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A lot has changed in five years. I'm no longer "Bloated Bella" or "Big Bella." It was not an easy feat. I had to work out daily and change my diet, but the end results were worth it. I lost 95 lbs and now have a body that rivals Giselle. I frequently get commented by random men, which is both flattering and disgusting. I know that I should be more disgusted, but I deserved the compliments.

Throughout high school, I never received any compliments or got asked out by guys. I was endlessly teased for my body shape and ignored by all. I attended all of the dances alone. On the contrary, Edward had it all. He was mister popular and was constantly surrounded by people. He had no problem getting a date and was the guy whom everyone loved. He was class president and football captain and I was just the loner who liked to read. I only had one other friend named Angela. I never told Edward how much I envied him. I wanted to go to football games without being looked down upon. I wanted to go to parties and stay out past my curfew. I wanted to go shopping with a group of girls and not worry about my size. I just wanted to be accepted.

Edward was the only person who made high school bearable. He always told the people who were bothering me to back off. I guess you could say that he was my knight in shining armor. But I did not want him to be that for the rest of my life. I did not want him to fight my battles for me. I was capable of taking care of myself. It was at graduation when it finally dawned on me that I needed to start anew away from this wretched town. So I left without saying goodbye to my best friend. It was still one of the biggest regrets in my life, but I needed to leave. I had to sort out my life.

Now I am standing in Edward's office. The easy part was locating the building, but the hard part was confronting him. Would he be mad? Of course he would be it is Edward. I should never have come back. What was I thinking? This was a big mistake. I was so nervous so I sat on one of the leather sofas, looking at my surroundings. I knew that he would start a business and become the CEO after all he had the brains and determination. Hell, he could have accomplished anything he set his mind to. I could not sit still, so I walked over to the windows and stood out looking at the beautiful view. This is amazing. Cullen Enterprises was located in the middle of the city. Several other business buildings surrounded it. At this height, I had the perfect view of the sky and the city. When I looked down, I could see tiny pedestrians and cars. I felt my body ease and was about to observe more of the scenery when I heard the door knob turn. Here it goes.


Bella? Bella, bella, bella, bella. Not a day goes by without her name popping into my head. I tried to not think about her, but it was too difficult. I did not want to admit it, but she would always have a place in my heart. Now here she was standing in my office. She looked like a complete stranger to me. I did not know if she was the same person in high school. Did she still like to read her tattered copy of Wuthering Heights? Did she still drive that red pickup truck? I had no idea.

I stared at this woman for a minute, trying to think of what to say. Words could just not form in my thick head. I was stump. Think Edward. After all these years, there has to be something you have to say. ANYTHING.

I was about to say something, but was interrupted by Bella.

"Edward, it is rude to stare and close your mouth before flies get in. I have no idea how you got to be the most eligible bachelor."

She turned back around to face the window and said, "I like your office though the colors are a bit drab. It seems to be missing something."

WHAT! She had the nerve to walk back into my life and act like nothing ever happened then criticize my appearance then my office! Who does she think she is?

She started to walk around my office still talking, but I could not comprehend anything she said. I could not believe my best friend WAIT ex best friend is in my office. Is this really Bella? She looks so good. There is no denying it. She went through such a huge transformation. However, my anger overcame my lust.

I finally snapped back into reality when I heard her say, "Aw Edward you do not have a photo of us on your desk. That is alright for now. How about we catch up over dinner? I just moved here for business, so maybe we can get reacquainted."




"I am confused. Are you giving me two answers? Is that a maybe?"

I roared, "Bella! How can you waltz back into my life after what you did? You left without saying goodbye to me! Just so you know we are not best friends anymore! Our friendship ended when you walked out of the gym and my life."

I turned around because I could not look at her face. The memories were just too painful. She left a wound that would never heal. I felt a hand on my shoulder. She turned me around and said, "Dinner tonight," and simply walked out just like she did at graduation.

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