"YOU THINK YOU'RE ALL THAT, BUT YOU'RE NOT!" screeched Drakken as yet another one of his invention were destroyed by none other than teen hero, Kim Possible.

Shego sighed, irritated by her employer's stupidity and inability to do anything right as Kim and her Buffoon sidekick ran out the lair, escaping from yet another win on a mission.

You would think he'd learn! She thought ruthlessly.

She turned and stalked out of the lair, Drakken shouting "Shego? Where do you think you're going!" after her.

"I'm taking the rest of the day off" she shot back, and jumped into her green porche, quickly speeding away from Dr. D's current lair.

Shego loved her car; she loved the feeling of power and freedom it gave her. Sure, it was stolen, but hey, she was a thief.

She thought about a certain red-head as she sped through the streets of Middleton. She thought about the first time they met, their first fight.

She hardly knew anything back then the green-skinned woman thought, a secret smile playing across her black-glossed lips. Princess didn't know how to fight or survive in this world, but I taught her. Every day we fought I'd show her something new. I'd let her win, but make sure I got a few hits in at the same time.

At first, Shego had wanted to hurt her, she had wanted nothing more than to swipe her with her claws, to destroy the annoying teen who always foiled their plans. But after a while, something started between them, a spark that slowly grew into a burning flame. She soon found herself looking forward to each fight, aching to see her Kim again, to move in synch with her on the battlefield, to watch her pumpkin improve more and more every day. To see the fire burning in her eyes, to hear her pant, feel the heat rise between the two of them until it was unbearable. She sometimes even caught herself fantasising about the hero. Wondering what it would be like to kiss those plump, pouty, pink lips of her's, to feel her body underneath her...

Shego shook her head, banishing those thoughts. There was no point getting her hopes up, Kim was supposed to be with that Buffoon, meaning that she wasn't gay and certainly not into Shego.

A sharp pain hit shego in the chest and she found herself falling back into that dark hole where all she felt was anger, and all she wanted to do was claw that idiot sidekick's face, to kill him, get him out of the picture and away from her Kimmie.

Shego turned into the garage of her apartment building, parking her car in her spot and soon, she was in her apartment.

She sighed as those depressing thoughts still buzzed around in her head. She wanted to get out, get a drink.

She changed into a pair of black, leather pants and a emerald green, strappy top – staying true to her signature colours – completing the look with a pair of black platform heels and after a quick review in the mirror, she grabbed her keys and headed back out the door.

Kim sighed as she entered her house, feeling the warm comfort of home envelope her, making her feel safe. Her parents and the Tweebs were away for the weekend to stay with their nana. Kim was originally supposed to be going too but her mission had to come first, resulting in her staying home alone for the weekend which she didn't mind at all.

She sighed and padded into the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of water, parched after all the exercise of her mission.

Shego stepped it up a notch today the hero thought slyly to herself as she drank, Kim had been waiting all week for a mission, she had now got to the point when a mission which promised a fight with Shego was her priority, an obsession she couldn't resist.

She was even more beautiful today she thought wistfully to herself, setting the cup down in the sink and climbing the stairs to her bedroom.

She kicked off her shoes and flopped down on her bed, resting her head on her folded arms Her thoughts drifted around the plasma-wielding thief, I wish i could tell her how i feel, but she'd just laugh at me. Kim sighed and as a stab of icy pain hit her chest.

She shook her head, not wanting to think that way anymore, so she got up and went for a shower.

When she came back out, her phone was buzzing at her, playing Monique's ringtone. She hurried over to it and answered, holding it gingerly to her ear, not wanting her wet hair to damage it.

"Hey Monique, what's the sitch?"

"Girl, you gotta come with me to the new club in town. I heard it's kickin'!" Monique's excited voice cheered Kim up a bit as she sat down on the edge of her bed, tightening the towel around her.

"I don't know Monique, I'm not really in the mood." She replied truthfully.

"Come and I'll get you a 50% discount on all Banana Club clothes for a month" she bargained.


Monique laughed, "I'll pick you up at 7:oo, get glammed girl! See ya!" and with that she hung up.

Kim sighed as she flipped her phone shut, she really didn't feel like going out. But being in a new, busy club would be much better than staying home and depressing herself with the knowledge of unrequited love.

She groaned and stumbled over to her wardrobe, already tired as she half-heartedly selected an outfit to wear.