Welcome to my first fanfiction. I wrote this years ago when I was still a novice writer, and as of now all of the chapters are being revised. So please excuse my poor grammar and terrible writing style. Thanks for reading!


The eight of them watched from atop a building silently. Their black cloaks radiating in the moonlight giving them a grim reaper appearance. They had watched and waited as father had ordered, but knew it was time to make a move on the vampires and humans alike. "We have done nothing!" one of the taller cloaked figures hissed. "I'm tired of all this damn waiting."

"Patience," a tall elegant women with jet black hair spoke. "Our time will come, Greed. But first we must take out our enemies within the school."

"What's so important about that damn school?" Greed grumbled.

"It is where our first target is. It will be the beginning of the new world," the seven turned towards their ringleader. His middle aged face was marred with scars, and his exposed eye was piercing. "Our first target will be that Pureblood, but we must be wary for he is an Ancestor. A Kuran, no less."

"But I thought that we killed all the Ancestors?" Another women with brown wavy hair asked.

His piercing gaze dragged over to the brunette. "Yes, so you thought. Just as Father thought that he had made his instructions to exterminate them all very clear." none of them missed the underlying anger in his tone. "We will need to send a team to carry out the mission."

Everyone turned away, clearly not wanting to go. "But there is only two people here that could infiltrate without failure." His gaze dropped to the purple haired girl with the permanent sneer on her face, and then to the impassive redheaded beauty beside her.

"Those two again?" Greed teased.

"But of course." Putting his massive hands on the two girls heads, he smiled coyly. "Since when have father's favorite daughters failed him before?"

"But wont he be suspicious?" the tall women asked.

"That's why we must put our trust in these two hands for now. Father will not tolerate failure so do not fail," the ringleader warned. The red head just nodded wordlessly while the young girl beside her grinned murderously.

"This should be fun~!" the purple haired girl sang sadistically.

"Now go and bring about our future." Nodding, the duo turned away, shadows engulfing their figures as they disappeared into the black mist.

The scarred face man turned back toward the others, "The new world begins now."