"In a word, in one very simple word even you can understand..."

She was there; kissing him as his hands fumbled trying to pull her closer, trying to push her away. He held the back of neck, one trying to place itself on her waist. In his mind, he was holding her at arm's length, stopping her advances, his body on the other hand, was meeting her every movement. Eventually the two communicated and just then, as he pushed her away, hands firmly on her shoulders, the Doctor stared Amelia Pond straight in the eye. "Pond, you're getting married in the morning." He said simply as if it explained everything from him pushing her away to the ache in his voice as he reminded her of reality.

"But we've got all the time in the universe...'in the morning' doesn't really apply."

The Doctor's eyes were downcast. "No wait, that didn't come out right. What I meant was..." The feisty Scottish girl was lost for words, that had to be a first, the Doctor almost laughed. "What I tried to say was, I don't want tomorrow morning to come. I want to run away and never come back, and most importantly, I want to go with you." Now it was the Doctor's time to flounder.

Tell her.

What? He mentally spat back at the TARDIS.

Tell her you love her.

I can't.


He fumed silently. No. I can't love her...I'm the last Time Lord, she's a human. It. Cannot. Happen.

You just don't want to admit it. She resolved smugly and smacked her door into the Doctor's back, sending him, with flailing arms, to catch Amy in an embrace. She looked at him and he caved.

"I'm going to ask you this once, Amelia."

"Don't ca-"

"Are you sure about this?" He interrupted, his lips brushing against hers as he had bent his head to speak. Amy breathed slowly, the only noise which resounded between them in that moment was the single beat of her beat, echoed by his second.

"I'm more sure about this than I was a moment ago." She countered, and the Doctor took his cue.
Moving one hand to the back of head to know in her hair, he captured her mouth with his. They moved together, and Eleven realised that he more than a new body. Rose was gone, with Ten's look-a-like and now, his was with the read-head whose tongue danced with his. They eventually pulled apart, though only slightly, their breaths coming in ragged heaves, broken by a happy laughter that they had found a freedom neither had imagined they would have with each other.

"The single most important thing in the universe is that I sorted out right now." The Doctor whispered, and he scooped her up to carry her inside the TARDIS. Amy's face showed confusion, though she knew his exact intention.

"My bed not good enough?"

The Doctor weaved through corridors, to a part of the TARDIS Amy never even knew existed. "This has to be special, Pond." He kept her nickname; it was used for good reason. "So I'm taking you to a place nobody other than me has ever been to." Of course, this left her even more puzzled, until he gently put her down, leaving her feeling cold after the journey with her arms locked around his neck, and her head rested on his chest. The Doctor opened the door to a room filled with broken and working gadgets (he could never tell them apart) and 'memorabilia' from various events.

At one wall, amidst the mess was an artistic four-poster bed, one of few spaces clear of items and various pieces of clothing.

"Come along, Pond." He smiled, and took her chin on two fingers, tipping her head back so he could fasten his mouth to hers. She responded immediately, fitting herself into his body like another half, missing since his regeneration. The Doctor's hands found her waist and travelled south to her hips as he left a trail of kisses down her jaw, neck and shoulder, ending up at her collarbone. Then Amy lifted his head back up.

"Doctor, we really need to do something about this." She giggled, looking down to the more-than-noticeable bulge below his belt. She didn't wait for a response, untying his bow tie, pushing his tweed jacket from his shoulders and working her way down the buttons on his shirt. She took a moment to take in the toned panels of his chest, existent but not forced, perfect in fact, before his hands had removed her jumper and top, leaving her in a lacy black bra. In a deft flick of one hand, it fell away.

"You've been practicing!" Amy accused cheekily.

"I've been waiting to regenerate as a woman for about 800 years!" He joked back, and then cupped her breasts in his hands, with each thumb caressing her nibbles into hard peaks. "Still too many clothes." He muttered.

Their remaining clothing was quickly dispatched of, and need washed over them. The pair didn't even make it to the bed before the Doctor hovered above her in press-up position for a moment before kneeling with one leg parting her legs.

"Are you sure, Pond?"

"You said you'd only ask once..." She retorted breathlessly, fixing him with a lustful-trying-to-be-stern look. It didn't last long though, as the Doctor buried two fingers in her most intimate hollow, quickly met by a needy moan, a warm flush and an almost painful desire somewhere painful desire somewhere near his groin. With that, he was poised over her, pressing against her entrance before moving into her until she could take no more of him, and then he began to move faster, Amy clutching at his broad shoulders as she cried out. He stopped at her scream, looking down with concern in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't..." He whispered, holding still until she shook her head. Then he thrusted into her, and her hips bucked in response, they were burning together, and wanted more, even as the hard floor forced him into her further and harder, it still wasn't enough until they clung so close to the edge to the edge. Her walls contracted around him as she howled in pure ecstasy, carrying him over the edge with her as they climaxed together, laying locked together, panting and huskily repeating each other's names.

