, but it drove them both crazy when he did, so he made sure to keep the pace as steady as possible. Besides, as he hit her spot and she got louder, Dean knew they could only keep it up for so much longer.

"God…yes…" Brooke breathed out, head tilting back against the pillows of the bed.

They had yet to actually get up and move anywhere else since Dean had proposed and Brooke knew that today would be a day that she was exhausted and sore. Still, she egged Dean on until he had to quicken the pace, crying out his name when she hit her peak, Dean crying out hers in response as he toppled over too, spilling himself inside of her. She was already pregnant, so there was really no need for protection, not that they really did that to begin with—after all, they'd thought that she couldn't have kids anyway.

"I missed you," Brooke giggled as she kissed Dean lovingly, letting out a playful and yet forlorn moan as Dean slipped out slowly. "So…what do you think it'll be?"

Dean smiled and slipped down Brooke's body to kiss her sweaty stomach. "Girl, I hope."

"Why do you hope it's a girl?" Brooke asked him, fingers sliding through his hair. "I was kind of hoping for a boy that's just like you."

"Ew, you do not want that," Dean responded, slipping his body back up to place a kiss to his fiancée's mouth. "I want a little girl who will grow up to be just like you that you can dress in all sorts of cute fashions."

"Trust me, we do not want a little girl just like me, because come High School every guy will be gunning for her and if we're not careful she will end up like me," Brooke said dismally.

Dean gave her a look and kissed her again, holding her close to him. "I think that after everything that you and I have been through in our lives, we can raise a decent human being, don't you think? I mean they'll know what is right and what is wrong because we know those things? Don't we?"

"I think we do," Brooke admitted, holding him close to her and kissing him tenderly. "We'll figure it out and everything will be fine."

"Exactly, so, I still want a girl."

"And I still want a boy—we can agree to disagree."

Dean chuckled and nodded, kissing Brooke a little more and then begging her to shower with him, which she did quite happily even though she'd been playfully declining. Then he got dressed for work and she sent him off, turning around to find Zachariah in her house in all his glory and she certainly didn't want to see him right then. She had been mad at him since he had tried to get her to give up the baby when all the time Ananiel would heal her just fine.

"You are not who I want to see today," Brooke admitted, going past him to the kitchen table where some of her new sketches were. "In fact, I was kind of hoping that we wouldn't have to speak again. I'm angry with you."

Zachariah nodded slowly. "I know, and I don't particularly care. You see, I was doing what was best for us—for the angels. We need you to be a usable vessel. We need your body for the war that's right on the horizon."

"I can't do that when I'm pregnant," Brooke responded. "How about after I have the baby?"

"That's not good enough," Zachariah told her.

Brooke shrugged a little bit. "I don't care if you think it's good enough or not, I am having this baby."

"You are forcing my hand…"

"Don't," Brooke said strongly, glaring at the angel in front of her. "You will come to learn that I do not respond well to threats…"


Haley and Sam met up for lunch during Haley's lunch at the High School and she was happy to see him even though they had things to talk about. She smiled when she saw him and kissed him, squeeling with delight when she saw that he had brought her take out from the place where they had had their first real date. It made it harder for her to mad at him and they both knew that, but it was alright with Haley for the moment because she was absolutely starving right now and just wanted food.

"Sesame seeds?" Haley asked Sam with a playful look smirk on her fast.

Sam grinned from ear to ear. "Of course—if I forgot those you would yell."

"You're the best!" Haley exclaimed exuberantly, hugging Sam tightly and kissing him rather passionately. "Now, food first and then as we wind into it a bit, we can talk about this big, giant secret that you're keeping from me. I'd like to know it before we get married, Sammy…"

Nodding, Sam took a deep breath and dug into the food, he and Haley exchanging pleasantries before he took another breath—a more ominous one. Haley knew that there was something going on between them and she was going to marry this man so she had to know. She just didn't know that it was going to be what came out of Sam's mouth next.

"Dean and I are hunters," Sam said in one breath. "Not like animal hunters like deer and elk, but hunters—shape shifters, vampires, demons…mostly demons. I mean we barely ever do it because our mother wanted us to grow up to be normal human beings, but the man that attacked Brooke? Possessed by a demon, you can even ask her. This sounds crazy, but it isn't a lie. I vowed never to hunt again when I met you because you were special and I was falling in love with you and I want a normal life—I want a life with you and Jamie."

"Sam…" Haley began slowly, completely and utterly shocked.

Sam couldn't stop though, for fear this was what would make him lose her. "I had to do a little bit when we found out about Brooke and the demon that attacked her and the angels protecting her and I just—I don't want this. I don't want any of this."


"I just want you and Jamie."


Sam stopped when Haley raised her voice, shaking her head at it…all of it. This was just—this was just insane and it was far too ridiculous to be true and so she found herself asking him to leave. He looked so sad and he begged her to let him stay, but she just needed space to breath and to think, so Sam kissed her lovingly and while she returned it, she still needed him to leave her in peace and so he did. What she wasn't expecting at all, was to find a man appearing out of thin air to talk to her and he seemed familiar.

"Oh my God!" Haley exclaimed, clutching her chest.

Zachariah laughed and shook his head. "No, but close. I am Zachariah, an angel of the lord and I have some things to discuss with you, Haley Bob James…"

Note: Well, hello Zachariah. What are you doing with Haley? AND WHAT IS WITH THIS WAR THAT IS COMING?! I think that this story is about on its last storyline too, but still, there are a few more chapters to go. Feedback is always appreciated!