A/N: A tiny little epilogue type thing to tie up loose ends. There is an optional ending, for those who wish this story to continue! I have loved reading every review, and sincerely appreciate each one! I need to apologise about not having this up for SUCH a long time, but I've had hectic times recently...

New series...WOW. Doctor x River? Doctor x Amy? What is going on here?

"So tell me all about the ring." Amy murmured, her eyes soft, voice husky and a smile firmly in place upon her face.

"I will, and although I'd really love to do so whilst staying right here, I'd rather not do it twice, and Jack and Martha will want to know." The Time Lord's face was apologetic, yet he still managed to flash Amy a cocky smile. The couple dragged on the nearest clothes to hand and made their way to where their other two companions were waiting, by the console. "I'm guessing you want me to explain?" All three nodded.

"Where to start...where to start..." He pondered aloud. "When I broke the connection, I had to release some of my genetic material through it." He pointed to the bubbling hand to one side. "Since I have that to hand – excuse the pun – I could use that instead. A Time Lord fused connection can only be destroyed by the same species. As for where I got this from," the Doctor fondly twisted the ring around Amy's finger. "The connection material shattered, and coupled with the TARDIS base materials that can be obtained from the central column, made a unique substance. That ring is both me and the TARDIS."

As he trailed off, the Doctor removed the ring and placed it to the red tulip which wound itself around his wrist. The shimmering blue material quivered for a moment, and shifted itself so that an identical flower was now the central focus of it. He smiled and replaced it upon her ring finger of the left hand, lifting it by the wrist to softly kiss her hand.

Mine. And I'll prove it later.

The Doctor's husky growl resounding within Amy's mind along the connection they now shared. The Doctor returned to a standing position and chucked a thick wristband at Jack. "Your teleport device." He grinned. The Captain nodded and strapped it back on, and with that he and Martha vanished. The Doctor smiled at Amy and swept her into his arms.

"Never let me leave you again." He whispered, kissing her forehead softly.

Optional ending: softly, and at that moment, the TARDIS doors flew open.

"Hello, Sweetie."