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Chapter 5

"What happened next? How did you manage to think about this?" Jacob inquired
me. It was early in the Christmas morning. Gibbs went to make breakfast and
for a moment I thought I should begin my morning exercises - but today I think
that I can forget about them.
"No way, DiNozzo", Gibbs rushed into my room and handed me the weights to help
exercise the muscles of my hands.
"B-but..." I began, but Gibbs silence me with his famous glare.
"Jacob should go eat his breakfast, and you also should do your standard
morning round" he said pushing my wheelchair closer to my bed, "Shower, now!
You're stinkin' up the place!"
"Jacob ... I know that you need to talk but I think we should take a
temporary break, "I began hesitantly. I wrote it very quickly. This kid needed
me now and I felt wrong to leave him.

"I know, parents are already calling me for breakfast, but you'll be back...
right? You'll finish?" Jacob wrote and I knew that I must keep the promise and
help him - after all it's what I done my entire life as a police officer and
federal agent, I helped others.

Through the introduced facilitation that was made at the bathroom I could go
to the shower by myself. Gibbs and my father made sure I had the freedom and
independence for which I was eternally grateful to them.

At breakfast I sat barely conscious because of the lack of sleep but I knew
that I must return to conversation with Jacob - he needs me more.
Gibbs brought my laptop so that I could sit on the couch in the living room
with fireplace and Christmas tree.


A REAL Christmas tree!

Not any old jagged imitation of Christmas tree but a real Christmas tree, live
- as LIVING - Christmas tree, decorated with hand-made by me and Gibbs,
decorations. Oh yeah - I made ornaments with Gibbs! It was our joint project
while Jack was preparing Christmas meals with Abby and my father took up
shopping. Everyone had a job. Even before the house were put decorations,
lights and on the door was hung on a beautiful wreath.

On the bench lay the delicious Jack's cookies. Gibbs went to town and my
father was sitting in an armchair and reading a newspaper. Gibbs and Jack told
him about what I do and I saw the joy in their eyes. I knew that my dad was
proud of me.

"How are the parents?" I asked, seeing that Jacob is again available at the
"They're parents... " he began, "but they no longer upset me" he said and sent
me a wink.
"It'll start getting better you'll see" I assured him and at that moment Jack
set before me a hot cup of apple-cinnamon tea. (yep, I'm a firm coffee
drinker. If I've got caught by Gibbs drinking that kind of tea he'd teased me normally! But not in this kind of situation.)

"They knew that I didn't sleep all night and were angry that I was sitting on
the computer. You know... departing from them and run away in the virtual
world." he said after a moment.
"You've said to them that you talk with me?"
" I don't ... They don't need to know... for now..." I still felt indecision
from his side.

On the one hand he wants to fight and on the other hand he's afraid and runs
away. I know that he doesn't feel strong enough to face the world but
unfortunately, from this there is no escape.
"It will take a lot of time and pour gallons of tears, but it will be better"
I assured "Superheroes often were crippled e.g. Daredevil. And what about
Christopher Reeve? He was originally Superman but after an accident he was
chained to the wheelchair but he continued to act in films and continued
helping others!


"Certainly" I wrote quickly.
"What about your job?" Jacob asked suddenly. The fact is that I not written
anything about the conversation with the Director yet.


Director visited me in hospital, in the so-called 'my better days'.
"I turn straight to the point," Vance began immediately after he sat down on a
chair next to my bed, "I never said it, and probably shouldn't say this now in
these circumstances, but I want you to know that you are one of the best
agents which agency had and certainly you are the best young agent. You can
count on our help and if the doctors agreed, and of course if you will want to
we find a suitable job for you. Believe me, there's a lot of opportunities for

"T-thank you, sir," I blurted out, feeling that with a moment I fall apart.
Praise from the Director and paragraphs that calling me the best junior agent
meant at this moment a lot for me and even more meant ensure that they will
find work for me ... although at the moment I could not imagine returning to
life, the community and especially I don't wanted to think about work. I was a
detective, then a FIELD federal agent! I could not imagine myself with
paperwork at the desk because I hated it with all of my heart, but always as I
sat with the 'cold' cases I managed to solve them or at least find new
evidence or other errors.

"Rest, Tony" from my thoughts pull me off a deep voice, and only then I
realized that in the room Gibbs was now too. Director stood up and patted me
on the cheek, nodded at Gibbs and then left.

***End of flashback***

"That's nice of him" Jacob written to me. I sit my tee and looked at my dad.
"You need anything, Junior?" he asked me from his newspaper.
"No, thanks dad" I answered and gave him one of my best smiles.