"Amelia Pond, you magnificent woman." The Doctor growled as he gathered her up, her legs wrapping around his waist as they fell onto the bed, still locked together.

"Don't make me go back, Doctor." Amy smiled and lit a trail of fire in kisses from his sweat-drenched shoulder to the corner of his mouth. "Mmm, you taste good." She murmured, falling asleep with her beloved Doctor sharing her body.

As the Doctor gently eased out of her, Amy Pond's eyes half-opened, she was about to ask if what had happened before was a dream when she felt the solid frame of the Doctor behind her, his arm folded over her.

"Good morning." His voice was soft and rumbled in his chest until he placed a light kiss on her shoulder. "Are you ok?" He brought one finger over her arm in gentle circles.

"Doctor, I never did say... I love you."

"I love you too, my magnificent, impossible, Amelia Pond." The Doctor responded.

"But where does this leave us?"

"Ah. I was hoping you wouldn't ask that, because, I hate it when I don't have answers. However, it does mean that you know the whereabouts of my bedroom... and I can't quite decide whether that's good or bad." Amy shifted slightly, causing a moment of friction between their entwined bodies. "On second thoughts...god. Definitely good." The Doctor chuckled. "Now where can we go today... I knows, there's a planet whe-"

Amy had turned over and silenced him with her mouth, a confident action she wouldn't have dared to try before. "Let's just stay in the TARDIS, Doctor. After all, I think we have enough to explore here..." The sultry note in her voice showed the Doctor she didn't mean the TARDIS. With a smile, he relinquished. "I'm gonna go take a shower...want to help?"

With that, she rolled out of the bed and disappeared into the bathroom, quickly followed by the Doctor who took every moment to drink in the sight of her.


An hour later, they lounged in chairs, drinking tea, Amy eating pancakes, the Doctor dunking fish fingers into a huge bowl of custard. They chatted about nothing in particular, and laughed together. The Doctor revelled in the lack of boundaries he had with his companion, well after last night, his lover. He had experienced love before, hell he'd even done unrequited love, but this was brand new to him. For the first time since the ear, he lost the lonely abyss where his planet lay.

Lost in thought, the Doctor was brought back to the moment by Amy sat in his lap, her arms round his neck.

"Dooooooctooooor..." She drew out his name. "Let's go slowly this time." She said simply, and stood, dragging him out of the chair and back to where they had started that morning. Unlike last night, when the Doctor took possession of Amy's mouth, he moved slowly, one hand on the small of her back to bring her into him, the other softly resting on her cheek. For that moment, it was enough, to share a kiss and forget their original intentions, until Amy's hands pulled his bow tie away. They parted, and with a slowness that had been absent in their rush last night, left each other bare before one another. Amy let her hands fall to his groin, tempting and teasing him hard so that he could meet her already moist core.

"I need you." They groaned simultaneously, and the Doctor carried her to the bed, laying her softly amongst the rumpled bedding. Already his tip pressed against her, yet he held back, paying lavish attention to her breasts. Once he was satisfied, he pushed forward, meriting a gasp from Amy, whose arms flew to his shoulders. He moved at an exquisite pace, slow enough to feel her walls clench around him and earn a buck from her hips every few strokes. His hands roamed over her body, her hands ran across his broad back and through his hairs as she moaned, gasped and pleaded for more.

It lasted for more minutes, the Doctor desperately holding back as he looked down with compassion in his eyes as Amy whimpered for more until he found it, a spot which awarded from with wordless cries from Amy and a fresh buck or squirm at every strike. Then, he released, collapsing and rolling over so she lay on top of him as she separated their bodies. They lay for a minute, gazing at each other in wonderment, panting as their fought for control of their bodies.

"That should've been our first time." The Doctor mused softly, brushing a hair away from Amy's cheek where sweat mingled. She laughed giddily and shuffled closer to plant a fiery kiss on his mouth, but pulled away suddenly as the heat built between them.

"Ah, one thing to learn about Time Lords: durability." The Doctor explained the protrusion pushing into her thigh, at which she laughed.

"If we want to have any more fun' we'll have to wait or I'll be sore." She reluctantly admitted. "Though we wouldn't want to waste anything..." She trailed off as her mouth travelled south, closing over him as he gasped her name.

The Doctor and Amy sat on the stairs of the console, his arm draped over her shoulders, his thumb making small circles on her arm. She lent her head against his sturdy shoulder. She was sat in a favourite t-shirt and a pair of his flannel PJs, him in his normal shirt now untucked, bow tie slung around his neck, untied. At that moment, Martha and Captain Jack appeared behind them.

"Wahey! What've we got here?" Jack's eyebrows were raised. The Doctor turned his head slowly.

"Jack... one comment and I'll throw you into a supernova... like the manual for the TARDIS." He growled. Amy stifled a laugh and wriggled away to stand beside the console.

"So who are these guys, Doctor?" She asked, trying to change the subject.

"Oooohh... Got yourself a Scottish one, eh?" Jack winked at the Doctor. "Along with a new face, I see."

