Omake 5.4
Story 10: Kon's Harem
In which King of New York Get's his way.

Ichigo was away at school, which meant that Kon could finally come out and play. The stuffed animal slowly crept forward towards the computer that was set up on the teens desk. He crawled up and turned on the machine. He frowned upon seeing that it was password protected based on which account one used. Kon stared at the computer for quite a bit of time before trying Shinigami for Ichigo, soccer for Karin and Masaki for Isshin.

None worked. He finally typed in the password strawberry and a smile spread across his face upon realizing that he had got on. He cracked his fingers. "I'll make Ichigo pay for kicking me off yesterday." Kon logged on only to stare at the screen for a few minutes. "So... I can write stories and post them?"


Title: Kon's Harem
User Name:
King of New York
Summary: All the girls love Kon!
Rating: M
Genre: General


Kon is in the House! The King of New York will make your day with this lovely story of his! If there was an Awesome rating this story would be rated that. If there was an Awesome genre it would be categorized as that. That is because this story is so awesome and awe inspiring. And the evil Ichigo shall get his justice!


Today is a beautiful day. Rukia nee-chan sits next to me with that wonderfully flat hills of hers, and her smooth angelic skin that glows like the full moon. And to my other side is the goddess Orihime dressed in a Greek outfit spilling out in front. She is a blossom of the ever sun, glowing like an angel in the midnight sky. Upon my brow they plaster kisses while Rangiku dances her exotic, erotic dance. The beauties were celebrating the fact he had won a successful by kicking the snot out of the hollow that had come to attack Karakura town.

Rukia nee-chan leaned in and whispered into King Kon's ear. "You are so amazing."

"Yes. You are so amazing," said Hime-chan.

Rangiku continued to dance her exotic dance, when suddenly the door came slamming in. There stood Kurosaki Ichigo with his foot raised. "Oi! Kon! What are you doing!"

"How dare you come into by presence!"

"I've got a bunch of people to back me up this time."

Kon beat him up and Rangiku then hugged Kon and loved on him and gave him lots of sugar. Oh, and he got to see their panties.

The End.


Kon smiled as he posted the entry. "Wait until Ichigo sees this. I'll crush him. Now to write another..."

"Kon... what are you doing on the computer?" Ichigo glared at the stuffed animal.

"What are you doing home?"

"Do you even know what time it is?"

"Uhh..." Kon turned to look at the clock, only to find his face slammed into the wall.

Ichigo's eye suddenly twitched. "Not you too. Seriously... do I need to change my password."

"I used Yuzu's."

"Great..." Ichigo let out a sigh.

"So I've gotten revenge on you haven't I?"

"Revenge? You have got to be kidding me. Then again you haven't had a chance to read the comments left on your story."

"Comments? I hadn't thought about the comments on... you're going to punish me some how."

"Oh... I'll leave that to Rukia."

"You won't tell nee-san will you?"

"I don't have to. Says Chappy Chan Chan, "pervert"."

"Chappy Chan Chan?"

"Rukia. And then there are the comments from some of the girls who are complete strangers to us. There are a lot of "whose this Kon person"."

Kon began to throw a tantrum. "No fair! How come not only are you known but you get the girls in the story."

There came silence from Ichigo as he thought for a bit. "I honestly don't know how they know about us. I don't think I want to know. And you talk as if you think this is a nice thing, to have people writing stories about you. Seriously... you and everybody else. It's not that cool at all."