He looked stunned, still staring at the screen with no expression on his face. After about a minute, he came to, saying "That… is exactly what happened."

"It's an anime, and if Light appears out of nowhere as well and you happen to spot him, then I suggest you tell him right away, if you find him. And maybe even bring him in here."

"Why right away?" he asked.

"Well, erm, I think it's important for him to know so he doesn't think this is his world," I explained.

"Hm," he said, biting him thumb.

I stood up, putting my laptop on my pillow, and walked to my widow, sighing with depression and slight confusion as I looked out. If anyone else decides to drop in, then I'll have to find them before someone else does. I leaned on the window sill, putting my head in my hands, my elbows supporting me. I shut my eyes, tracing the dark circle under my right eye with my finger, feeling sleepy. I never really got much sleep these days, especially when getting up at five to get to work at six in the morning is my beginning of the day – on the week day, might I add. Plus, I'm a night owl and have insomnia and have an awful time trying to get to sleep at night in the first place, which makes everything worse.

My bed shifted as a certain someone stood up and walked over to me. I didn't have to open my eyes and look behind me to know this, because the way the air shifted as he moved told me he was coming towards me. I felt the eyes of L staring at me intently, and I looked to my left to find that he was standing there, doing exactly that. I stood up straight and smoothed my shirt, suddenly wanting to avoid his gaze.

"Why such a deep sigh?" he asked, catching me off guard.

"Hm?" I asked, stopping my shirt-smoothing to look up at him. "Oh, I was just thinking about something is all."

"What were you thinking about?" he asked.

I sighed again, succeeding in replicating the sigh from earlier, and looked out my window at the street. I placed my right index finger on the corner of my mouth and my thumb under my chin, resting my head slightly on it; I held my elbow up with my other hand as I thought about it some more. I then began to speak, not taking my eyes away from my view, "I was thinking about if someone else from the series was found by someone other than me. I don't think any of them could stand against those rabid fangirl…" I muttered the last sentence as a look of disapproval passed my face when the word fangirl came from my lips.

"I'm guessing a fangirl is a girl who is a fan of something?"

"Sorta', but it's like them being over-obsessed over someone to the point where… well, they'd glomp them if they saw them and… I guess they'd go berserk and hysterical if they really met their over-obsessed person and most likely cause a riot of fangirls, which would then be bad," I explained, realizing that I'd rambled that into one sentence.

"I see…"

"Mm…" I hummed. We stood there for a minute in silence, L staring at me and me looking out the window, before I broke the quiet atmosphere, "Uh, do you want to sleep here? I mean, you most likely don't have a place to stay, and-."

"Yes, I currently don't have money at the moment, so staying here would be the most reasonable thing to do. Plus, I am able to talk with you and understand the situation at hand easier if I stay here."

"Okay, cool~," I said cheerily. Then I started thinking out loud as I mumbled, "Um, I don't have another bed, but there is a couch in the living room, although you're a guest, so you could have my bed…" I looked up at him, asking, "You are the guest, so pick where you want to sleep. And I f you want a bed, then go ahead and take mine," I said, motioning to my bed.

"But this is your room."

"I know that," I said exasperatedly, "but I think you want it~… no matter how much you refuse. I insist on choosing my bed, though, 'cause you're a guest and that is how things work in my house. Plus, you won't be able to live it down if you choose something else, 'cause I'll bug you until you sleep there."

"Well, that isn't really giving me a choice, now is it," he said, a small smile forming on his face. Oh, he rarely ever smiles, and yet I made him smile! Well, sort of… but it's good enough for me. His smile was kind of cute, I had to admit.

I giggled and looked up at him, smiling as I said, "Yeah, I know, but still."

His smile then disappeared as he continued to argue with me, "This is your room though, not mine."

"Well, if you feel that way, then I'll get a sleeping bag or something and sle-"

"I shall use the sleeping bag," he interrupted.

"But… that kinda' defeats the purpose of the argument…" I replied, deciding that he was being stubborn and refused to lose the argument – I swear, if this had been in an anime, I would've sweat-dropped. "But, then again, the sleeping bag is comfortable…"

"Then let me have it so that I may sleep in here."

I looked at him, surprised. "You're still going to sleep in here?"

"Yes; isn't that what you were going to do if I were to sleep in your bed?"

"Well, yeah, but that was because this is my room 'nd all…" I said, talking quietly as I looked down at the ground and focused mainly on keeping myself from blushing. I then quickly recovered from my somewhat embarrassed sentiment as I spoke up, "… But it's okay; I wouldn't mind someone in my room with me; I'd feel safer, and I enjoy having company." I smiled up at him as I spoke that last comment; company was something I didn't have often.

I then walked out of my room and went to the closet in the hallway by the bathroom, next to my room. I grabbed the doorknob and opened the closet. I then scanned the shelves before laying eyes on the cushiony sleeping bag, folded neatly and placed at the top. I frowned at it as I stared, wondering if it was really a good idea to pull the thing down. Geeze, why on earth did I put it ALL the way up there? I thought, scolding myself as I decided that pulling it down was the only way. I proceeded to grab onto it and pull on it. It hardly budged, so I pulled harder, making grunts upon doing so. I put my foot up against the doorframe and pushed against it as I pulled harder, trying not to rip the fabric while I yanked on the lump of maroon-colored fabric. I heard the shuffling of feet behind me, but I didn't stop pulling.

"Do you need help with that?" asked L, standing behind me.

I continued to pull, gritting my teeth with the effort as I replied, "I- almost- got-"I was cut short as the sleeping bag suddenly left the spot it'd been wedged in, producing a yelp of surprise as I fell backwards; my hands let go of the sleeping bag in an attempt .

