It was late at night in the house of Gryffindor, all but a few students slumbering. One of these few was a certain Yosuke Hanamura.

"Auuugh…Hellebore is a key ingredient when making…" Yosuke grumbled more as he leafed through his tattered encyclopedia of potions, holding his wand over the book to see the text clearer.

"Draught of Peace."

Yosuke spasmed in surprise, falling from his chair with a yelp. "G-Geez, Partner, give a guy some warning! I thought you were asleep!"

"I was, until you started shining lights in my face."

"Well excuuuse me for trying to study! Midterms are coming up and I don't want to fail," Yosuke explained, his eyes still trained on the textbook as he flipped through its pages.

Sighing, Souji sat on the edge of his bed, wiping his tired eyes. "Well it's not going to do you any good staying up all night studying. Just go to sleep and do it tomorrow." Souji moved, fully intent on crawling back into the warmth of his bed, but was stopped by a loud whine.

"But that's the only time I ever have to hang out! You wanna help me study?"

"Can't. I have Quidditch practice and then I'm helping Chie with her Muggle Studies homework in the common room."

"Come oooon, man! Bros before hos!"

Souji's eyes narrowed at the plea, not appreciating Yosuke calling his girlfriend a ho. "Ask Yukiko for help. She's smart."

"B-But she slapped me last time I asked, remember?"

Oh yes, that time. How could he have forgotten? Souji chuckled as he recalled Yosuke's embarrassing (and rather violent) study date rejection a few weeks back.

"Auuugh…Herbology is such a pain. How am I supposed to know which plants are used for which potions? It's not like I'm planning on having a Mandrake garden anyways! So what's the point?" Yosuke let out another moan, pushing aside his lunch plate to rest his face against the table.

Chie was not one to care about being a lady, still eating as she replied, "I am SO glad I'm not taking that class. I mean, I'm clueless about plants! I wish I had a green thumb like Yukiko…Hey, maybe you should ask Yukiko to tutor you!"

"Oh, that's right! You've taken advanced Herbology classes, haven't you? How about giving me some private lessons, Yukiko?" His eyes lit up hopefully.

Yukiko's eyes widened in shock. "P-Private lessons?"

"Yeah…? What's wrong?"

His concern was met with a slap.

"Oww! Wha-what was that for? I just asked if you'd help me study!"

"O-Oh, I'm sorry," she apologized, fretting, "You were talking about studying? I thought it was some off-colored joke…"

"If you thought it was a joke then just shrug it off!"

"Sorry! My hand moved without thinking…"

"That wasn't funny, man! It was heartbreaking! Do you know what that sort of thing does to a guy's pride? It was decimated! Destroyed!"

"I didn't know you knew what decimated meant, Yosuke."

"Shut up."

Yawning, Souji got cozy in his bed again, fully intent on going to sleep. "Well," yawn "I suggest you get some sleep, or else Sofue will turn you into a toad for sleeping in class. And put that light out."

Yosuke murmured curses to himself, tucking his homework between textbook pages and undoing the charm. Dejectedly he shuffled over to his own bed, getting comfy under the blankets to reluctantly get some sleep.

"Night, Partner."


"…Hey, Souji."


"Can you please just ditch Chie and help me study?"

"No, Yosuke."


Q & A

Q: A Hogwarts AU? Really?

A: Yes, really.

Q: Souji and Chie play Quidditch?

A: Yes, they do! Souji is Gryffindor's Seeker and Chie is a Beater.

Q: Sofue is a teacher at Japanese Hogwarts?

A: Indeed. She is the teacher of the school's Divinations class. She will not hesitate to cast spells on late students.

Q: Yosuke knows the word decimated?

A: Surprisingly, yes.