For those wondering where the omake chapter is, there was a reason I started BFW: Omake up. I'm able to do more with that.

User Name: Vanilla River
: The REAL First Kiss
Summary: This is Ichigo's REAL first kiss, and not with that stupid girl Orihime but the BRILLIANT Rukia-chan!
Rating: K+

Genre: Romance/Action
Fan Work Number: 3.5.1


Author's note – I am NOT copying Chocolate Kiss's stories! I am simply responding to the ones she writes BECAUSE I think she is wrong for pairing Ichigo and Orihime together! I'm also not plagiarizing! Where did I use her words, word for word?

The REAL First Kiss

Rukia had not wanted to tell Ichigo that the Hollows that were possibly loved ones. That would harm his resolve about killing them. But perhaps she had made a mistake and made him not realize how important it was to send the Hollow's on. She hurried to the scene where Orihime was. Something inside her wished that the Hollow would eat her, but in truth she knew she couldn't let any human get hurt.

When she got to the apartment she found Orihime and Tatsuki there. Ichigo went to action while Orihime was stuck on that stupid chain. God she was stupid, thinking this was all a game and everything was normal, talking about some sort of filming going on. Rukia rolled her eyes, wishing again that the hollow would kill her.

And then Ichigo got hurt. He got hurt really bad and Rukia felt her heart thump. But then things were all right. She felt her cheeks suddenly flush up when she saw Orihime try to go up and kiss Ichigo, but thankfully he pushed her away. They headed home then and her hand touched his. He simply grasped it.

"You could have told me the truth behind Hollows you know." Ichigo stated.

"Yeah, but what good would that do?" Rukia stated.

Ichigo turned to her, a sparkle in his eyes. "I don't want the girl I like to be a person behind the mask. It is more incentive to keep them at bay. I love you Rukia." And then they kissed, a first delicate kiss.


Orihime-chan spoke up. "You guys are taking things out of hand. Why do you and Chocolate Kiss have to be mean to each other? Why can't you just be friends?"

"I'm not going to talk to someone who obviously supports the Ichigo/Orihime pairing." Vanilla River responded.


"I didn't copy your fanfic word for word! I didn't copy at all! So stop fucking calling me a plagiarist!"

"i dink te to simurar u a pagearist!" Cutie 3 Pie wrote out in her garbled speech.

It was then that Orange Strawberry began to write. "I think the two of you NEED to stop the idiocy of yours. Orihime-chan is correct in the fact the two of you should just get along. The fact that two people who you might assume to be, considering the context of everything, be a fan of the same two pairings you two are fans of get along, why can't the two of you."

"I'd also like to point out that plagiarism doesn't mean word for word. It means you took another persons work and passed it off as yours only making a few changes. While your twos fanfics are about the same thing, they are very different takes on the same story. I think the reason she is calling you a plagiarist is because she is mad that you are responding only to her stories."