"Yeah, I uhm regenerated, and I haven't got anything." He retorted.

Martha spoke for the first time. "Doesn't look like it from here!" She quipped. The Doctor flushed red.

"Doctor, you gave us away!" Amy accused. "Oh well. At least it means we don't have to lie to them." She shrugged.

"You still haven't told me why you've appeared in my TARDIS." The Doctor's voice was strained as he relented and wrapped an arm around Amy's waist for comfort.

"There we go!" Jack cheered. "Well, long story short, Torchwood hired Martha, when things went wrong, I teleported us. Turns out this thing," he tapped the device on his wrist, "has taken a fancy to your TARDIS."

"Oh, deep joy. How long do I have to put up with you to get it to take you back?"

"Can you fix it?"

"It'll take time, lots of it, to disconnect it from her. Lots of time that I don't have."

"Bust are we?" Jack's eye brows nearly disappeared into his hair.

"I just don't have the time to deal with your petty problems!" He snapped. "So you'll make to make yourselves useful whilst I take my time to fix your damned whatchamagig. There are a couple of spare rooms down the corridor on the right." He grudgingly revealed. Then realised he hadn't got a lock on his bedroom door. Oh damn.

"Come on, Jack." Martha interrupted. "We've ruffled his feathers enough for now." She smirked and dragged her companion down the corridor.

"I honestly could kill him sometimes..."

"Aw, he was only having a little fun; besides, you're hot when you're angry." Amy grinned and kissed him. He was just about to respond when he remembered where they were, and who was now on the ship. Opening the trap door to below the console, they dropped down out of sight. Quickly, the Doctor returned her kiss, letting his frustrations escape as they moved against one another. This was a moment of peace they would have to grab before Jack came back with his quips. It wasn't before groans of lust laced their kisses, and at that moment, a wolf whistle pierced the air.

They broke apart, the Doctor holding Amy to him, her legs wrapped around his waist and the face of the Doctor's past companion peering down through the glass floor.

"Jack..." The Doctor growled dangerously. Amy shifted, his hands holding her up burning through the thin t-shirt. He reluctantly put her down.

"Get IN there, Doc!" Jack growled suggestively.

"I'm going to kill you before you leave this place if you carry on." The Doctor snarled, almost feral and Amy could swear she almost fainted. Much as they didn't want to, they returned to the console...and Jack.

She made her way to her bedroom, the most distance she had put between her and the Doctor in the past few hours. The Doctor faced jack, trying to smooth his hair which Amy had recently ruffled.

"You could leave it off a little." He stated tiredly. Martha rejoined the room with a smile.

"I heard Jack's whistle and assumed he'd caught you out." She laughed.

"Talk to me, Doc. I need to know certain details." The Doctor groaned. "Have you slept her yet?" He turned away, looking at Martha for support.

"Go for a swim or something, Jack, I'll crack him." She waved her hand in a dismissal and walked to the Doctor as he left with a look that said 'he won't know anything'. "He seems to have found a sore spot." She noted. "You seem very protective of her, you have haven't you?" Martha asked quietly, earnestly.

"OK, fine. Got me. Yes, the last of the Time Lords has slept with, and fallen in love with a human." He sighed, and forced back a moan at the memories of that morning. "Though it definitely wasn't slept with. We definitely made love. There's a difference."

"And Jack just caught you..."

"With her round my waist, kissing." He blushed deeply again.

"That is so Jack..." She laughed and took in his ruffled hair and clothes.

"Yeah, um, to be honest, we weren't expecting visitors..." He mumbled. Martha smiled knowingly and turned to leave.

"Go find her. I'll keep him occupied with a web of lies about you and ..."

"Amy. Amy Pond." He responded gratefully, heading immediately to her room and successfully finding her inside. "I'm sorry, Amy. Jack's a pain, great to have around occasionally, but an absolute idiot once he gets hold of something."

Amy smiled. "He doesn't bother me, not really. Come on... It's been a long time since the Doctor's been getting some." She giggled.

"Hey!" He protested as she dragged him down to lie on her bed so she could rest her head on his chest.

"I guess we'll have to be more subtle from now on, huh?" She laughed softly.

"Pond...shut up." He flipped her over so she lay face up and he blanketed her with his tall frame. Holding his weight off of her, he kissed her softly, savouring the moments before the heat rose and he could brush his lips against hers lightly and nibble at her lower lip. Amy's leg found its way to fall across the top of his thighs as she granted him access to explore her mouth as she did his. It was sweet and tender and everything they had not been at first.

Until Jack and Martha could get back with the teleportation device, they would have to savour every moment like this and as the Doctor pulled back' the love that shone in both their eyes made the Doctor kiss her forehead and lift her into his lap as he twisted to embrace her, laying feather-light kisses on the top of her head. When they returned to the console, Jack and Martha were sat in armchairs to one side, Martha smiling kindly, Jack eyeing the arm that circled Amy's waist.

"Cheeky..." Captain Jack Harkness chuckled.