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User Name: Christina Love
Bio: Christina Love loves to write self inserts of herself. She also likes dating any guy she thinks is cute. Everyone loves her and if they don't, there is something wrong with them.
Story: Shinigami Christina
Summary: Christina Love finds out that her future soul mates life is in danger and she goes to rescue him and his family from danger. Thus starts there story.
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance/Suspense
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Author's note – Hi! I am brand new to the Bleach fandom and I fell in love with Bleach. I've only seen one episode, but I've decided to write a fanfic for it!

Shinigami Christina
Chapter One: Rescuing Ichigo

The female shinigami stepped off the plane from America, the lights flickering as her power fluctuated. Her eyes were almond shaped, blue sapphires that glistened in the moon light. Her lips were full and her cheeks lavishly pink, full of life. Her long, platinum blond hair traversed all the way down to her heels, her steps falling on the ground as she stepped around the place. Her figure was a perfect hour glass, her skin a smooth cappuccino tan. Her makeup glistened with glitter and her clothing was of the newest fashion. She was allowed, due to her abilities, to have the freedom to wear whatever she wanted, rather then the uniform that was completely not stylish and simply in the way.

She pulled her luggage through the gate, and then thumbed a taxi. Getting in, she watched as the rain began to fall from the sky, her diamond blue eyes taking in the extent of what happened around her. Her mind filtered to the dream that she had of the young man, his orange hair spiked up and his scowling face. Yet, she knew from his eyes that his heart was good, she knew that he was in fact the one. She wanted to be with him, yet her dreams also showed him dying at the hands of that monster. She needed to get there, in order to stop his death, as it was her destiny to in fact make it so that he in fact lived.

Getting out of the taxi, she opened the door to her new apartment, the entire place lavish with delicacies. The couch was laid with silk, and the curtains were of the finest satin. Everything was trimmed in pure gold, and the chandelier, instead of having crystal, happened to have diamond as the source of beauty. She stepped into the room and smelled the sent of orange mixed with sakura blossoms. She closed her almond shaped eyes and breathed in the scent, her determination growing. She then swept out of the room, ergad to rescue her prince charming.

She worked on jumping from poll to poll, her rhythmic movements like that of a cat, sleek and delicate, graceful to a fault. She stopped on the roof just outside the Kurosaki clinic, just in time to see the Hollow appear through the portal from hell. At that, she raised her fencing sword out, ready to strike down the monster. However, she was interrupted be a lower ranking shinigami bursting through the door and getting in the way, not to mention getting Kurosaki Ichigo into a rather large mess of things. The creature made to bite down on the orange haired teen.

At that, she moved like lightning, her blond hair flying like silk as she moved in for the kill. Her blade cut through the mask, killing the beast. She then turned towards Kurosaki Ichigo and the female shinigami. Her hand reached out, smacking the females cheek. "Was it not your order to watch him, to make sure that he didn't do anything wrong, to make sure he was protected?"

"You're Christina Love... the leader of the American Shinigami division," Rukia blinked, then bowed.

"I apologize for the inconvenience, but truth of the matter is you messed up. Now, let us get this mess fixed up," the female stated, her lips tight, her rage evident in her umber blue eyes.

Author's note – There is my first chapter! I hope that you like it!


Christina Love started to read her reviews. She read one from a girl named Cutie 3 Pie. "O mi gos! i jus luv yor stori! pleze writ sim mor!" Christina wrote out a thank you reply. However, the next review she didn't like.

Dark Kuroda wrote this. "What exactly is the point of this fanfic? Ichigo is supposed to be the hero, not your Mary Sue character."

"I don't know who this Mary Sue is that you talk about. Christina Love is myself, so of course I am going to post myself as the hero. Do you have a problem with feminism?"

The other person responded back. "Having a kick ass female character has nothing to do with feminism. Surely you understand that you aren't the character as you aren't fictional? Also... Ichigo is supposed to have shinigami powers. How do you explain how he gets them, when the way he gets them isn't there."

"You must be a guy, as you are anti-feminist. Don't worry about how he gets his powers. Plus, you haven't written any Bleach fanfics, so you can't talk."

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