Taro clenched and unclenched his fists in apprehension, his palms sweaty as he tried to will away the slight bulge in his black pants. Since when did he get turned on by guys?

'It's because he looks like a girl,' Taro reasoned with himself, unable to tear his eyes away from the blonde beauty onstage, 'that's gotta be it.'

Teddie (or something like that, if he'd misheard his senpai) was possibly the best cross-dresser that Taro had ever seen. N-not that he had seen many! He didn't go looking for things like that; he wasn't some weirdo! But Teddie was nothing short of sexy: long, slender legs dressed in white stockings, wide hips, sparkling ocean-blue eyes, full and rosy lips- Taro interrupted his own thoughts with a slap to his face, snapping him back to reality and drawing the attention of a few curious students. 'It's a GUY, so why do I keep thinking things like this? Not a girl, a GUY. G-U-Y.'

Despite his reprimands Taro continued to openly stare at him, Taro's hormones winning out over common sense. His hormones, obviously delighted in their victory, showed their glee by sending a wave of blood down to his rapidly-hardening dick, causing Taro's expression to morph into a look of pure mortification. He didn't need to look down to know that the situation was serious, and if he stayed any longer someone was bound to notice.

Without further delay Taro turned on his heel, sprinting to the bathroom before the judging could begin, and more importantly, before an embarrassing accident occurred.

He would think through this whole ordeal later, but right now his mind busied itself repeating a mantra of 'not gay, not gay, not gay, not gay, not gay..."