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The eyes are the window to the soul.

They always checked.

After every case they would always check. And after every case there was still some sparkle. Some shred of hope for them that there was innocence in the world.

Gideon was the first one to do it. He would sit on the jet after whatever horrific case they had solved and glance over at his big hazel eyes. Making sure they still sparkled. Making sure there was still some hope.

Hotch started soon after. Whenever he got the opportunity, he would check those hazel eyes. If after everything they had seen over the past few days, they would still sparkle. There was still hope.

After Hotch had started, everyone had done it. After everything they had been through. After every different location they had been to. It didn't matter if the unSub was a sadistic killer. It Didn't matter if there was a happy ending. They would still check. Check for that sparkle. That glimmer of hope that not everyone got affected by their job.

Case after case they checked, until one day it stopped. His hazel eyes no longer held that sparkle. The glimmer of hope. The career they had all chosen had finally taken the innocence his eyes once held. He was just like them.

The team were sat on the jet, thinking about their youngest member. How Spencer Reid's eyes once held innocence. How they would be reassured by the sparkle in those hazel eyes that there were still decent people in the world.

They hoped one day that sparkle would return.

By Em-J