Rush: Story of a Mustang Stallion

Chapter 1

"Daddy, why are they so nervous? I thought you said they were a friendly herd," said Cindy.

"They were Cindy", pondered Mcgregor, "but now their not. I have been watching this herd for weeks and they haven't acted this way before."

"Hey Dad wasn't the herd bigger before?" exclaimed Mindy thoughtfully.

"Why didn't I think of that!", Mcgregor said, "Some of the herd must have gotten into a mustang trap! That's what's making that stud so nervous! He thinks we are going to catch some of them. Come on girls lets go home they are not going to let us watch them any longer so lets respect them and go."

"O.K. Dad we don't want to upset them any more either." both girls replied and both were disappointed they couldn't have stayed longer.

"That's my girls! Now lets just get back to the truck. I'll see if I can find another herd for us to watch." their Dad said.

"Oh look! Their they go!", Mindy yelled as the mustangs ran across the plain, "Aren't they just beautiful!" She sighed, almost content at just watching the mustangs gallop away, into the forest.