Rather ironically, Bark and Wood were too severely damaged for their owner to repair them. He had been close to getting the funds necessary to repair their engines, but than the two diesels left some important goods at the Port of Barrow in order to kidnap Gordon, meaning he lost the money needed.

In order to cut his losses, their owner had their engines and wheels removed and turned them into special attractions at a local park, where children could play in their cans. The two brothers pleaded their innocence and remorse, but their owner couldn't possibly keep them on with the amount of money they cost.

Bark and Wood have grown accustom to being in the park, thought they do wish they had been put in shelter….

A local diesel took over the enthusiasts train, allowing Gordon to remain in Sodor and get back to his usual duties. The enthusiasts didn't mind: they found Gordon didn't take very good pictures!

The Fat Controller looked into the points system on the bridge several days later. After doing several tests with a shunting diesel, he decided that the points system was too complicated and needed to be narrowed down. Work soon began on removing the majority of the points from the bridge and moving them to the areas of track before and after the bridge. The signals were also strengthened around the Island to prevent them falling over in storms again.

Edward, Gordon and Rocky all went to Crovan's Gate to be repaired: Edward had his pipes looked at, Gordon had the wheels and buffers of his tender fixed, and Rocky had his arm fixed. They were all out within two weeks and went back to work, with Gordon opting to take a new daily passenger train to Wellsworth in order to talk to Edward more.

Thankfully, no more bad blizzards or storms struck Sodor for the rest of the winter season, allowing for a perfect winter experience

I hope you all enjoyed this years holiday story! :D Look out for my the first of my Thomas trilogy starting this year, and another winter-based story near Christmas time