I woke up and turned off my alarm. I wiped my eyes and looked around the room. Doug wasn't there. "Are you kidding me?" I said to myself. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I rinsed my mouth and opened the door, running straight into Ashton. "Can I help you?"

"Did you sleep with him?"

I only laughed. "Uh, yeah, I did. Twice." I went to walk past him but he blocked my way.

"I mean did you have sex with him?" He whispered.

"No. And I probably wont. Because you'll end up ruining everything."

"Hey, that's fine with me." he put his hands up as if he were surrendering for something.

"Of course it is." I tried to walk past him but he wouldn't budge. "Here's an idea. Why don't you stop being my ex-boyfriend and start being my brother. If I have sex with Doug it shouldn't matter to you, or hurt you, or whatever. Get over the break-up, get over Doug, and get over me." I punched him in the stomach, causing him to bend over in pain on the floor. "And block my way to my room again, and it won't be your stomach that I'll be punching."

I looked at Doug's jacket and smiled. I knew the perfect outfit for today.

I walked out of my house in a cut-off tee-shirt with a tank-top underneath, an old leather skirt that was a little shorter than I remembered, and Doug's jacket. "Hey need a ride?" I looked over and saw Evan.

"Sure." I hopped into the passenger seat.

Evan looked me up and down. "Nice outfit."

"Thanks. You know I'm thinking of getting my hair done."

"You should leave it alone."

"Ohkay then."

"So what do you have planned for after school? Are you and the girls going to the shed and practice?"

"Most likely. Would you like to join?"

"I'd love to."

By then, we were already at school. "I'll see you after school then," I said to him as I got out of the car.

"There's my jacket!" I heard Doug yell, running towards me.

"I don't even get a 'hey'."

"Sorry, I would die without that jacket." he said hugging me and kissing my cheek.

"I'm keeping it for the day." He pulled back and gave me a cautious look. "It matches my outfit. You can get it back later in class."

"But." I smiled at him and gave him puppy dog eyes. "But, I…" He looked at his jacket then at the ground. "I guess. It looks good on you anyway."

"Thank you baby!" I said, kissing his cheek. "Besides, I think you look better without it on." He gave me a hurt look. "I can actually see your muscles," I said grabbing his arm.

"Just don't rip it." He started walking, grabbing my hand and pulling me with him.

"You need to trust me just a little more." He stayed holding onto my hand.

"That jacket is what makes me badass."

"No. Those abs are." He looked down at his shirt and smirked.

"My abs are sexy," he laughed.

I laughed with him. "Hey Lexi," I heard Morgan say behind me.

I turned around. "What's up?"

"Are we meeting after school?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I was just wondering."

"Evan too?" Bailey asked.

I glanced at Doug then gave Bailey big eyes that told her to shut up. "I don't think so."

"Why would Evan be wit y'all?" Doug asked.

"Bailey likes him," I whispered into his ear. "She just wants to hang out with him." Doug bust out laughing. Bailey looked at me strange. I put my finger over my mouth and gave her wide eyes. "Walk me to class?" I said to Doug.

"Sure babe." He wrapped his arm around my back and started walking.

"See you in class, girls," I said, waving my hand as I walked with him. I turned back and looked at him. "Why do you always leave? When do you leave? I never hear you."

"I leave right before my brother's alarm goes off." He didn't stop looking ahead.

"Will you stay the whole night on Friday?" He looked at me with a straight face. "Please? Ask of you can sleep over at Will's house or something and just come to my house instead."

"I'll get you in so much trouble. If you're in trouble, how am I supposed to do anything with you?" He stopped and stared at me, smiling.

"Never mind. Just walk me to class." We said nothing else the whole way to my class.