"Excuse me, are you…Kou Ichijo?"

The boy addressed turned around, curious expression replaced with a smile as he moved his broom to his left hand. "That's me! Kondo told me we'd be getting a new member. Souji-kun, right?" He punctuated his question by holding his hand out, offering a handshake. Souji obliged, giving it a firm shake.

"Yeah." Souji quirked a small smile.

"Aren't you gonna introduce me?" Their heads turned to face the new arrival, a tall brunette with what appeared to be a broken nose, if the bandage was anything to go by.

Laughter filled the air as Kou grinned at his friend, punching him in the arm when he was within range. "Souji-kun, this is my buddy, Daisuke Nagase. He's our Keeper. I'm a Chaser."

"A pretty good one too," Daisuke commented. "The other Keepers don't have a chance against you."

"What can I say, I loooove them Quaffles!" The two shared another round of laughter, Souji not joining in. He found the odd joke to be…unnerving. "So you're going to be our Seeker, right?" Kou chuckled when Souji offered a silent nod. "You haven't played before, have you? Let's hope you're a natural; Gryffindor needs a good Seeker. Our Chasers do pretty well in scoring, but having someone else with skill to help us out is always appreciated."

"Yoooo!" someone called out, running to the field with two other students in tow. "Has practice started?" As the figures got closer, Souji was able to recognize the loud girl as Chie, a fellow student in a few of his classes.

Kou's eyes seemed to light up when he spotted her, waving his free arm dramatically and smiling wide. "Not yet, Chie-san! Hey, have you met Souji-kun yet? He's our new Seeker!"

Chie slowed to a lazy jog as she approached the trio, noticing Souji for the first time. "O-oh, Souji-kun! Y-yeah, w-we have a couple classes together…" The trio looked at each other in confusion when Chie's cheeks began to grow red, but their other teammate, a female Chaser named Chiyo, merely giggled into her hand with a knowing look on her face. "Wh-what are you laughing about? Sh-shut up!"

"How rude, Chie-chan! Your manners leave much to be desired." Chie sputtered gibberish before nearly exploding at her friend, so fast that the others could only pick out a word or two.

"Okay you guys," Kou interrupted, clapping his hands to get everyone's attention, "we're gonna start practice now, so gear up! And no blatching this time, Chie-san!"

As Chie resumed her defensive hollering Souji unzipped his sports duffel, retrieving his goggles and arm guards. Today promised to be a day he wouldn't soon forget.

Q & A

Q: Kou and Daisuke are on the Gryffindor Quidditch team?

A: Yes, they are.

Q: Who else is on the Quidditch team besides the mentioned characters?

A: The rest are original characters created by myself. These characters are Chiyo Matsumoto (F), Michi Nakagawa (M), and Ayumu Miyazaki (M).

Q: Right. So what are everyone's positions?

A: Seeker: Souji Seta. Keeper: Daisuke Nagase. Chasers: Kou Ichijo, Michi Nakagawa, and Chiyo Matsumoto. Beaters: Ayumu Miyazaki and Chie Satonaka.

Q: What is blatching?

A: Blatching is a term in Quidditch, meaning to fly with the intention of colliding with another player.

Q: Kou, why must you love them Quaffles so much?

A: If only I knew. If only.