I hit something behind me, hearing a grunt by my head in the process. I then hit the unusually soft floor and felt warm breath on my left ear; instantly I froze. The scent of sweets wafted in my nose, reminding me of L; I felt his chest move up and down steadily below my shoulder blades, and I blushed with embarrassment. Oh God, that just happened, didn't it…? Eeh… I'm such a klutz…! I sat there for a second longer in shock before quickly rolling to my right and off of him, my blush still present. He got up once I was standing and looked at me with calculating eyes as he chewed on his thumb in thought. Bend down

I looked down at my feet to hide the blush forming on my face as I spoke. "Eh… s-sorry…" At that point, I caught sight of the sleeping bag; I studied it for a minute before bending down to pick it up, hoping to busy myself away from this awkward situation. Once I had a hold of it in both my hands, I yanked it up with me as I quickly snapped back up. I suddenly felt my feet fly up with it, realizing that I had been standing on it. I let out another yelp, shutting my eyes tight as I fell to the ground. I felt two arms wrap around my waist before my butt hit the ground. I opened my eyes to see L's face, looking a bit worried. I let out a quiet sigh, putting my feet flat on the floor and standing up.

"T-thanks," I said, my cheeks still red.

"You're welcome," he replied, letting go of me and stepping back.

I bent down to pick up the sleeping bag again, but he grabbed it before I could. I looked at him for a second without saying anything, and then smiled before turning around to go to my room, motioning with my hand for L to follow. He did so, walking into my room as I sat on my bed, then put his "bed" on the floor beside mine. I didn't question him when he did so, being tired from my day, and laid down on my bed, pulling the covers out from under me to cover me up.

Just then, I realized that I still had my clothes on since this morning and hadn't taken them off. I rolled my eyes and sighed, mumbling "whatever" to myself; I didn't want to get into pajamas at the moment, since I was so tired. I turned over to face the wall, my bed being in one of the corners of my room.

Just before I closed my eyes, I caught sight of a fluffy, black thing sitting by my pillow. It was my Persian cat, I stroked her, causing her to lift her head and look at me. I smiled as my hand went from her forehead and in between her ears to the tail. She began to purr, lulling me to sleep as I stopped petting to rest my hand on her comfy pelt. My eyes slowly shut, and I sighed with relaxation as my mind drifted into a sleeping state.

I awoke to being shaken by a hand on my shoulder, noticing that I was curled in a ball and still facing the wall. I heard whimpering sounds coming from my mouth, and also noticed that my eyes were tightly shut and dripping tears. I felt the painful emotions of sadness and shock within my body, making me whimper more.

At first I hadn't noticed someone saying something in my ear. "Wake up," it continued to say; I squirmed with depression and moaned sadly.

I then felt pressure on the shoulder that the hand was on and I felt myself get pushed to where I was lying on my back, causing me to gasp and open my eyes. I saw L standing over me, a slightly worried expression on his face. I blinked a few times, not sure about what had just happened. Then I remembered the dream I'd had.

I had dreamt of the night I'd lost my family in a car crash; there had been so much blood and glass. I'd even watched my sister die in my own hands, bleeding to death from the glass cuts and broken bones. It'd been a miracle that I'd survived with mere cuts and bruises. My face suddenly twisted into a horrified expression as it flashed before my eyes exactly as it had been that night.

"Is everything okay?" L asked.

My heart started beating faster as he stood over me while I tried to find my voice. "I-I-… uh… yeah, just a nightmare…" I replied, feeling fresh tears fall from my eyes.

"What was it about?"

I sat up against the wall behind my head as I replied, "U-um, it was-…" I paused as I thought about whether or not if I really should tell this to him.

I don't want him to pity me, but… maybe… maybe… we could… possibly relate to each other since we've both lost our parents…? Maybe…?

Or he could totally blow it off and think that it's nothing to lose your parents…

After about a minute of battling with myself, I finally decided to tell him about it. "Well, I dreamt of the night I…"—my voice cracked as more tears left my eyes—"… lost my family in a car crash…" I then decided to let it out and tell the whole story to someone for the first time. "I—we, my family—were driving along the interstate—during winter—and there were some black ice spots… This truck on our right slid on a patch and toppled over…" I lowered my head and pulled my knees up to my chest for something to hug as I continued, "My mom didn't put the brakes on fast enough… I blacked out for a few seconds, and when I came to… they were—"a sob escaped my lips as the picture entered my mind "—all covered in blood, and my sister had been sitting in front of me—she survived, at first. I had to drag her out of the car, 'cause it'd caught on fire… She died before me, in my hands…" I dropped my head in the crook of my knees and let the tears fall from my eyes as I shook with sobs.

I suddenly felt my bed sink slightly; I began to lift my head, but I stopped when I felt arms wrap around me. I froze in surprise and shock as I realized that L had done so; after a second, I quickly relaxed into the hug and snuggled closer to L as I rested my head against his knee and sighed contentedly. Neither of us said a word as we sat there in that position; I wasn't sure about him—I expect this to be awkward for him—, but I'd not had such a hug since my parents had died, and I was trying to conserve every bit of the moment.

After awhile, my mind began slowing as sleep started taking me away. Just as I was about to fall into a complete slumber, I felt L position us both to where our heads were on the pillow and we were lying straight. His arms were still wrapped around me, so I took the opportunity to snuggle my head into his chest and hold on tight to his shirt. I felt at ease and protected like this; it gave me a chance to fully relax and fall asleep with content for the first time in eight years.

AN: If this is starting to sound retarded, then tell me...