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Finders Keepers

A Memory

Lourdes Sanchez walked … or waddled, as the case may be, to the sitting room with her three year old son, trying in vain to make it there without tripping. He was currently circling her legs while keeping his hands on her protruding stomach the entire time. "When's she coming, mama?" Sebastian Sanchez asked.

Lourdes carded her fingers lovingly through his hair. "Soon, mijo, soon."

She smiled when she saw her visitor waiting for her in the sitting room. "Severus!" The woman hugged the tall, dark wizard with zest. "Lourdes, I'm sorry for not visiting sooner. How are you feeling?"

"As big as a house!" she said, laughing and rubbing her belly. "Hi Papa," the little boy greeted, coming out from behind his mothers legs.

Lourdes turned towards her son. She took his hands and he gave her a small smile.

Severus kneeled and opened his arms to his son. "Sebastian, I've missed you. Have you been taking care of your mum?"

The little boy nodded and hugged his young father fiercely. "Papa, you should visit more."

A lump formed in his throat and he couldn't speak just then. He hadn't visited, because he hadn't wanted anyone to know and possibly harm his family.

He was glad that Lourdes was living here with her parents, away from the daily strife of a rising Dark Lord. She had nowhere else to go; she was a squib. Normally, Squibs were renounced from their families and shoved out into the Muggle world, but Lourdes had a special bond with her parents, so she lived at home, under their watchful eyes and loving hearts.

Lourdes and Severus weren't married and he didn't love her like … well, he didn't love her, but they shared an understanding. She listened to him and didn't judge.

They had made love twice and both times had resulted in her being pregnant. He should've been more diligent, but the first time, with Sebastian, Severus himself was only a teenager of sixteen years and didn't know the proper Contraception Charm. At eighteen, when they had sex for the second time, it was right after he'd taken the mark. Their coupling was immediate and harried.

He was nineteen currently and Lourdes was twenty. She was due very soon.

"How is she?" he asked, placing a large elegant hand flat on her stomach.

"Healthy," Lourdes answered with a smile. "How are you?"

"It's getting more and more dangerous. She looked at him curiously, but didn't say anything."

He unconsciously rubbed his forearm where the mark lay.

She turned away from him, his touch, and pursed her lips.

"Come stay here, with us," Lourdes offered sincerely. "You can't stay in that environment and Sebastian needs you! This baby needs you." Her impassioned plea had Severus shushing her and nodding in agreement.


An owl swooped in and dropped a parchment on Severus' plate at the Leaky Cauldron.

Hermione Jane was born last night. She is happy and healthy.


He wanted to smile and cry at the same time. He was glad she was healthy; he was stressed because this was a bad time to be bringing children into the world. He had taken the dark mark, he was nineteen, and a father of two with no designs on marrying their Squib of a mother.

He sighed.


That night his Dark Mark burned with the calling. A young Severus Apparated to Malfoy Manor. He walked in to Narcissa holding a squalling platinum blond baby and an agitated Lucius Malfoy, who stopped pacing upon Severus' arrival. "In the study. I think he knows," Lucius said in a quieter tone.

Lucius and Narcissa knew all about Severus' secret family, but they were the only ones; afterall, Lucius had a secret too.

Voldemort stood and beckoned the youthful potions master forward. Severus stopped in front of him and knelt down. "My Lord," he said.

"I have some fun planned for us this night," the powerful wizard told the small group of Death Eaters.


Severus stumbled to Hogwarts, bleeding and exhausted, and seeking aide. He ran up to the gargoyle statue and yelled out as many candies he could think of when finally 'lemon tart' provoked the stone to jump away, presenting Severus with the staircase.

The door was open and Albus was waiting. "They're dead. She's dead. It's my fault," Severus moaned, falling to the floor in a heap.

Albus looked coldly at this man he had called a student just a year ago. "Stand up, Severus." Severus did as told. "You'll be a spy. We need a Potions Professor. What say you?"

Well that was short and to the point. A shell shocked Severus nodded.

"There is one more thing. Lourdes Sanchez and her family were murdered this night by Walden MacNair."

Severus' head snapped up. "H-Her family?"

Albus nodded, eyeing the wizard closely. "Her parents and her. We were able to save the two children."

Severus let out a sigh of relief. "Where are they?"

"Papa!" Sebastian ran out of the hidden room and climbed up on Severus' lap, hugging him tightly, sobbing.

Minerva walked out with a tiny baby in her arms. "Severus, your daughter," she said and handed him the fragile looking doll. He didn't ask how they knew the children were his; he only accepted the tiny baby girl and nodded his head.

"Hermione," he said, trailing a finger down her cheek and watching her pretty eyes open.

"You can't raise them."

Severus just nodded. "I know."

"I know of a Muggle family…"

Minerva snorted disgustedly at Albus. "Yes, we know your taste in Muggle families. I'll pick this time."

Severus didn't yet know what they were arguing about; he could only guess that they had had to place more than one child.

A few hours later the arrangements had been made. The Grangers would take both children.

For the first time since childhood, Severus cried himself to sleep that night for the loss of his children, of his friend and of the pretty redheaded witch whom he loved and was now dead.


Hermione was four years old when their mother took her and Sebastian to the meadows in Wiltshire to play. She was picking flowers and putting them in her hair, singing softly to herself. Sebastian would then make them bloom, making her giggle.

Their attention was diverted when a little boy approached them and said, "I can do that, too, see?" he said and focused on the flowers on the ground. They changed color and grew larger.

"It's magic," Hermione said. "But don't tell anyone," she said, shaking her head.

"You're pretty," the blond boy told her. "Can I take you home?"

"No, you can't take her home. She's my sister," seven year old Sebastian said.

Draco Malfoy shook his head. "I don't want a sister. I'm going to marry her," he declared.

"What if I don't want to marry you?" she asked, still picking flowers.

"You will. We're supposed to be together. I can feel it."

Hermione harrumphed. "I don't even know your name."

He smiled. She thought he was cute and was glad he looked like his parents made him brush his teeth on a regular basis. "Draco Malfoy," he said.

"I'm Hermione and this is my brother Sebastian."

Just then Lucius walked up and smirked at the dopey smile his son was wearing. "Draco, it's time to go."

Draco looked panicked for a moment and then pounced on the pretty little girl with flowers embedded in her wildly wavy hair. He hugged her tightly, not letting her go.

She screamed, startled and started screaming for her brother. Sebastian came running as did Narcissa and presumably the girls' mother. Something about the boy rang familiar with Lucius. His body type, his dark eyes, his nose… Circe! Lucius thought.

Once all parents were present Draco spoke, "I can't let her go. I found her, mum. She's mine. Can we keep her?"

Lucius' attention came soaring back to his son. He knew what had happened and was astonished that it was this soon. Draco had found his mate.